Kate Moss hooked on Jack Osbourne, drugs

*kate_moss_thumb2.jpgKate Moss was reportedly seen making out with Jack Osbourne earlier this week. The pair engaged in some heavy PDA at a post-Golden Globes soiree at L.A. hotspot Teddy’s. “They were making out in front of everyone,” says a spy. The New York Daily News says that fellow party-goers Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson seemed positively “aghast” as Moss, 32, “bumped and ground her waiflike charms into” Osbourne who, after losing a lot of weight, has regained the power to see his feet.

Way to go Kate. Even if she tells people she wasn’t on drugs, nobody’s gonna believe her now. But whatever. The point is that she has terrible taste in men. You could stick her in a room with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and the Kool-Aid Man, and five minutes later all you’d hear would be “Ohhhhhh Yeah!”

Thanks to Heather for the tip.