Kate Moss and Pete Doherty split for good

July 5th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Kate Moss kicked Pete Doherty out of her home yesterday after finding out he had a “fling” with a South African last Thursday. All of Doherty’s stuff was moved out and the two are allegedly broken up for good. The Mirror UK reports:

The couple had a series of violent rows over the weekend during which he smashed a picture. A friend of the Croydon-born model said: “It is so over between Kate and Pete. She has brought in new security guards and Pete can’t get anywhere near. They had some terrible slanging matches over the weekend, some of the worst of their relationship. Kate is absolutely furious. She hates being made a fool of and gets incredibly jealous. She just won’t stand for infidelity.” Doherty, due in rehab on July 16, is said to be devastated at the split and even pledged to go into the drug clinic early in an effort to win Kate back.

Kate Moss has the absolute worst taste in men so you know she’ll take Pete Doherty back. It also helps that she’s stupid. She’s already taken this clown back, what, six times? Twenty seven? The only way she won’t take Doherty back is if somebody even worse comes along, like some random homeless person or a fake man made out of dynamite.


  1. isitin


  2. wiinja

    good for her. now she can get back under the bridge to scare children and devour goats

  3. Francesca

    It seeems he is now living in a trailer… Priceless!

  4. I love that she just won’t stand for infidelity, but constant drug use is totally cool. Good to know there’s that kind of line in the sand where Kate Moss’ standards are concerned.

  5. George clooney

    Who cares about this stupid drug bitch? She is patetic and his boyfriend is a shit with legs..I saw she in paris a nd she is real ugly, here is millions of girls more bautifulls than this cocaine eater, its the tipical american girl, stupid, pervert and cocainomanus, english must be kicked aout of europe so stupid bored beer drunkers, go to america and bomb all the fucking arab counties ja ja fuck off motherfuckers anglo red necks..

  6. Jimmy

    Well my day is shot now. Really who gives a shit? This is more boring than the Britney story

  7. jakebarnes

    I don’t usually think this site is funny but “a fake man made of dynamite” made me laugh.

  8. reggie

    8th bitches

  9. zuzuspetals

    I give a shit! I’m so glad she dumped him. He’s a pig.

  10. miss oblivious

    Oh my god, she looks like the wicked old witch of the west here…eeeheeheeheehee!

  11. gatorgirl

    oh please she’ll take his junkie butt back again – the pictures of him shooting up with random chicks in Asia over the New Year’s when they were supposed to be “getting their union blessed” wasn’t enough to drive her away, she’ll take him back…you know she will

  12. jrzmommy

    She may have lousy taste in men, but she has AMAZING bone structure! Like that nose, for example……

  13. flavio

    coke is really not fun enough for people to ruin their careers and make themselves look like complete idiots over. although, i never really got why anyone thought kate moss was hot, i never like the anorexic thing the way some people did/do. i also don’t really get why anyone cares about pete doherty, his music is boring, he usually has at least 2 open sores, and he looks like elihaj wood stretched really thin by some kind of torture device.

  14. johnsmith

    Hey number 5, nice grasp of the English language. I bet yur real fon too lyke chat chat wid an go krazy sometim

  15. John Smith come back here. You just fucked me and left and now I have a half Indian, half English baby. My dad is going crazy. If you don’t get back to the states, I will sail to England and track you don’t like the dog that you are. I wouldn’t throw stones at other people, after all, your people came to my land and took over like you owned it and was always here. You make me sick.

  16. Ooba Gooba

    The ugliest celebrity couple in existence. She’s butt ugly, and he’s butt ugly AND a junkie. Two extremely classy individuals.

  17. I wonder if she gets her coke at wholesale prices?

  18. jrzmommy

    PS–What the fuck just happened in post #5?

  19. lambman

    13 – true, coke isn’t worth ruining your career…however for these two geniuses it just seems to help. Kate made more money the year of her coke “scandal” than any other single year of her career

  20. You heard what I said. I’m Italian, not American. I can say what I want to. Crack hos,everyone in America who is skinny is a coke ho.

  21. jrzmommy

    Okay, George Clooney, but Kate Moss is British, so………I guess, um, all that’s left to say is fuck off.

  22. Way too tired to read any poztz??
    zo, letz juzt zay a good, fuck you all??
    coz, I know zomeone will trazh me?????

    Zo many people got arrezted at the
    beach lazt nite???????
    thiz iz zuch a police ztate,???
    ?but I ztill love it?????
    I’m not a crackhead like Kate Mozz???

  23. Pearly

    I can’t stand either of these junkies. I kind of feel sorry for her kid..I mean her moms nickname is Cocate!

  24. Dan

    Nelson Mandela?

  25. Astridtheexplorer

    “She hates being made a fool of and gets incredibly jealous.”

    I suggest then you don’t get involved with a known junkie.

    Yeah, I know Kate, you thought you could save/change him.

  26. BaldAsBritney

    This is all fine and good but but can someone please tell me where I can find out up to the minute weather for any town in connecticut?

  27. rosie's mustach

    What a fucking retard this woman is; violent fights with a drug addict unfaithful fucked up pshycho boyfriend oh what a great home she has made for her little girl. I wonder where her CHILD was during these “violent rows”. I am so sick of seeing these pieces of shit and their filthy lives. No child should have to grow up with an ass clown parent like this. Britney, britney’s Mom, The Hilton, Courtney Love, David Hasselhoff, Dina Lohan ( Lindsay’s excuse for a Mom) Janice Dickensen I could go on forever… And I don’t give a fuck if I’ve spelt any of those whores’ names incorrectly; they are not worthy anyway. If we wanted to we could just call them piece of shit #1, piece of shit #2 and so forth and even that would be too kind for these human trainwrecks.

    God I hate the rich and famous they truly are the most worthless people on earth. I hope all celeb children seek emancipation (divorce their parents) as soon as they are 16, by which time they will already be completely traumatized from all the constant shit. God I can’t even imagine what kind of filth we will see in future generations. These kids don’t stand a chance. As many have said if you need a licence to drive a car you should need a liscence to raise a child. But what with the little trend of drinking and driving these days it probably wouldn’t do much good anyway. Stupidity is clearly a worldwide epidemic.

  28. FreeWaterfallJr


    Do you have an addictive personality? Those Z and those symbols are annoying.. But I still love you and I’d like to give you a hug.

  29. rosie's mustach

    Dear BaldAsBritney,

    Even though you were most likely not serious here ya go;

    Conneticut weather:




    General forcast: It’s as cloudy as Britney’s future. A chance of rain or light rain in some areas. The weather is shitty, like John Mayers penis or like the plow happy penis of Pete Doherty’s future cellmate.

  30. kix

    Wow, 27, great rant. I totally agree with you. These people aren’t fit to have kids. I don’t understand why social services lets these poor kids stay in these types of environments.

  31. a

    a fake man made out of dynamite?


  32. BaldAsBritney

    #29 I was being sarcastic (see top of page) but thanks anyway. great handle BTW, wish I had thought of it.

  33. Bored Again

    lot of hate for the english on this site. good to see we’re still pissing you off. i can’t be bothered going back to look who said it but whoever said that pete doherty’s songs were boring, you’re talking out of your septic ass

  34. BaldAsBritney

    “You heard what I said. I’m Italian, not American. I can say what I want to. Crack hos,everyone in America who is skinny is a coke ho.”

    Italian eh? I think I just heard your mother calling, she wants you home NOW. Hey lost any wars lately?

    Hey you know why all Italians in America are named Tony?

    Cause when they got there they stamped TO NY (New York) on thier forheads.

  35. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    #33 c’mon man the Libertines were great but this guy hasn’t written anything worthwhile in years. Albion was fucking horrible, my ears are still bleeding.

  36. kat

    I think she’s gorgeous

  37. Bored Again

    35. song or album? UTB was great, TL was good. DIA definitely has some skips but ‘albion’ remains the seminal anthem of it’s generation. you wait and see. he was always too good for this girl (nice enough as she is) but i believe him when he says he finished it and not the other way round. problem with this world is you’re all too concerned with the superficial. yeah

  38. #28=Of courze I have
    an addictive perzonality?????
    once I find zomething that I
    like..????I do it until it
    makez me zick of it????§

    thx for the thoughtful hug??????

  39. domingoflores

    if you lost your faith in love and music, oh the end won’t be long

  40. George

    She is so ugly. I bet she smells like leftover English Stilton Cheese.

  41. Bobo

    All the years of starving herself, drinking, smoking, doing drugs and partying are taking their tole now, plainly apparent. Oh well, I guess she did her part in entertaining us…NEXT!

  42. woodhorse

    LOL #12. Yes, yes she does. And Fish you are terrific for giving me some Kate & Doherty. I totally take back that accusation that you were playing favorites with Jimbo. Of course she’ll take him back! Who wouldn’t? It’s not everyday you find a guy who will feed a marijuana roach to a penguin just to see you smile. That’s ROMANCE!

  43. cocainomanus.
    Eyes be the water in laughter.
    I LOVE the ESL on this site… the grammar virtually stinks of first-year extended education.
    Victor, Mia, you listen hear what now. Being avlabel alil ok.

    Let’s go to the Telemundo site and whisper -pinche mi pulpos-

  44. Scott

    Cocaine Kate kicks Horse Head Pete to the curb for good this time!

  45. Didn’t she just lose some big endorsement
    job? Maybe that’s the real reason she broke
    it off with old Pete-bloody hell!

  46. Kate likes negros too. Her last boyfriend was a black boy from the ghettos of England. She likes trashy people, like me. It’s just our way of life. It’s who we are. She will always be a slut whore and so will I.

  47. Linnea

    Oh, Peter. :/

  48. 46=what a fuckin
    zkank whore…
    nice life U got
    there bitch…?

  49. Sandwich

    Hahaha… Nelson Mandela

  50. Sandwich

    Also, yeah… Up The Bracket’s a pretty amazing album, and it’s been surprisingly influential. You have to admit that Babyshambles are a hell of a lot better than Dirty Pretty Things, though (probably because Pete got to keep Mick Jones). Anyway, who cares what Pete does, as long as there’s a Libertines reunion tour sometime soon and he doesn’t die before or during it.

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