Kate Moss has fat friends

April 10th, 2007 // 153 Comments

Kate Moss was spotted hanging out with indie singer Beth Ditto (right) after her band Gossip performed in LA. You know how girls have ugly friends so they feel like the pretty one? I think this is sort of like that, only Kate Moss has taken it to the extreme. It looks like they’re chasing Kate down to eat her. Or sit on her. Or take a big dump on her. You know, just the usual fat-people stuff.



  1. hairpin


  2. mmmBitch

    Yeah… The Gossip rocks though. But yep, she’s pretty much an olive. Round. Royund. It’s too bad, cause her music is amazing. I’m not a fan to look at her, but she’s got a ton of friends in Hollywood, so she must be cool. Too bad. If she were skinnier, she’d be in the top 10 right now. Oh well, GASTRIC BYPASS!!!

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Oh God it’s an actual, living, breathing, shit sandwich.

  4. Pepper

    no wonder she’s so skinny… there’s nothing left to eat when she goes out with these two

  5. Jillblondie

    Come on – FRIST? FRIST? Are you kidding? Pathetic.

  6. today marks day #253 that the superfish writers have failed to make me laugh.

  7. People as fat as they are shouldn

  8. KatieKates

    Where are their pants? Where are their necks?

  9. Looks like The Wizard of Oz in San Francisco…

  10. In her defense, she’s already ugly.

  11. Jedi Kevin

    Fat is okay, but why no fashion sense? Kate is a supermodel, why can’t she score some nice clothes for her friends.

  12. I would…Ya, all three. I’m so ashamed.

  13. sevenandaswitchblade

    Oh my God (looks down at front of pants)…it chubbed.

  14. bafongu

    Hmmmm…pink hose, yellow pointed shoes, picture of the Queen Mum on the shirt… fucking Prince Harry out on the town again you drunk…Didn’t think we’d recognize you eh Harry?

  15. BarbadoSlim

    Two sweaty cows and a hygienically challenged drugged out alkie.

    I bet they smell great.

  16. ChicagoEric

    #6. Okay, so are you the literary critic of humor? Add some humor yourself, be an agent of change.

    As for the photos, all I can think of is my younger days when I played “Hungry Hungry Hippo”, Kate’s the small white ball, and you can guess the rest. Ps. Nice controls top hose on the heffer to the left

  17. wedgeone

    So fat people usually eat, sit on, or take a big dump on other people? Cripes – I don’t recall ever seeing that happen. Must only happen in California.

    Gotta agree with #6 – I haven’t seen any funny commentary from the Fish in ages. Sad – just sad.


  18. cole007

    all I can think is that they must be vibrating the concrete ground beneath them. THUD….THUD….THUD… my water is shaking in my glass three thousand miles away….

  19. ok…. fat people like that should not be wearing them type of clothing…. SICK!!!!

  20. Lowlands

    On which places does her band perform?The local burgerking?

  21. whitegold

    Is there some sort of correlation between weight and fashion sense? Like, the fatter you get, the worse you dress? I mean, if I was a big fat person, I’d be looking for the most flattering outfits, the ones that draw the least attention to the fact that I look like a friggin bus. And yet, more times than not, it seems like fatties look in there closet and say to themselves “hmm, so today should I wear this outfit that is way to small so I can accentuate the rolls of fat squeezing out of every opening, or this big, bright, purple and yellow parka to draw even more attention to my stunning imagine, in case anyone doesn’t notice me”. Seriously, how did these girls decide this would be a good looking outfit to wear?

    Then again, the Olsen twins dress like clowns half the time, and they’re about as skinny as it gets.

  22. Stickman

    Jesus Christ fat people! You have one simple rule to remember: 1) STAY INDOORS.

    It’s not too much to ask, now waddle your fat ass back inside and off my internets. You’re blocking the tubes.

  23. Jesus Christ……….look at those land monsters!

  24. jus'stupid

    Clowns, that is a perfect way to put it. I hate fat people, and I hate over “made-up” and people that can’t match colors and patterns. It disgusts me.

  25. Lowlands

    I don’t know what the name is of her band but they should call it ‘Too fat and skinny’.

  26. cole007

    maybe Kate is taking them to her coke dealer to get them started on their new weight-loss plan?

  27. Lowlands

    No wonder the fastfood-companies are doing big business.These kind of fatties are goldnuggets.

  28. DrPhowstus

    The funny thing is, this anorexic chick probably looks in the mirror and thinks she’s just as “big boned” as these two ladies. And of course by “big boned” I mean disgustingly obese, and of course by two ladies, I mean fat fucking cows. Now before you primadonnas start railing me for the fat jokes, just remember I didn’t tell those walking case studies in cardiology to OD on the HFCS. And all the glandular and “depression” arguments (much like those heffers on parasails) just won’t fly.

  29. ingiepop

    Listen to The Gossip / Beth Ditto’s music instead of thinking about leaving another senseless comment.

  30. DrPhowstus

    @29 — No thanks. I hate fast food theme songs.

  31. fame is funny

    yeah…but who is the fat bitch in the middle…gross!

  32. #29

    What? Is she singing about ho-hos and ding dongs? Maybe cheeseburgers?

  33. jus'stupid

    @29. Respect? They need to respect themselves, before asking anyone else to respect them.

  34. dirt chicken

    @ 29 – Spoken like a fellow fat-ass. Face it tubby … fat people suck !

  35. She’s anorexic by comparison.

  36. doodlehead

    aww..this pic is adorable. Funnel cakes anyone?

  37. HoboChic

    The music sucks too. Sorry, but I think this band is getting a lot of hype because she’s chubby and in-your-face about it.

  38. DrPhowstus

    Those are the kinda chicks that spray Redi-Whip on their fried chicken and choclate sauce on their tacos. They have no right to complain I put up a truck weighing station on my sidewalk. And I bet they drive really little cars too.

  39. mismint

    I had the misfortune to see this band play live in London…my retinas have been permenantly scarred by the sight of this fatty masturbating on stage…no amount of therapy will ever erase that from my mind. I will now go back to my dark room to rock back and forth…’make it go away, make it go away, make it go away’.

  40. #39

    I pity you. That must have sucked more than anything that has sucked before.

  41. jrzmommy♠

    She aint hangin with them….she’s being chased by them. They’re gonna eat her….RUN KATE! RUN!

  42. DrPhowstus

    @39 — How wa she even able to read her multi-flapped crotch? I can’t imagine that she’s very flexible, what with the stubby arms and all that surface area to circumnavigate. Peering in horror at her spread legs must have been like looking at a peach pit rest between two lumpy pillows. I weep for you.

  43. Rachelraquel

    OK, I actually really like The Gossip, but the poor dear has gotten bigger. I am not a big fan of gluttony.

  44. jrzmommy♠

    And #29–I have no respect for a woman who shows us her control top of her fatty pantyhose…..or fatties that purposely conjure up images of big, fat pink pigs at a State Fair by wearing pink tights.

  45. DrPhowstus


  46. jesseg

    I think it’s the old ‘put yourself beside your two fatass friends to make yourself look HOT by comparison even tho yer a used up wench but still 30000x better looking than the cruiseliners at her side’ tactic

    just my 2 cents

  47. jrzmommy♠


  48. LadyJane

    Golly, thanks to that picture, I’m now going to stick my finger down my throat to vomit up my breakfast.

  49. LadyJane

    Dr. Phowstus, would you be able to look at this bump I have? It’s between my legs.

  50. Ugh, Kate looks just as unappealing as the two snowcones standing next to her.

    Seriously it’s like a sculpture of two doughnut holes sandwiching a slim-jim thats been on the floor of somebody’s car for a week or two.

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