Kate Moss beats up Pete Doherty again

kmoss-beat-up-doherty.jpgAfter reading about Pete Doherty spraying his blood on two MTV cameramen, Kate Moss apparently called him to her home in London and, after he showed up to her house at 5 AM, started “kicking and punching him in the street.” Doherty says:

“She was angry about the blood spraying thing. She beat the crap out of me. She layed into me punching and kicking. I’m alright, but she hurt my finger. I couldn’t do anything back, because she’s a girl.”

Pete’s kind of all over the place when it comes to his ethics. Defending yourself against girls is wrong, but drawing their blood when they’re passed out in your kitchen is okay. As is stealing cars, doing drugs, and spraying your blood on total strangers. If his brain was a book, I imagine it’d just be page after page of crayon drawings.