Kate Moss gets topless for V

August 31st, 2009 // 49 Comments

Sorry about the site outage, folks. I accidentally removed my towel in front of the server and it crashed itself out of awe and reverence. Welcome to my life. Anyway, here’s Kate Moss posing topless with some Gypsies for the October issue of V Magazine. And, look, I appreciate a bare breast as much as the next guy, but seeing Kate Moss’ nipples is getting a tad redundant. At this point, I’d probably be more aroused if she wore a bra. With a Christmas sweater. God, that’s erotic…

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version of breasts I could draw with my eyes closed.

Photos: V Magazine

  1. joblin

    wow, never been first. nice titties

  2. rock

    they just had to tell her there’s plenty of crack afterwards, right?

  3. romap@mac.com

    #2. but of course dahling.

  4. Spider_Jerusalem

    Dear gods, first Madonna “defends” us, and now we have Kate Moss amongst us? *shakes head* the germans couldn’t get us, the rest of europe couldn’t either, but NOW we are severely boned

  5. Mikey

    I like to party with her. Snort coke, fuck, then snort some more, go clubbing. Stay up all night, meet Mick and Keith.

    It’s better to burn out than it is to fade away

  6. Winter

    I would snort coke with her any day.

  7. v tard

    I don’t get it. I don’t think she looks anything special. She is not photogenic.

    Look at pic #4. She’s got frickin’ wall-eye, looking to either edge of the photo.

  8. Look at the tits, the vag, and the ass

    #8, If you see this woman, and you find yourself looking at her eyes, we understand why you don’t get it: you are flaming homo.

  9. LordAtama

    She looks too fat to be on crack.

  10. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I would molest her with glee.

  11. Disclosure

    Naked hot chick in furs = I have a boner.

  12. Too bad her face and that cheeseburger gut she’s hiding don’t look as good as her tits.

  13. wow

    Of all the tits posted on this site, people are actually praising these? Seriously?

    It looks like a fat, lopsided pancake. I’ll give her props for not getting fakes at least.

  14. dough

    Wow. You know I have the same problem. Drop my towel and everything bows down in reverence. I’ve had two laptops start smoking cause I walked by naked.

  15. 50

    yeah, i’m really unimpressed. i saw the link and got excited, but when i actually saw the pictures.. eh.

  16. Wow

    Those are larger than I remember. See what happens to flat chests as you get older? Instead of “sag,” you get “nice and normal.” Bonus.

    Nice to see her happy and smiling again. She seems like a real up-beat sort of person. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

  17. chupacabra

    wow, they got on that “gypsies” thing quickly!

  18. SkankyPanda

    Wow, she does actually look hot here for once. Nice pics.

  19. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Cool new posters for Stevie Nicks new clothing line!!!!

  20. Nice nipples, but let’s face it. She looks like a frumpy Mom these days.

  21. Tracey

    Kate has tiny nipples, but what I don’t get about this is am I supposed to want to buy the clothes she is wearing? I don’t think so, gypsies don’t smell good. The spread makes me think of the smell of wet wool, body odor and dirt. Not so sexy.

  22. n

    Wait, am I supposed to believe this is a photo shoot? Or is it just someone taking pictures of this crack hoe’s escapades? And anyone thinking of doin’ KM should take one look at Pete Doherty and remember they used to bone. **shudders**

  23. wtf

    wtf happend to the original superficial writer? Whoever is writing now blows. I come here for funny happy laugh time, the same stories can be found on 500 other shit stain whatever-in-the-fuck sites. You’ve lost the wit and humor of the original writing, but luckily made up for it with fucking giant katy perry advertisements everywhere. Bravo.

  24. she’s never been anything special and i’m not shocked that these suck too. there was so much kate moss hype a while back and it was all over nothing.

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  26. JeffNice

    Definitely worth the clicks to get to it.

  27. There is a pic of her out there as a child and boy was she ugly. Her original nose was horrendous. If someone finds it can you send it on over to me? My page links here. Thanks.

  28. Gypsies Suck

    She’d better hide that horse before the rest of them eat it.

  29. The picture give me a surprise.

  30. CM

    Fur sucks.

  31. She takes awesome pics

  32. These are awesome photos, actually. Kate still knows how to work the camera.


  33. Galtacticus

    Is it going bad with her career? Or is this just a photo shoot?

  34. Darth

    Did she visit her ex Pete Doherty?

  35. Rhialto

    Looks like he forgot to mow the lawn for her visit.

  36. lucy

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  37. c'mon

    posted like this was a surprise? kate moss has never been the type of model to hide her body. she is her body.

    you see tit in half her photos. get over it.

  38. Em

    fuck kate moss for wearing all those animals. no creature deserves to die to clothe that beast. maybe someone could skin her and wear her instead

  39. Nice to see that Kate’s still relevant.

    I am of course exclusively speaking of pic #1.

  40. Wait til someone says they’ll re-pave her grandma’s driveway for only $5000 and then absconds with the dough. Not so sexy then, huh Katiepoo?

  41. This session is absolutely beautiful and the photos are very good. I love the gypsy atmosphere they have. Kate looks very good. Perfect!

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  43. metabolism? haha thats an excuse.. if you were earning millions with the way you look, i think you would consider what you stuff into your mouth..

  44. damn, where did jamie lynn’s double d pregnant tits goooooo

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