Kate Moss hooked on Jack Osbourne, drugs

January 20th, 2006 // 34 Comments

*kate_moss_thumb2.jpgKate Moss was reportedly seen making out with Jack Osbourne earlier this week. The pair engaged in some heavy PDA at a post-Golden Globes soiree at L.A. hotspot Teddy’s. “They were making out in front of everyone,” says a spy. The New York Daily News says that fellow party-goers Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson seemed positively “aghast” as Moss, 32, “bumped and ground her waiflike charms into” Osbourne who, after losing a lot of weight, has regained the power to see his feet.

Way to go Kate. Even if she tells people she wasn’t on drugs, nobody’s gonna believe her now. But whatever. The point is that she has terrible taste in men. You could stick her in a room with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and the Kool-Aid Man, and five minutes later all you’d hear would be “Ohhhhhh Yeah!”

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  1. ESQ

    First comment!

    Wow! What the hell is Kate doing?? I actually like Jack Osbourne and would take him over any man that has been with Pissy Hilton. The kid has been trying to stay clean, what a way to relapse Jack. Just a mere whiff of kate is intoxicating enough…

  2. Hohlraum

    I don’t care how many drugs you are on. You gotta be plain crazy to make out with Jack Osbourne. That kid is fugly.

  3. ESQ

    Perhaps the drugs/alcohol make him better looking…you know taking one for the team..

  4. #26985

    Oh come on! Jack’s lost a lot of weight and I have to say he is looking pretty good as a result: http://www.fairtex.com/_images/news/162_lg.jpg

    He may not be in her league but it’s not THAT bad.

  5. PapaHotNuts

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is

  6. PapaHotNuts


  7. PapaHotNuts


    SuperSpence please finish this statement. I am drawing a blank.

  8. andrewthezeppo

    “The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is…”

    Kelly Osbourne in a string bikini…ok I’m throwing up now.

  9. gossipmonger

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is

    …Paris Hilton.

  10. Realistic

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is

    …someone using the word “mugging”

  11. Poster # 4 – LMFAO. The first thing I thought of looking at J.O.’s picture there, was a milk carton ad. On the back it reads ” Stay away from this guy”. Hahahahah

    Kate Moss ….. Oh yes.


  12. tyler durden

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is

    The Burger King dude pissing himself in Fed Ex’s new nightclub

  13. ghostwriter

    Just throw some hallucinogens into the celebrity gene pool, and sho nuff they’re be mutated, muttly incest.

    They say the fittest shall survive
    Yet the unfit may live

  14. DEVO

    Again, ghostwriter cuts through the grease and grime, revealing the Truth About De-Evolution!

    These two are simply following the commands of their DNA program. Kate Moss snoggin’ with Herr Osborne? What could be more natural? Kate went to Teddy’s to live deliberately. She barked up the right tree and found Jack swinging from its branches. Gather ye acorns while ye may!

  15. She was just hoping that some of Ozzie or Kelly’s drugs were clinging to Jack and she was trying to snort them off him. Isn’t it amazing that when one bad story about a famous person comes out, sudddenly there is a new bad story every day. Makes me kinda think that the press has all these bad stories about people but they don’t want to be the first ones to print them (i.e. if Tara Reid had had any hit movies lately they would still be printing stories that she was a sweet little girl from Jersey who just hadn’t met the right guy yet)

  16. asenath7766

    I don’t know…he still looks like a dough boy. A little puffy. At least Kate Moss doesn’t seem to care about looks.

  17. Sheva

    Ah come on the kid used to look awful and his sister, argh, much worse.

    He definitely looks a lot better and if he hooked up with Englands favorite Ho, more power to him.

    Go on Jack, hump the husey.

  18. Jayne

    reminds me of Ashtons show…Beauty and the Geek.

    …yeah that’s all I got.

  19. ESQ

    After looking at the picture provided by the link #4 left – thank GOD Jack killed those two hairy catapillars above his eyes and replaced them with eyebrows.

  20. HollyJ

    I seriously doubt that Simpson, Portman, and Hudson are “aghast” at much of anything. And considering it was Kate Moss, I’m surprised they had any reaction at all.

  21. MandySmurf

    Of course Jack would make out with Kate Moss! He’s probably hoping to get some kind of high from making out with her. Kate Moss just wants someone to relate to in a personal way, so she never runs out of conversation about which drug dealer is the cheapest.

  22. spliff

    wow that osbourne gimp lost some weight and cut his hair hurrah… still has that cherub in the headlights face… and we all know how much mossie loves that slightly boyish, chubby drugged up style (but really im reformed now honest)… just look at pete doherty…

  23. Jonboy in SF

    Oy…Kate and Jack are a train wreck waiting to happen! I bet he ends up in rehab again from the contact high he got from kissing Kate. And she’s obviously looking for “that slightly boyish, chubby drugged up style” (right on the mark Spliff) without the drub habit so she can have her cake and, er, lick it too. Gross!

  24. kw

    Aww he looks kinda cute in #4′s pic! If they’re both rehabed druggies maybe they can really relate to each other. And he’s a waif thin super model and she’s a big fat kid of a very famous druggie dad rock star. I mean the other way around…but see all they have to talk about between making out! =D

  25. playahater101

    Doesn’t this woman have a child floating around out there somewhere? She seems to have a lot of time to make out with A LOT of people!!!!!!!

  26. derekd

    Wow. This is so funny. It reminds of a family guy episode where Fat Chris becomes an artist and Kate Moss jumps on his nuts. Seriously, does she really think this guy can fuck? A fly on the wall thier first night would report hearing, “Wrong hole!”. repeatly. Throughout the night.

  27. Linnea

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is…

    Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne on a pile of cocaine as Pete Doherty cries and slits his wrists in the background.

  28. How is she a super model? Shes not attractive at all.

  29. HughJorganthethird

    The only thing more disgusting than Kate Moss mugging down with Jack Osbourne is:

    Being his sisters gynecolgist

  30. KoolAidMan

    OH YEAH!!!

  31. convictchick

    i dont think its an overstatement to say that kate moss has the worst taste in men in the history of the universe.

    apart from johnny depp. he was an abberation.

  32. zena marie

    *jeezus* Kate Moss is a walking talking snorting cry for “help”.

  33. AmberDextrose

    She’s actually getting a bit skanky. To the point where I wonder what HE was thinking. She’s probably more of a walking STD than Pissy-drawers Hilton.

    If I was her kid I wouldn’t let her kiss me without a dental dam.

    She’ll be dry humping Courtney Love next.

  34. wow, that’s not a good combination – http://hollywoodsnark.com

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