Kate Moss beats up Pete Doherty

petekate_beatup.jpgAccording to The Sun, Pete Doherty and Kate Moss got into a fight last Wednesday on a Eurostar train after Pete accused Kate of seeing Jefferson Hack, the father of her child. The paper claims Pete had cuts all over him and his shirt was ripped, and that the fight forced him to cancel a gig he had with Oasis. A passenger that Pete sat down with and began babbling to told The Sun, “Pete showed me red marks on his hands that he said had been caused in the scrap. He was accusing Kate of being a psychopath and complaining that she was back with Jefferson. He looked pretty annoyed.”

I’d be pretty annoyed too if a supermodel who weighs roughly 85 lbs beat the crap out of me. Their diet of water and extra-strength laxatives makes their bones like paper and their muscles like pudding. Sure they’re dirty fighters, but one solid punch should pretty much kill them.

Thanks to Linc for the tip.

[Image: The Sun via Photobucket]