Kate Moss escapes prison

June 15th, 2006 // 49 Comments

The Crown Prosecution Service announced today they wouldn’t prosecute Kate Moss over allegations she used cocaine at a London recording studio last year because they feel there’s not enough evidence for a likely conviction.

I guess the English legal system is just as inept as the American one. Even if the photos and videos weren’t enough, just the fact she used to go out with Pete Doherty should guarantee a conviction. I hear you get high just from being in a room with him for too long. But that might be because he injects you with stuff every time you look away.


  1. superstar26


  2. Pepe Roni

    Her breasts apparently weren’t as lucky.

  3. okiedoke

    WHO CARES x 2!!!

  4. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Is Kate Moss attractive? I can’t remember…

  5. I like how all these celebrities get away with illegal activities, but most people get caught with the very first one they do, regardless of how minor it is.


  6. krwlng54

    Kate Moss in a RECORDING studio???…Ugh, that’s worse than her getting away with the cocaine use in the studio.

  7. Swordman

    no surprise

  8. jane's eyre

    She’s going to start losing her hair soon, getting super-skinny, her skin will turn ashy gray, and will start calling everyone “Precious”.

    That’s my call.

  9. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    8 – It’s nice to know she’ll remain the same.

  10. Color me stoked

    So basically you think shes going to start calling everyone “precious”.

  11. IFuckingHateYou

    I was looking forawrd to the “leaked” lesbian gang-bang prison video. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

  12. N. Visible Man Jr.

    Just keep watching for the coked up supermodel lesbian gang bang then put a cut out of some prison bars on your screen. You won’t have long to wait.

  13. spanglish

    What more evidence did they need? Couldn’t they ask her to take a pee test? She probably could have snorted right there in the courtroom and they wouldn’t have tried her.

    I’m thinking that if you’d like to live a life of crime and get a way scott free that you first must become a celebrity/millionare and then it doesn’t matter how dumb you are or how much evidence you leave behind, you too can buy your way to freedom!

  14. jane's eyre

    Yeah, I guess so. I guess so.

  15. jFp

    I’m happy for her. She is way hot!

    Some dirtbag ratted her out and it really isn’t anyone’s business what she does as long as she isn’t falling down acting like a fool in public. Alot of people have done coke…so what.

    Everyone should be bad mouthing the rat that taped her.

  16. jane's eyre

    Yay for the dirtbag!

  17. ladyanjen

    See first posting.
    A thousand times, word.
    She’s made more money since the age of 14 than probably all of us posting on this site put together, and she is fucking good at her job. Who cares how? Why hate the beautiful for not being shackled? She’s been our staple Beautiful for a good 18 years now (if she’s 32). So I say, Well Handled, Kate. But I don’t care what you do or how you do it.

  18. Craig & "em"


    I’ve always referred to her as “The Great HO-Dini”, but that’s because she gives magical BJ’s in the Mens Bathroom and also because when she see’s a line of cocaine, it’s like “now you see it…now you don’t”!

    WOW…I’m proud to call her my customer…
    I mean FRIEND!

  19. tallcoolone

    WHO CARES x3

  20. the mixerman

    if she did this in singapore, she’d be on death row. but since it’s the uk, she’s off scotfree. what a difference a locatio makes!

  21. Fugurself

    #4, Is Kate attractive?

    It would have to be 2 AM and the bars fixing to close.
    And I would have to be very fucking drunk.
    Drunker than I’ve ever been.

    Yeah, in that State I’ll bend her over and give to her….

  22. RhinebeckCowboy

    To morons like #13.

    No she couldn’t take a peet test. All the evidence against was simply a film and pics of her snorting (ie several days old).

    The reason the CPS dropped the case is that on film they could’nt tell if the drug was a Class A (like coke) or a lesser Class B drug. The issue was critical since, on conviction, possession of the two classes of drug carry different sentences.

    So to all the fuck-wits who don’t understand how the law really works, this is what happens when you don’have a crime called “acting and looking stoned”.

  23. Jacq

    Those two need to OD already.

  24. jrzdaddy

    I hope they don’t pass a law called “Acting Like Pussy”. You’d get the chair.

  25. dominocat

    okay, I’m English and I can’t figure out our legal system. I mean, a paedo was given a life sentence, and got out after five years. We need a bit of anarchy, man.

  26. Saucie

    Shouldn’t this story read “Kate Moss Escapes FROM prison. Kate Moss escaped from prison today using a schematic of the jail’s ventilation system tattooed on her cooch. It was an impressive display of said cooch, seeing how large our prison is.

    In related news, Pete Doherty escaped from rehab today, although we’re not sure why he “escaped” since he was here of his own accord. He was seen picking up Moss in front of the prison gates in an old Jaguar convertible stuffed with painting canvasses and liquor bottles.

    Their art gallery showing is set for July 1-3, 2006.

  27. Fisher55

    she escaped prison cuz the skinny twat can prolly fit right thru the bars

  28. RichPort

    I came on to Kate Moss once but got turned away because I wasn’t willing to spray her with blood, share my coke, or sell pictures of her doing lines in popular nightclubs to help pay for her blossoming model glue addiction.

  29. They have a video of her chopping up coke she took out of her purse, passing it out and snorting it. Damn, what the fuck do you have to do in Britain to get arrested? Wear A French Football Jersey?

  30. What the article negelected to mention was that Kate will have to do 3 months of community service. She will spend it teaching young girls how best to cut and snort cocaine, how to find the beauty in everyone (even heroin addicted blood sprayers with abyssmal teeth) and how to make a career out of looking like Tilda Swinton’s less attractive sister.

  31. limper

    From what I understand, Moss’ attorneys would have had any appealed any prison sentence in this case on the grounds that it would be cruel and unusual punishment for anyone to have to share a jail cell with Kate Moss. The Prosecutors decided one coke bust wasn’t worth a long court battle that they would likely have lost.

  32. cleofatra

    I would go gay for Kate Moss..

  33. BigJim


    Before you call someone a moron, perhaps you should determine if there really is such a thing as a “peet test.”

  34. jane's eyre


    I think that’s what they do to those ancient bogs, when they’re determining how old they are, their biological makeup, and to see what prehistoric animals/artifacts might be in them.

    So I guess they should have given one of those, too.

  35. BigJim

    Jane, I love you.

    E-mail me.

  36. HughJorganthethird

    This is only interesting if she blew the judge to get out of it, while he was wearing his funny english law wig of course

  37. chanel_bear

    i wish i was a celebrity, because then i could do something like snort coke, while periodically taking time outs to beat #22 with my manolo blahnik strappy sandal, have the whole thing filmed, and have prosecutors throw the case out because they couldn’t tell whether or not it was a Class A Manolo Blahnik shoe i was beating them with, or a class B Jimmy Choo sandal. Because you know, the two carry very different sentences.

  38. #’s 30 and 31. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    Thanks, You made my afternoon with those ones.

  39. Iambananas

    Wow, she doesn’t go down for snorting, but Winona gets busted for accidentally putting some merchandise away. Where’s the justice?

  40. I take coke all the time and nobody has arrested me either.

  41. Dr.Rokter

    They should have her do a public service commercial where people throw darts in her face. Because darts are sharp, and can be dangerous.

  42. Darwin's Sister

    Crown Prosecution transcripts:

    “Oy, do ya think we ought to press charges on this skank, Moss?”

    “Moss? Nah, let the lass back out into society where she can be ridiculed for dating Pete Doherty.”

    “Yer a cruel bastard, ain’t ya?”

  43. BarbadoSlim

    What’s mindblowing is the fact that Kate is probably haulin’ around three or four pounds of blow at any time of the day for her personal use.

    Nah, I’m probably exaggerating… it’s more like sixty pounds.

  44. Spacedog

    Wonder how she celebrated?
    I do think it’s bad ass that she kept it in a Faberge Egg. That’s pretty sweet.

  45. Yeah, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty need to go away somewhere. They suck. Maybe the producers of “Lost” can pretend to cast them on the show, but instead of flying them to Hawaii, drop them off on some random abandoned island somewhere. To make them think they are really on the show, they can place little statues of the Virgin Mary with heroine in them on the island and a fake camera. That should be enough to fool those dumb ass pieces of shit.

  46. HughJorganthethird

    Fuck off she kept her blow in a fabrege egg? well bitch has me beat. mine’s in my pocket…

  47. Faye Valentine

    Its disgusting how celebs are treated like royalty. Shit, even royalty doesnt get away with some of the shit they do.

  48. Pete

    Even if they had sent Kate Moss to prison, she would have gone free. The “Kate Moss” in that photo is clearly Johnny Depp. Strange, but I never noticed the striking resemblance until suddenly Kate could face prison time. My bet is he passed out on the floor, she injected him with heroin, and then they switched bodies.

  49. ILikeBukkake

    I dont really know her that well. But any picture I see of her will be blurred by shocking images of concensual Bukkake. I’m sorry, I just really like Bukkake.

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