Kate Moss captures the Christmas spirit

October 11th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Kate Moss is premiering her new Christmas clothing line, or “range” as the Brits call it, in the latest issue of i-D magazine. I must say, after seeing Kate model these clothes, she really knows how to put the boner in Happy Holidays. That statement doesn’t make any sense, but at this point I’m just ogling Kate’s Christmas miracle and typing random words potato salad hippopotamus Louisiana Purchase…


  1. she is a good model

    i don’t think she i supposed to be super-hot, this is supposed to be some form of artistic. i think she is a good model, maybe my favorite. i don’t think she is the sexiest. skinny models are good for showing clothes. you don’t notice the model’s body, you just notice the clothes.

  2. she is a model, not an actress or playboy bunny

    It’s not just that Kate is beautiful, though one would be hard-pressed to describe that permanent pout of a mouth or those ostentatiously high cheekbones as anything but. “She’s kind of off-beauty,” says photographer Craig McDean. “She’s not a little cookie, but she’s probably the most beautiful girl in the world.” Indeed, her imperfections–the teeth that many an orthodontist would love to fix, the nose that’s just a little broad, the smattering of freckles–somehow enhance her allure. Katz first spotted Kate with her then boyfriend Johnny Depp in a SoHo restaurant years ago and found her, as he did when he painted her for this portfolio, simultaneously plain and mesmerizing. “She’s completely ordinary,” Katz marvels. “That’s what makes her so extraordinary.”

    - from W magazine

    i think she is what a model should be

    intense, plain but striking, and thin.

  3. jewcrew

    fug…my great grandmother is more appealing

  4. seegarz

    who would want to ogle <85 lb crack whore?

  5. whatever

    sure jew,
    how funny that kate moss has been a muse to so many designers for a decade while your grandmother im sure could do just as well.
    everyone that matters in the fashion industry must be taking crazy pills, you low brow piece of crap.

  6. kate moss is cool

    #75 – this isn’t penthouse you stupid red neck

  7. jen5276

    Looks like heroin chic is back in style???

    I love Kate though, she’s stunning.

  8. kitty_kat

    @ #77- And this isn’t a WE Love Kate Moss webpage.
    He’s right: NOBODY wants to ogle a washed up crackwhore with absolutely NO figure.

  9. TripleE

    She’s not even cute.

  10. kate moss is cool

    your probably fat kitty_kat, kate makes millions of dollars because people with more money and style and intellect than yourself DO want to look at her.
    you fat lump of crap nobody.

    coke is cool and makes you thin.

  11. further more

    she has pouty lips, high cheek bones, and wide set eyes… and she is thin. to some people this i what looks good. she seems to be doing ok without massive T & A for the unwashed masses to ogle.

  12. BILLY

    #82 – touche

  13. tomsbeard

    she is beautiful, and looked like SHIT when she was with Pete. So weird, maybe she’s had some work done.

  14. papa boner

    she is bonerrific and always will be because she knows how to position her ass half sitting next to phallic objects with her nipples out and the face of absent pleasure

  15. kitty_kat

    @ #81-
    You know, I could say that you’re probably some ugly 12-year-old anorexic bitch, but that would be completely unimaginative of me- not to mention all wrong. You obviously eat… plates and plates of Kate Moss’ shit everyday.
    Now go get a fucking life. And no, praising a washed-up, coked -out, ugly-ass “supermodel” on a site that MAKES FUN OF celebrities does not count as one, dumbass.
    To all the other posters:
    Sorry about that. I won’t feed the trolls anymore.

  16. yukadoozer

    What a fresh-faced lassie.

  17. jewcrew

    76–she may be a muse to designers but if I, or the average person saw her walking down the street i don’t think we’re going to pop a massive raging boner…she looks fine in edited pictures, anyone does, but without photoshop and filtered lighting and 16 pounds of makeup she looks like a decrepit crack whore. do not want!

  18. jrzmommy

    Nothing screams Yuletide Cheer more than an ashen-complected heroin addict in black lingerie with the “smokey eye” look.

  19. Tits McGee

    you know who’s hot? EVE MENDES. SHE is *hot.*

  20. Pwn

    I was ready to go off, but #88 covered it, so thank you…ahhhh…dammit, I must put my 2 cents in anyway! ANYONE remotely average in build or less can EASILY spend two hours in an average hair (or put on a wig) and makeup salon, 15 minutes putting on an average wardrobe, get your pictures taken by an average photographer with an average camera, then have an average photoshopper retouch you pictures and BOOM!…you will have an outstanding, completely beautiful, FAKE version of youself, ala Kate Moss and 99.9% of other celebrities’ photoshoots. I’m not saying many celebs aren’t attractive, but it’s not like you know Kate, hang around her, and REALLY know what she looks like. You could walk down any high school, college or university and find 50% of the female students better looking than her. And most of them are all REAL. I wish those idiot designers would realize this and stop these ridiculous statements kissing the asses of these boring looking women.

  21. Babar

    Look at her face! Just look at it!


  22. it's not about what YOU LIKE

    the thing is, not all designers like what YOU like. designers like kate moss’ look
    that is why she gets a lot of work. maybe she is kind of plain, but i don’t think designers only pick models that they think will give the average joe a boner.
    i don’t think that is their goal
    you people don’t seem to understand
    men here seem to think the only purpose of women in media is to give them a boner
    im not saying you can’t rate their importance to you based on that, but i dont think that is the goal of every woman in the media.

  23. it's not about what YOU LIKE

    maybe that will help you to not get mad at models for not giving you boners

  24. living people are sexy


  25. Sam

    Skank. Slut. Crackwhore. UGLY.

    Hopefully she has not polluted the gene pool.

  26. yowillie

    Looks so dirty!

  27. She looks amazing – better than ever.

  28. Laura

    She’s gorgeous!

  29. gerard Vandenberg

    THOSE WHORY LOOKS OF YOU I LIKE!! To be more specific, my Dick/cock itches.
    Maybe washing the “sucker” will help?

  30. Junk In the Trunk

    What people think the coked out thing actually looks… GOOD? I said aw yuck when I saw these pics

  31. blizz

    For the record, #86 used a reverse-backhand pimpslap on #81′s face with perfect form. Well done.

    And Kate Moss would look a lot hotter with 15 extra pounds on her and a lil less coke up teh nose.

    I don’t hate her, I don’t love her but I wish she would eat.

  32. Jade Muslims

    Just like most good Christians, she is ugly, a slut, and pretends to be a good person and mother. Merry Christmas here are my slutty photos.

  33. Gloria

    i seem to see her propile on a celebrity site called sugarcupid.com? she has a great propile with attractive photos there, maybe people have viewed her, let me check it for youy guys.

  34. Bruce

    Kate Moss is a lovely young woman, and should be respected for overcoming her difficulties of the past. Keep up the good work.

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