Kate Moss goes back to being Kate Moss

September 27th, 2006 // 52 Comments

Kate Moss is officially back with Pete Doherty, and just as quickly as that happened are coming reports that she’s back to sniffing cocaine. She attended a Babyshambles concert last night in Ireland and was spotted with mysterious white blobs in her nose. Some witnesses speculate it was toothpaste or zit cream, but unless Kate was dropped as a child I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I’ve got a friend who sniffs toothpaste, but he also wears a helmet to work and occasionally mistakes the mailbox for a doggy. And by work I of course mean the dumpster out back which he thinks is his office. It’s sad, but it’s also hilarious.


  1. mrs.t

    That rhymes with Photoshop.

  2. tits_on_snack

    Could I get a *closer* view up some bitch’s nose, please? I’m not completely disgusted yet.

  3. Wampoon.com

    Hmmm love that nostril


  4. This is either photoshopped or she just has a cold and hasn’t blown her nose yet. Or, maybe, she really is back on coke, which would be a major disappointment because I love Kate Moss, after she stomped out the paparazzi’s camera.


  5. Booger Eater

    That is NOT cocaine!
    It’s just dried boogers.

    I would know.

  6. jrzmommy

    Kate Moss’s Nose….Home of the $100 booger.

  7. She’s a waste of space. She’s not even attractive and yet people bother to mention her existence.

    I know that Perez Hilton often has white stuff in his nose but that’s usually powdered donut dust or ape jizz.


  8. That’s definitely not the most disgusting thing I’ve seen since breakfast.

    I’d still bone her.

  9. Wow, that is quite the view, are we going to check her for STDs next with a up the skirt shot? And you wonder why celebs get a little frustrated with having their privacy invaded.

    Cocaine or not, I am sure I would not want people analyzing my nostrils. My ears, maybe, but certainly not my nostrils. Okay, MAYBE my navel or under my nails… oh screw it let them do an autopsy pre-mortum… you know because it is so important for people to know things like this.


  10. Looks like she is saving some for the encore.

  11. The frost is in the air.
    The frost is in the air.
    It’s wintertime, It’s wintertime,
    The frost is in the air…

  12. Steeno

    so sept 05 she was photo’d doing blow, then lost contracts with h&m, burberry, chanel, rimmel, etc.

    must have taught her a lesson.

    those jobs lost led her to the pages of sept 06 fashion mags rep’ing louis vuitton, david yurman, burberry, versace, dior, agent provocateur, belstaff, longchamp, ck jeans, bvlgari, and last but not least, stella mccartney.

  13. Proteon

    Is it the liberal interpretation of a booger? Is it photoshop? Nah. It’s just the pure evil of thesuperficial – I say we stone her to death!

  14. Still not sure why anyone expects her to change. She’s an aging supermodel, legendary for coke abuse and bad men choices. Probably the best we can hope for is a conversion to Scientology, or a series of skin care infomercials.


  15. BoognishRising

    Wtf are those? Booger sugar encrusted nasal polyps?
    Okay, time for lunch now.

  16. HollyJ

    Why do people care so much whether or not Moss spends her OWN money to abuse her OWN body? It’s not like she’s on welfare and the gov’t is paying for it. She’s an adult, last time I checked.

    If she wants to snort coke, it’s her business–that’s my own personal take on, but HEY- that’s just ME. And if she wants to shove a vibrating toothbrush up her asstube, that’s her business too. Or have sex involving old people and guano… I mean, whatever floats her boat.

    Why do people give a shit???

  17. christee

    throw ‘er in front of the bus! i’m sick of this scarecrow (which, come to think of it, wouldn’t be a bad career move for her).

  18. What is Kate Moss’s favourite TV show?

    Whose “line” is it anyway.

    As sad as that joke is, so is the edited picture.


  19. *****I did not need to see that*****

    I would be more concerned about her satanic multi-colored eyes than a little nose candy.

    If you ask me, they should let her do as much blow as she wants. It doesn’t affect me. In fact, if she hits enough of the stuff, she might lose her ambition and finally return some of my calls. I love skinny girls the way Ninja loves to hit the fatties.

  20. RichPort

    I apologize all, but that’s not coke, but remnants of my kids. I had a Peter North moment on Ms. Snifalot’s face. It tends to coagulate when unattended. Understandable mistake.

  21. LL

    Thanks, Superficial. First you made me picture Anna Nicole’s vagina and Howard Stern’s pee-pee, then you made me look up Kate Moss’s nose, and then Screech’s…
    (shudder)… not even gonna go there. All before lunch.

    Thanks, thanks a lot.

  22. midwestmom

    Regardless if the stuff in her nose is photoshopped or not, her pupils are huge.

  23. My bet is that the each have so much scum on them that after they have sex it takes about 5 minuets for them to unstick themselves from each other.

  24. EJ

    #10, you endlessly pimp your celebrity-sex-videos site yet you think it’s beyond the pale to take a close-up pic of a celeb’s nose??? I’d rather see Kate’s nose than Paris’ veejay. (vomits)

  25. shell

    You Kate, bat in the cave.

  26. amhi

    She did gain much more publicity after her first cocaine incident than she was getting before.. She’s making more money now per year than she made pre-cocaine-bust combined.
    I think she’s just increasing her chance to make more money. She has kids to feed, you know.

  27. jrzmommy

    The race for Mother of the Year is so tight! Kate Moss, Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston……I dunno….the suspense is killing me! Who will it be????

  28. EazyE

    Maybe Pete Doherty squirts more than just his blood at people.

  29. BarbadoSlim

    Next on the Superficial, pictures of Paris Hiton’s vaginal secretion samples.


  30. whatevz

    i’m more concerned about that eye of hers…

    from wikipedia:
    Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye that often causes the appearance of a “white eye” effect instead of the expected red eye.

  31. whatevz

    nevermind, i just read some photo stuff and she probably doesn’t have eye cancer….but, she still has coke in her nose.

  32. Tania

    Reporting on this is like reporting that Pete Doherty got arrested again…big surprise and who cares.

  33. jilco

    Those big puipls and that nasty nose are gross.

  34. courtney

    christ! look at her pupils. they’re huge.

  35. PaisleyMoon

    Oh fuck. Photoshopped to hell and back. I’m so sick of pointing out the obvious.

  36. Ok. Ok. Ok. We forget sometimes too… its okay, Kate. Just, next time, please blow your nose! Gross!

  37. jrzmommy

    31–No shit. Look at that.

  38. marie-jo

    Did she ran out of paper money???

    Ah well, just sniff it straight from the platter then.

  39. Vylith

    such beautiful murder.

  40. Toonlite

    Gee I like it…..your friend…and his pet mailbox must be cute….

    but then again I wished my name was “Coo-Coo-Clock (or Coo-Coo-O’Clock – if I were Irish)…..but still I like your friend….

  41. echoroc

    completely photoshopped. there is no way that she would let that happen in light of what she’s done.

    geez–if i had as much money as her i would blow lines too.

  42. radically4peace

    Christ, just let her do her coke in peace. She’s not hurting anyone but herself, so who cares?

  43. wsycs

    umm….you just have to look at her pupils to see that she is fucked up….ohhh so she does coke….who doesn’t…or at least tried it….step the fuck off…if you had the money, you would do it too….

  44. falsetigerlimbs

    ummm coke doesnt make your pupils dilate that much. trust me. ive done enough of it to know. it just makes them get beady, unless it has meth in it or something.

    this photo was probably just taken in the dark.
    i still think she was probably coked out.
    but her pupils are definitely not proof of that.

    people who don’t do drugs shouldn’t speculate that people are on drugs…because you dont know what you’re talking about half the time.

  45. wsycs

    so, basically what yer saying is that you don’t know what yer saying….lol….you have no idea what i do….so basically the speculation flows from your fingertips….

  46. falsetigerlimbs

    actually my comment wasn’t directed at you, because you sound like you do have experience with the way that you defended her coke use.

    i just meant that people see big pupils on celebrities who are known to use drugs and assume they’re on drugs. but if you look at photos of other celebs, you’ll see that lots of them have big pupils.

    but if you’ve done coke, surely you know that your pupils dont get huge when you do it, right?

  47. wsycs


    any stimulant will dialate yer pupils, (probably extasy the most)….yes i have experience….in the PAST…i have a son now…i don’t want to get into a petty argument with you about this….all i meant by my original comment was that she does coke, so what….alot of people do and shit like that is blown way out of proportion because she is famous….anyway…maybe we will but heads again on some other comment page!!!….ttyl….

  48. wow, is he providing her with extra potent coke or what?

  49. Jameson

    She looks like a cheewawa…crave the Bell…taco bell…dongggggg

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