Kate Moss is engaged

August 16th, 2006 // 56 Comments

Kate Moss has allegedly been wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger sparking rumors that she and Pete Doherty are engaged. People from her camp are denying the engagement, although those close to Pete are confirming it. So pretty much nobody knows anything except that Kate Moss may or may not be wearing a ring on her wedding finger. And considering it’s Pete Doherty the ring may or may not have come from the bottom of a cereal box.


  1. Reid

    The secret to a long-lasting relationship is all chemical. Since Pete knows she’s a coke freak and prone to bouts of anorexia, he glued the ring to her finger so it wouldn’t fly off at a drug-fueled rave.

    Now THAT’s love.


  2. prideofchucky

    sorry for multi-post. 2 reasons: my computer is fizting and I’m a dumbass.

  3. Pete Dogherty looks like he could spend an hour in the shower and still have a layer of scummy sweat that smells like “Last night at the club” on him.

  4. LOL!!!!! This article was in the NYPOST

    August 17, 2006 — KATE Moss is offending Muslims in the Big Apple and she doesn’t even know it. A big poster for Calvin Klein’s new ad campaign showing a topless Moss in different poses, one in which she’s holding onto a shirtless hunk, has popped up right across the street from the Madina Masjid Mosque on East 11th Street – a sorry sight for devout East Village Muslims who must pass it as many as five times a day to get to their prayer sessions. Animalnewyork.com, which first noticed the proximity, says, “It’s only a matter of time before some action is taken, and we’re dying to see what a hastily spray-painted burqa looks like on the young coke-sniffing crusader.”

  5. Tits_McGhee

    I can just picture this marriage. Instead of throwing rice at the wedding, they’ll throw cocaine.

    The honeymoon will be held at the Betty Ford Clinic.

  6. wow, how can that crackhead even afford a ring?

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