Kate Moss at the Costume Institute Gala

May 2nd, 2006 // 81 Comments

It’s difficult to believe Kate Moss actually used to date Pete Doherty. It’s like trying to picture a beautiful mermaid falling in love with a toothless hermit that lives by the sea. Only the hermit gets arrested ever other day and occasionally draws blood from strangers that pass out in his kitchen.


  1. Akapee


  2. TheHappyRobot


  3. Akapee

    Damn, I finally got first. OK, so Kate is a nice piece of ass….which reminds me…Tom Cruise loves the cock!!

  4. downshine

    shit! when am i ever going to be first…

    kate looks pretty here, a little old though. shes like 40 now isnt she?

  5. radio4play

    First!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jenangelcat



  7. radio4play

    @3 damn right…you suck, only cause you got first otherwise I wouldn’t know

  8. Spacedog

    You can’t see it in this picture, but she’s locked in on some dude chopping rails nearby, frantically trying to get through the crowd…

  9. Doherty should have spent more time counting his lucky stars rather than snorting coke.


  10. sweetcheeks

    So this is news? Didn’t anyone read about Lindsay Lohan breaking a bottle Wild Turkey over Mischa Barton’s head and then taking a dump in her purse?

  11. BigJim

    A beautiful mermaid? What the hell? Oh, yeah, she was in that porno I rented called “The Little Sperm Maid”.

    Or was it “Indy-Anal Jones and the Temple of Poon”?

    Maybe it was “Grinding Nemo.”

    Well, what I really wanted to say is, I just like porn.

  12. Diana

    Apparantly coke keeps you really thin and your skin looking great. I will have to get on that.

    Where the hell did she get those earrings? I love them.


  13. andrewthezeppo

    This post is lame as MI-III

  14. Italian Stallion

    Now thats a girl to shoot up for in life…..I mean shoot for in life……..I mean shoot period……..

  15. sweetcheeks

    I recommend a regiment of cocaine and nicotine for really radiant skin. That, and the saliva of a toothless singing hobo.

  16. andrewthezeppo

    ps Tom Cruise still loves the cock

  17. watcher


  18. Moriarty

    Errrmmm… it is quite common knowledge that she is still seeing him.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    She’s just a big of a dirtbag as her disgusting boyfriend, they belong together. She’s still young, I’ll give her that, but her unavoidable descent into Janice Dickinson territory is progress nicely.

  20. BarbadoSlim


  21. Kate looks so refined, so elegant in this photo. Moments prior, she did a line off a janitor’s cock and scoped out a new boyfriend at the methadone clinic down the block.

  22. Fisher55

    she looks like a not-fat JLo here…

  23. Fisher55

    ladies, take note: this is what cocaine addiction looks like, so put down that chocolate and get to it

  24. Angela

    Kate Moss is so stunning in this picture. It’s no wonder she has outlasted so many of her fellow models despite her short height.

  25. HairPie

    Wow. She cleans up nice, just might be worth a shot of the ole man juice..if you can get the spoon out of her nose. Not that I’m suggesting shoving my dong up her nose or that my dong is small enough to fit up her nose or that I like nose F*cking. I’ll stop now…

  26. I’ve waited a long time to call Kate Moss FAT.

    SHe is. She’s FAT!! I’m thinner! and only a couple inches shorter.

  27. UCSD

    #11, i love the porn titles. Keep them coming. My favorite flicks are “cheek and Thong, up in stroke” and “Harry pooter and the sorceror’s bone”

  28. BigJim

    How about Womb Raider?

    I hear that Land-fag’s favorite is “Men in Black Men.”

  29. newbondsux

    i think i want megan harris…

  30. Fisher55

    “Murphy’s Brown” has to be my fave

  31. sweetcheeks

    NOW I know why everyone hates MeganHarris…

  32. newbondsux

    i don’t hate megan harris. I want one.

  33. HairPie

    “Forest Hump” is a classic and then there is the “Cockateer,” “On Golden Blonde” and, of course, “Black in the Saddle.”

  34. Proteon

    “It’s difficult to believe Kate Moss actually used to date Pete Doherty”.

    Used to? What like a few days ago?

  35. Moriarty

    Pump Friction

  36. newbondsux

    you guys are leaving out that classic:
    Creamer vs. Creamer


    The Talented Mrs. Nipply

  37. The Costume Institute Gala? That makes sense, her costume is that she is dressed to look respectable.

  38. radio4play

    Well now that you’re life is complete go take a dive off a bridge..yeah listen to those voices in your head..land face first too will ya

    and on your way down remember that tcltc

  39. UCSD

    I read a few titles

    “Will he bonk ya in the Chocolate Factory”
    “Schindler’s Fist”
    “How stella got her Tube Packed”
    “Lawrence of a Labia”


  40. BarbadoSlim

    “Lawrence of a labia”…GOLD, Jerry, GOLD!!

  41. #40 and #41, do’nt forget the best porn title of the year….

    Herbie, Fully Loaded.

  42. WTF

    #40 those are some classic titles – must add them to my collection.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    I also have to commend ms. moss on having succesfully washed the Pete Doherty stains off her for this event. Although, I’m guessing she had to use an acid mouthwash to cleanse the “hertybreath”.

  44. ShanDourdan

    Wow, those porn titles made me laugh more than the post itself.

    The only one I’ve heard of is “Saving Ryan’s Privates”. Not nearly as funny though…

  45. cat


    you may want to click on MeganHarris’s name – she is a he. nothing against man love, just thought you may want to know.

  46. Italian Stallion

    “Bar Whores” MeganHarris’ penis was huge in that one, even Yoda couldn’t take it……

  47. Jacq

    #32 – Welcome to the club. We are happy to have you.

    #46 – You have no idea what you are talking about. MeganHarris may/may not be male/female but is most definitely Jessica Simpson. Get with it. You also may be interested to know she eats kittens. What will you type next? Who is megana? Sheesh.

    Bitch cleans up nice.

  48. newbondsux

    Oh the alluring enigma that is MeganHarris! When whilst thou reveal thyself? (and WTF does your name like to some dude?)

  49. newbondsux

    also – i guess i don’t get the megan harris hatred…she’s (please god let her be a she) funny…why all the megan-hatin, Jacq?

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