Kate Moss insults Sienna Miller

*kate_moss_thumb2.jpgKate Moss is reportedly sick of Sienna Miller winning modeling assignments and thinks the blonde beauty should stick to acting. Moss is said to be furious Sienna is featuring on magazine covers she thinks should be hers, and lashed out at Sienna during a boozy night out at the Ritz in Paris.

A source said: “She was loudly saying Sienna was not a professional model and she should be getting front covers – not an actress. Sienna is a real threat because she is younger – and has kept her nose clean. But Kate is not ready to give up her throne.” Another insider said: “She also said how she thought Sienna’s stab at celebrity has failed. Kate said, ‘Sienna has blown it now – she’s had her last chance. But she was never one of us anyhow’.”

I’ve always liked the term “professional model.” All you do is sit there while people take photos of you. I do this all the time, but it’s usually for medical journals, under the heading “dangerously sexy.” You might as well call yourself a professional breather. “But you see, you have to inhale…then exhale.” But I suppose there is a talent for staring vacantly into a camera and jiggling your breasts that separates the professionals from the amateurs. It’s called “screwing the photographer.” In any case, there’s obviously only one way to settle this little catfight – lesbian jello-wrestling. I’d pick Sienna to win that one, unless the prize was a bag of crack, in which case she’d be destroyed.