Kate Moss faces London police

kmoss-questioned.jpgKate Moss has finally returned to London and was interviewed by detectives over her “alleged” drug use. Notice how I put ‘alleged’ in quotes? That’s because it’s not alleged at all, but in fact 100% positive.

The Metropolitan Police doesn’t identify suspects being interviewed by name, but said a 32-year-old woman “has voluntarily attended a London police office in relation to a Met investigation into allegations of possible drug abuse, as reported in newspaper reports.”

Stuart Higgins, a spokesman for Moss, has said that she had agreed to be interviewed by police. Police said she had not been arrested.

It’s probably not my place to make fun of the London police force, but when it takes over half a year to question a suspect you might have a problem with the system. They’ve got photos, a video, and even Kate’s own admission, and yet they still haven’t even made an arrest. Maybe they’re waiting for some more evidence, because there’s always that off chance that Kate will physically buy cocaine in the police station and snort it in the interrogation room. And then maybe go on a supermodel killing spree and take out some officers. Yeah, they’re probably just waiting for that.