Kate Moss is a pedophile

January 3rd, 2006 // 28 Comments

moss-aspen.jpg31-year old Kate Moss has been spotted kissing and cuddling a 20-year old named James Burke in Aspen, where she’s currently on a ski trip with her friends and family. They were introduced by a mutual friend and are thought to have been dating for about three weeks now, though friends say it’s not a serious romance. An insider told the Daily Mirror, “Kate finds Jamie very sexy. He has that rock ‘n’ roll look she loves. She has a bit of a complex about dating someone so much younger, but it also makes her feel good that she can attract him.”

You know what else feels good? Snorting cocaine. So maybe she should try that instead of dating children. Because she hasn’t tried that yet, right? She should try it.


  1. I get it! It’s funny because she does coke, right? And she’s dating someone younger than her? That’s hilarious, because she’s a woman! Stupid woman thinking they can get away with the same shit as men. Where do they get off?

    Maybe you should try being funny. Because you haven’t tried that yet, right? You should try it.

  2. Shawn

    She can’t stay away from the powder. First coke, now Aspen.

  3. The host of Connections is only 20? That’s some mean male pattern baldness: http://www.roycecarlton.com/speakers/burke.html

  4. prideofchucky

    HORUS wrote:

    “I get it! It’s funny because she does coke, right?”

    Nope, it’s funny cuz of his comic timing. The execution rather than the actual substance in this specific case. It’s called COMEDY (social commentary), and it’s not suppose to be taken seriously.

    I was about to call you out for criticizing this sites author; who has turned making a quick clever comment to each picture into a source of income; but I’m sure you already made them laugh by taking the subject SO SERIOUSLY!

    Chill, laugh and enjoy…

  5. prideofchucky

    lol shawn! That line (pun intended)was brilliant!

  6. mariootsa

    i have to kind of agree with horus. it is bullshit to even make that pedophile joke, and i got what you were getting at. it just seems bizarre, especially when photos of hillary duff and that shithead from good charlotte are posted with comments only being made about her teeth, and that pig started dated her when she was 16, and he was in his twenties…just saying..

  7. tothemax

    So now it’s this site’s fault that no one called Duff’s relationship disgusting? Guh?

  8. cutebabydoll

    Go Kate! If she’s smart she will stay away from that loser Doherty for good. A recovering drug addict should never have anything to do with a man like that. He can only do her harm. I hear Doherty went on a massive bender too when he found out Kate was seeing someone else. As far the comments about her being a pedophile. Well there are many many young women in their 20s that have dated men in their 30s and no one even makes any pedophile jokes. I just don’t get it.

  9. Shawn

    Sheesh. They’re called jokes.

    Kate isn’t a pedophile. Nicole doesn’t have cancer. Mischa Barton may be a great girlfriend.

    No one is taking offense to the other “headlines.”

  10. reesestet

    Go Kate! Way to go! You gotta get them while the sex still lasts longer then five minutes and before he is old enough to think for himself! Whooo!!

  11. Tha-Flash

    Stupid headlines.

  12. Bob Denver

    The Superficial should invest in a dictionary.

  13. mariootsa

    face it, you blew it with that headline. you can’t back out by saying it was a joke when you have other headlines like ‘star jones hits the becah’. star jones at the beach is ripe for jokemaking, and you didn’t even attempt at anything there. the pedophile joke was sexist, admit it. i’m amazed at how these double standards keep going.

  14. mariootsa

    i know i misspelled ‘beach’. sue me, i didn’t read it first.

  15. The Devil

    If someone is old enough to vote for the President, I think they’re old enough to fuck.

  16. YouProablbySuck

    Oh geeze. I agree prideofchucky,

    Saying “it’s not fair for the superficial to call Kate a pedophile” is like saying “I take The Daily Show seriously.” It’s comedy.

    And who gives a damn about Hillary “big teeth ” Duff and her no name boyfriend, Joal “band sucks hard” Madden. You should be critizing Duff’s mom, not the Superficial.

  17. mariootsa

    you’ve completely missed the point. the joke was lame and sexist. i’m not being sensitive, just calling it as i see it.

  18. YouProablbySuck

    ^ And what joke on this website isn’t insensitive to the celebrity?

  19. mariootsa

    i didn’t say insensitive. i said lame and sexist.

  20. DovoDog

    What’s wrong with being sexy?

  21. Seamus Begonia Smell

    so true. if it were a 31 year old man dating a 20 year old, no one would take issue. it’s not that i don’t think he should be making jokes about kate dating a 20 year old, it’s that i think EVERYONE should be making fun of the men who do that, too! they clearly do it because they are having problems with their own development, or are making up for some other major emptiness in life, or a flaw.

  22. YouProablbySuck

    Lame and sexist?

    Get a damn sense of humor.

    Who on this message board beside the Superficial and the few on the board who can’t take a joke, made a big deal about the realtionship?

    And people do make a big deal when a guy dates a younger girl- Donald Trump, Jared Leto and just recently, Anthony Keidis have all been deemed “skeezes” because they date younger women.

    It’s online celebrity GOSSIP.

  23. MonkeyBoy

    Sounds to me like someone’s got a little love puppy following them around, and is feeling guilty about robbing the cradle.

    FWIW, as a 30-something who wouldn’t mind dating a 20-something, I personally don’t care either way.

    Besides, who knows – maybe he’s just got hella good connections for scoring coke.

  24. WaitWhat?

    Good for Kate! If it were a 31-year-old man and a 20-year-old chick, it wouldn’t make headlines…even on this site…Screw that double standard!!

  25. esther sativa

    Horus you are funny but so is the webbie author. fuck taking any sides a laughed at both of your comments.

  26. BadGoat

    I didn’t know that pedophilia was funny.

    I didn’t know that a 31-year-old ‘woman’ dating a 20-year old (male) was pedophilia.

    I didn’t know that hating Kate Moss could be a full time job for so many people.

    Some of you will tell me to get a sense of humor, but – really, I didn’t know that pedophilia was funny.

    Thank you Mr. Superficial. I learn something new every day.

  27. Wiseromancer

    As Bette Midler’s Sophie Tucker said regarding mixed age dating, (well, actually mixed-age screwing) … “20 goes into 40 more times than 40 goes into 20″ (or something to that effect). Go Kate, go Demi, go Cameron. ‘Cause once everyone figures out that a good (legal) roll in the hay shouldn’t discriminate, I might get me a hot 20-year old vixen. Although I’d only go into her .4255 times, I can still dream …

  28. yeah, please call the police cause i’m sure he’s in danger! http://hollywoodsnark.com

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