Kate Moss insults Sienna Miller

January 26th, 2006 // 36 Comments

*kate_moss_thumb2.jpgKate Moss is reportedly sick of Sienna Miller winning modeling assignments and thinks the blonde beauty should stick to acting. Moss is said to be furious Sienna is featuring on magazine covers she thinks should be hers, and lashed out at Sienna during a boozy night out at the Ritz in Paris.

A source said: “She was loudly saying Sienna was not a professional model and she should be getting front covers – not an actress. Sienna is a real threat because she is younger – and has kept her nose clean. But Kate is not ready to give up her throne.” Another insider said: “She also said how she thought Sienna’s stab at celebrity has failed. Kate said, ‘Sienna has blown it now – she’s had her last chance. But she was never one of us anyhow’.”

I’ve always liked the term “professional model.” All you do is sit there while people take photos of you. I do this all the time, but it’s usually for medical journals, under the heading “dangerously sexy.” You might as well call yourself a professional breather. “But you see, you have to inhale…then exhale.” But I suppose there is a talent for staring vacantly into a camera and jiggling your breasts that separates the professionals from the amateurs. It’s called “screwing the photographer.” In any case, there’s obviously only one way to settle this little catfight – lesbian jello-wrestling. I’d pick Sienna to win that one, unless the prize was a bag of crack, in which case she’d be destroyed.



  1. If they had a catfight, they could just put photos of that on every magazine cover; that way everybody wins!

  2. In my own opinion both women are useless.

  3. Matthew de Aguiar

    best. post. ever.

  4. wtfdidyoujustsay

    Who gives a rat’s ass. Both are a useless waste of human flesh. Kate, Sienna, for God sake, eat something.

  5. Punkin

    “has kept her nose clean”.


  6. Larry

    Sienna is young, and Kate is old, and that is life.

    This IS the modeling world, after all. Is Kate new to it? Did not Kate take away many modeling opportunitues from the older models of her day?

  7. ESQ

    Clearly you quoted it best Superficial, “Sienna has kept her nose clean.” Let’s ask Kate if she is feeling bitter over her being so stupid for getting caught snorting coke and losing multimillion dollar modeling jobs. Sienna just happens to be next in line and if wasn’t her it would be somebody else.

  8. amma

    …”Professional model,” riiiiight. I keep flashing on Zoolander…
    But this one is easy. Sienna may be younger, but Kate is better looking. And less annoying.

  9. Couldn’t it be a catfight between The Doritoes girl and Miss St. Pauly Girl? These two washed out twigs fighting with each other over fashion overs just says one thing to me, Kate is a whiney bitch, and Sienna, take a look at Kate and do yourself a favor…try not to become like that. Oh, P.S. Kate? You got something right there on your face…no, right there, under your nose…yeah, thats it, you got it now. Oh wait, theres more.

  10. Kate Moss is NOT hot. Not hot at all. I don’t understand how or why she is a model.

  11. andrewthezeppo

    Wasn’t there a story that Kate Moss, Jude Law and Sadie Frost (Jude’s ex) had a three-some and all did it while on cocain?

    If Jude is into that, I’m guessing Sienna’s nose isn’t that clean after all.

  12. Jayne

    No worries Moss…I still [heart] you.

  13. Kelly

    WAH WAH WAH. That’s life get over it!!

  14. Kate, stop crying and go get something to eat

  15. SuperSpence

    There is only one reasonable and civilized way to settle this: Both women must show me their breasts. Whichever one has got the best pair is the winner. Uh, I’m not sure what she wins, aside from the opportunity to have sex with me, but — now that I think about it — that option is pretty much open to the loser, as well. Anyway, the point is that they should both have sex with me and I’ll get back to the rest of you about how it went.

    Fair enough?

  16. CurlyAmyGirl

    Maybe Jude Law could smear some cocaine on his little willy and Kate Moss could snork that up. I’m sure that would hurt Sienna’s feelings more than a cracked-out hoser proclaiming that she’s a washed-up nobody.

  17. blackdaisy

    what is astounding about this story is that kate moss actually thinks there is some great difficult process to becoming a professional model. my guess is that she was “discovered” by calvin klein in a sewer somewhere in england one day and the very next she was posing next to the professional male model, mark wahlberg and displayed on giant billboards over times square. after watching several seasons of top model, i have come to realize that it takes these things to be a model:
    1. illiteracy
    2. not totally hideous but has a good body
    3. respect for tyra banks
    kate moss, you win, even though you’re clearly a jealous bitch.

  18. BrendaPayne

    I don’t know if Kate Moss has always been a bitch, but she really seems to be coming down with a case of Naomi Campbell Syndrome.

    PS: The person who said Kate is better looking than Sienna is what the Spanish call an IDIOTA. Kate Moss is about as good looking as that picture of mommy I drew when I was 4.

  19. LOL!!!!! Brenda Payne, That one cracked me up

  20. davina85

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sienna is absolutely awful looking. Like her or not Kate is an icon…Sienna is famous screwing Jude Law and has about 45 seconds of fame left.

  21. hermanita

    Why on earth would Kate Moss be jealous of Sienna Miller…she’s just mad. And I’d be mad too if I used to be hot, took crack and now look like a witch and am having my job stolen by some ugly tasteless cow. But it’s Kate’s own fault, so she should just shut it.

  22. I’m gonna have to say that Sienna Miller is way hotter than Kate Moss, especially after seeing “Layer Cake.” The last time I saw Moss was on Family Guy, and she looked terrible.

  23. HollyJ

    Moss is in the news every day now. WTF is //that// about?

  24. jka

    I don’t perceive any real difference between those two, other than age. [OK, I guess that's a pretty big difference.] They’re both uninteresting as hell, and they both date losers.
    Sienna has kept her nose clean??? Maybe by cutting her blow with Comet…
    At around the same time Jude was boning the nanny, didn’t Sienna reportedly cheat on Jude with Sean Penn and/or Daniel Craig? I know I read a blind item about some coke-fueled sex romp that left no question in my mind that Sienna was the girl half of the romp.

  25. Ha ha! Bags of crack are hotly contested in the models-wrestling-in-Jello portion of the Olympics.

  26. HughJorganthethird

    “she was never one of us anyhow”

    Kate Moss is so profound. She thinks it takes more talent to model than act. Not that either are rocket science.

    Her ex boyfriend got arrested 10 min after being released from his morning arrest.
    And I still think Pete was too good for this dipshit.

  27. derekd

    Fuck this old junkie whore. She was never that good looking in the first place. No ass, no tits. Tell me again why we want to fuck her? No I am not speaking for all of us I am speaking in third person again. WE think this bitch is more wore out than a ten year olds heiny after a weekend at Neverland ranch.

  28. September_bebe

    go kate! even though you’re a crackwhore, ure a better lookin crackwhore than sienna… sienna is just nasty people

  29. escapevelocity

    I’d probably be mad too if I used to stare blankly at a camera and earn lots of money for it – only to piss it all away on pounds and pounds of cocaine.
    … But then again, maybe not.

  30. AmberDextrose

    Kate has really lost it now. She used to be cool and laid-back.

    Give it a few years and she’ll look like a white Whitney. She’s already doing the skanky hair look and her teeth have always been manky.

    I pity the poor kid. Who allegedly is Jude’s anyway.

  31. aprincess

    With All due respect, this is what I’d call Karma for all the Models who tried to be actressses! EX: Cindy Crawford in Fair Game, and Gisele in that Taxi movie. As long as Models refuse to stick to modeling, than Sienna doesn’t have to stick to acting! And Kate Shouldn’t be complaining right now. She should count her blessings that she still gets any work at all.

  32. Debutantejaim

    Move over Kate, your past your prime so do yourself a favor and ‘gracfully’ step aside.

  33. glamour_bitch

    Kate Moss is still well known whether she snorts coke or not. Sienna is only known for fucking Jude Law. Also, am I the only one to notice Sienna has completely ripped off Kate’s style? They are both pretty but I like Kate better.

  34. IvyLeagueBiatch

    Since when was modelling a “professional” career. Then again, “acting” is a joke too.


  35. yes, ‘stick to acting’ – the profession that makes her millions of dollars more than modeling? oh, the horror! http://hollywoodsnark.com

  36. hawwy

    but kate is a ugly runt herself :S

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