Kate Moss beats up Pete Doherty again

May 22nd, 2006 // 81 Comments

kmoss-beat-up-doherty.jpgAfter reading about Pete Doherty spraying his blood on two MTV cameramen, Kate Moss apparently called him to her home in London and, after he showed up to her house at 5 AM, started “kicking and punching him in the street.” Doherty says:

“She was angry about the blood spraying thing. She beat the crap out of me. She layed into me punching and kicking. I’m alright, but she hurt my finger. I couldn’t do anything back, because she’s a girl.”

Pete’s kind of all over the place when it comes to his ethics. Defending yourself against girls is wrong, but drawing their blood when they’re passed out in your kitchen is okay. As is stealing cars, doing drugs, and spraying your blood on total strangers. If his brain was a book, I imagine it’d just be page after page of crayon drawings.



  1. pinky_nip

    Why is she even BOTHERING? God, they deserve one another. Why don’t they just lock themselves up in a house and O.D. together already.

  2. Binky

    I’m no Dr Phil – but I think these two may need counselling.

  3. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Yeah, and right after that, they had hot makeup sex. If having sex with that scuzzy creature could ever be hot.

  4. jimmycracks

    Oh, come on Kate, not everyone is perfect… give him a break… everybody makes blood-spraying mistakes sometimes…

  5. tarjamarja

    Too bad she didn’t “accidentally” kill him in the process of punching and kicking him…

  6. Skip Smith

    So squirting blood at someone gets Kate Moss to beta you up. I’m going to try flinging my feces at someone and see if she’ll have sex with me.

  7. real_steamboy

    I do not understand why this little creep does not get the crap beat out of him more often. Has anybody even heard the bands music. I cannot even find it for free on the internet. Either they have the best antipirating software on their CDs or nobody cares enough to share.

  8. pinky_nip

    SHE’S HAD SEX WITH PETE DOHERDIRTY! Who would want to touch her? I’d pick up less contamination if I injected the East River into my blood stream.

  9. Gene Parmigiana

    punching and kicking a person that she “isn’t dating”…..Kate you don’t have to lie to kick it

  10. BulletBoobs

    This is an awesome story. Just trying to picture it is making me smile. Nothing like a wafer-thin chick smacking around a freakishly ugly heroin addict.

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Wow if Pete’s been doing the nasty with Moss he should get checked…

  12. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Getting beat up by Kate Moss probably feels like having styrofoam peanuts tossed gently at your body by a scarecrow who has the magic power to make the blood rush to your genitals, causing them to become erect. Therefore, it would be weird.

  13. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Okay, everyone, I’ve asked the admin to ban herbiefrog. He’s really getting out of hand. Check out the long string of posts in the Elton John thread. Please ask them to ban him too.

  14. herbiefrog

    at last
    post :)

    kate babe :)
    he has to face
    his demons
    can help

    so, check him in
    section him if ness
    needs some time
    to hear

  15. leahdeadly

    I love Kate moss, infact sometimes I pull and LiLo and think “what would Kate Moss do?”
    Seriously, doing coke and beating up dudes? That just sounds okay to me.

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Getting beat up by Naomi Campbell on the other hand would be like getting beat up by an ugly man with a huge forehead. And that would suck.

  17. herbiefrog




    lol biatch :)

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    herbiefrog is MeganHarris’ misunderstood friend from her Slam Poetry Jams. His real name is Javier, he’s 16, and his crowning glory at the Common Grounds coffe emporium and bookshop was the time he recited “Starlight Moon-hemp Republican Eater Eater” and his secret crush Amber Kravowicz was in the audience. She totally knew that line about fleeting sparrows in his boxers was about her.

  19. thatthingisgood

    Ok, Besides being a Nasty Junkie, who the f is Pete D. anyway? What is he famous for besides being a drug addict? I don’t get it.

  20. Charlaurz McHall

    Hey, Pete takes his code of ethics seriously… of course injecting passed out girls and squirting blood at people is acceptable, shit, in Britain that is generally how we pass the time on the weekends.

  21. TaiTai

    Oh Pete, please come and squirt your blood on me so I can beat you up, you are my man. I love those pasty snaggle toothed Brits. So misunderstood.

  22. Sheva

    Sid & Nancy, the sequel.

  23. Sheva

    Sid & Nancy, the sequel.

  24. tsarinaamanda


    Ok, I’m with you. His posts are highly irritating, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was one or two every once in awhile, bt back to back to back….ugh. What an annoying shit. Go back to moby.com or wherever you spawned from, you’re wasting space for those who actually have INTERESTING, INTELLIGENT, COHERENT posts.

    On topic, what the crap is wrong with these two? Kate, you have a kid, do you REALLY want that…thing around her, you might wake up one morning and find him drawing her blood for one of those craptastic “paintings”. The nastiness of this man knows no bounds, can he just OD already?

  25. 86

    God I wish I cared about this.

  26. St.Minutia

    @10 Feed Me and 19 tsarina

    Why do you get to pick who is banned? Do you work for the bush administration? Writing crap poetry (on topic, btw) is now cause for trying to ban some poor defenseless frog? Sheesh i feel kind of like nazi germany.

  27. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    herbiefrog’s poetry may suck, and he may be annoying, and he may have greasy hair and acne and a tendency to stare too long at your boobs, and he may smell a little bit like cheese, AND he may masturbate through a hole in his pocket while staring at you on the bus, but that doesn’t give us the right to censor his “art”. Right on, little frog, right on.

  28. gogoboots

    UGH..nasty character that he is…she should have called the police…

  29. BarbadoSlim

    Has anyone seen that new Nikon commercial that shows Moss as she pleasures herself with a digital camera? Bitch be looking extremely rough and used. This is what passes for sexy nowadays?

  30. spatz

    osh, your posts make me keep coming to this site even though its been taken over by “i love you, i think i’m in love with you, i want to fuck you, lets be BFFs forever” sorority crap worthwhile.

  31. burlapbra

    I think herbiefrog is hysterical.

  32. Aimtrue

    The only story about Pete D. I want to read is- Pete D. died a lonely, painful death. The morgue will hold the body for only 30 more days. If the remains continued to be unclaimed, they will be cremated and flushed down the toilet. Pete D. was in some kind of band, but was most fondly remembered for having his ass kicked by an extremely thin girl.

  33. TrannyGranny

    Osh, herbietard is lamebananas…..you know what to do

  34. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    You’re still not making any sort of sense.

    #21 Oh, I’m sorry, do you want the Wand of Power? And, BTW, your comparing the slaughter of 6 million Jews to me asking to be rid of nonsensical strings of posts is insulting and cliche to say the least.

  35. First off, what kind of man openly admits to getting ass-kicked by a girl (and Kate Moss, no less, not even China or Rosie O’Donnel). And why did Kate kick his ass? Because she was jealous. Snaggletooth Pete sprayed some photog with his “essence”. Only Kate is to be coated in all things Doherty. She’d have really shit if she found out he pissed on a homeless person upon leaving the studio. He’s supposed to save all the nasty for Kate.

  36. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    25 – someone wants to fuck me? Like I don’t here that every .2 seconds. Thanks for the fan mail. If yousend me your pic, SS# and $75 I will send you a free lunchpail and Osh T-shirt which is a poly-cotton blend and features a picture of me on the front squatting over lambananas while 9 months pregnant and pressing gingerly on my stomach. Ever so gingerly.

  37. Moriarty

    If Jennifer Lopez is J-Lo, and Kevin Federline is K-Fed — doesn’t that make Pete Doherty ‘P-Doh’?

  38. St.Minutia

    @28 Chocolate_up_the_ass
    Clearly you were not around for the “i feel like nazi germany” thread a while back. It was funny.

    Also, you go ahead and keep your “wand of power.” Removing it from your butt might cause some kind of cosmic disturbance.

  39. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ladies, ladies. Let’s not fight. This is nothing a little body oil and gentle wrestling with the occasional hair-tugging and nipple-tweaking can’t solve.

  40. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Yes, I was around for that, and I’m sorry, my recollection of it was it being stupid.

    You can lick the wand when I pull it out of my ass, because I know you are quite the shit connoisseur.

    Have a chocolate starfish, they’re delish.

  41. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Osh, I DID offer a peace offering, see? Chocolate starfish.

  42. FreeTime

    Gosh, Kate is the best sponsor to her coke addict anonymous buddies.

  43. Pearly

    She beat him up huh? Only an anorectic, five foot freak could be proud of beating up that bag of yuck. I could kick both their asses asleep.

  44. Jacq

    #21 – I hate when I feel like Nazi Germany. It burns.

    #33 – It was only stupid because MeganHarris said it, if I remember correctly.

    Ok, who’s going to say something about the grammar in #36?
    I AM the grammar police, so I guess I should.
    It’s anorexic, with an X. My boyfriend says he’s anorectic, but he pronounces it wrong on purpose ’cause he’s a large man. Secondly, what must not be a real ass-whipping if it puts them to sleep. If they wanted a kiss, they’d call your mom.

  45. Jacq

    For the record, I’m being funny Feed_Me. Did you get crabs over the weekend? A suntan at least?

  46. St.Minutia

    Feed_me, its PPS (for post post script)

    And isn’t it mamacita who has the shit fetish? get your bitches straight. If your starfish is all chocolate-y you should take a bath.

    Mondays make me grrrrouchy.

  47. Jacq

    I miss our resident scatologist. *sniff* Hey! Wait a… it smells like poop in here!! Someone’s got a dirty diaper!

  48. Jacq

    Nevermind, it’s Pete Doherty’s name that smells.

  49. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    I don’t really give a shit about all the personal difficulties everyone is having in holding hands and getting along.
    Really, I’m far to self-absorbed.
    I do, however love seeing people rip each other new ones on here.
    If I recall correctly, (and I probably don’t) I think it was Kim who said the “Nazi Germany” line.
    Kim was dispatched in, what is in my humble opinion, the true Superficial way. She was insulted, attacked and shamed into changing her name into (take your pick).
    Running to the Superfish police to ban the spawn of a German car (built in Mexico) driven by a Long-Island cokewhore who fucked an amphibian is cheating.
    It’s like telling a teacher what some stupid kid did instead of kicking the ever-loving shit out of him/her.
    By no means is it my intention to draw the ire of anyone, but c’mon folks, let’s not fight dirty.
    I want to see a clean fight.
    That or lots of mud.
    And Jello. Jello is good, too.

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