Kate Moss and Pete Doherty caught trying to have sex


Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were reportedly so horny that they were close to having sex on a bench at celebrity rehab center The Priory this weekend.

My man on the inside at the clinic’s Southgate branch, in North London, said: “It happened between half six and seven o’clock on Sunday evening. There were a group of people attending a self-help group for the day. Because it was pleasant weather, their leader suggested they move things outside. But during their session they noticed a couple getting rather fruity on a nearby bench. They were kissing and groping each other. Hands were going up clothing and there was lots of groaning. They were practically having full-blown sex. Then people realised it was Moss and Doherty – her skinny blue jeans were the giveaway. But a second later the couple noticed they were being watched and pulled away.”

I’ve stopped trying to figure out why Kate Moss is attracted to Pete Doherty. Obviously there are things in this world that man just wasn’t meant to understand. Like the meaning of life. Or math.