Kate Moss and Pete Doherty caught trying to have sex

September 19th, 2006 // 66 Comments

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were reportedly so horny that they were close to having sex on a bench at celebrity rehab center The Priory this weekend.

My man on the inside at the clinic’s Southgate branch, in North London, said: “It happened between half six and seven o’clock on Sunday evening. There were a group of people attending a self-help group for the day. Because it was pleasant weather, their leader suggested they move things outside. But during their session they noticed a couple getting rather fruity on a nearby bench. They were kissing and groping each other. Hands were going up clothing and there was lots of groaning. They were practically having full-blown sex. Then people realised it was Moss and Doherty – her skinny blue jeans were the giveaway. But a second later the couple noticed they were being watched and pulled away.”

I’ve stopped trying to figure out why Kate Moss is attracted to Pete Doherty. Obviously there are things in this world that man just wasn’t meant to understand. Like the meaning of life. Or math.


  1. Abstrusedude

    My God, she’s fat!

  2. …or why people still give a shit about Kate Moss.

  3. dstroyer

    Groping = searching for cocaine

  4. RichPort

    Math? Let’s see…

    …1 coke head model
    + 1 lump of coke in human form
    = uninvited, vomit-inducing, public acts of fornication and blood spewing.

    I know that’s not technically math, but I failed math too.

  5. jane's eyre

    “Fruity”? Is that the stage that precedes “fruit-salad head”?

  6. That’s just what crackheads do. No story here. Move along.


  7. She probably had coke secreted somewhere on her person, probably in her nasty bits. That’s the only way she can get limp prick Pete to touch her anymore, to stash drugs in her gash. Or in nature’s back pocket, as convicts are wont to do.

  8. jrzmommy

    Man, I’m just thinking how fuzzy his teeth must be and how disgusting his breath is and BLARF GOD FUCK EW THAT’S HIDEOUS.

  9. jrzmommy

    The third small picture…..who the hell brings their kids front row to the fashion freakshow? Is that Nicole Richie with a beard with Kate? What the fuck is going on?

  10. Gee, being at the celebrity rehab center seems like the perfect place to get randy.


  11. commissioner

    She doesn’t look so good here. Something’s not right. Oh, right. She’s not wearing her black knee high moccasins.

  12. Stirlang923

    Crackheads love other crackheads
    And when you’re a coke addicted model you will obviously flock towards men who can get you shit for free

    SHe sucks. Its too bad because she’s a mom

  13. Jacq

    He was trying to “prick” her with his dirty needle. Nasty British fockers!!

  14. krisdylee


  15. pinky_nip

    The operative word in this heading is “trying” to have sex.

    I wouldn’t touch his dick with Edna Bambrick’s pussy.

  16. Jacq

    There is something fucking wrong with this woman who, as a mother, has no problem carrying on with a known IV-addict rocker who sneaks drugs into rehab to give to kids. They should be be beheaded, or whatever antiquated thing they do over there. Er, wait, they DON’T punish people over there – that’s why this motherfucker is still free and screwing in rehab.

  17. Jacq

    More pics of Kate looking like shit after the jump!

  18. Why is Kate attracted to Pete? Misery loves company.

  19. Wampoon.com

    Wonder what other celebs are in that rehab center…would make for an interesting orgy.


  20. Doodlebug

    So even short supermodels are complete idiots. Great.

  21. cole007

    wow – so that’s what happens to my husband’s old nasty t-shirts when I throw them in the trash. Sweet!

    wait a minute… that might be my woven belt from 8th grade – 1988 was soooo cool.

  22. biatcho

    God, put some makeup on sister! You look like I how felt after 7 hours of drinking, smoking pot & eating chocolate mushrooms.

  23. Fucking in public. What’s the big deal. My Baby-Doll likes to fuck anywhere and anytime. She’s irreplaceble.

    Jane’s Eyre

    and others………….

    Come visit me sometime.


    Hopeless_Screenwriter a.k.a cock-ninja

  24. Ain’t love grand?

  25. 86

    I SO wish I cared.

  26. clamofdeath

    she just wanted to suck & swallow to get a free high

  27. thesarahficial

    she is the ugliest famous person out there….hands down.

  28. James

    I’d take her if she weren’t a junkie whore.

  29. biatcho

    Hey hopeless… since you left you single-handedly brought down spankcheeks. It hasn’t been updated in a day & noBODY posts comments… guess you could say you cockninja-blocked it, hehe. I’m priceless.

  30. Cruzadas

    She dresses like a terminal deceased homeless dude.

    Which is funny, her being a fashion icon and stuff.

    Not that I give a fuck about this. I just wanted to let you know.

  31. rlt

    can’t pete just OD and get it over with.

    Actually, that would be bad. If he OD’s and dies now you’ll never stop hearing about how he “didn’t reach his full potential” and they’ll lump him in with Hendrix, Cobain, and Joplin as rockstars who went too soon.

    Yea, like someone said above I have wondered if kate is turned on by the stench when his mouth opens.

  32. LilRach

    WOW – two people who love each other and are engaged try to get it on! What a sin – i condem them to hell. Fuck who cares!
    And i think Kate is cute – especially in the last pic!

  33. tits_on_snack

    Look, it’s the meth addict from the local women’s shelter who waits barefoot for the bread truck to pull up. Oh sorry it’s Kate Moss. My mistake.

  34. LL

    I can’t imagine what she sees in him; every time I’ve seen a picture of him, he looks like the guy who hits you up in the subway (sorry, the tube) for money and hasn’t brushed his teet or bathed in about 3 years. She can’t be into him for money or drugs, she has tons of the former (damn, she’s in about half the ads in Vogue, so someone’s still paying her to look good) and can probably get the latter whenever she wants. So maybe it is true love, or as close to it as either of these wrecks of a human being can get. We’ll just have to wait and see if it’s the sorta scuzzy, sorta sweet “Larry Flynt and his wife who died of AIDS” love or the Sid and Nancy “one is gonna stab the other to death in a drug-induced frenzy” kind of love. Whichever it is, that sounds like kind of an entertaining movie.

  35. LL

    “brushed his TEETH” – sorry, typos are inevitable

  36. Italian Stallion

    Dick in your mouth, brush your teeth………

  37. Tracy

    With those big round eyes and dopey look on his face, Pete Dougherty looks like a Campbell’s Soup Kid all grown up… and strung out. How did Kate go from Johnny Depp to that?

  38. What The Sha??

    Wait a sec… Didn’t Kate Moss OD and die like 8 years ago?

    :looks at above picture:



  39. reflight

    That third picture looks like some fucked up Sgt Pepper album cover parody.

  40. In a couple of those precious photos, old Katie has kind of a Elvis lip curl thing going on.


  41. PunjabPete

    I think it is a particularly poignant story myself!! I mean when Doherty made it through Vietnam then started that shrimp boat business with his friend, I knew it was all gonna work out. And to put all that money into Apple on a whim? Priceless!

    Then when Kate met him in the wading pool in Washington and they were re-united it all just made sense again. I mean, he never lost site of his love for her… Life really is like a box of chocolates….

    What a truly wonderful story these two have….

  42. PunjabPete

    That is what happened right?

  43. HELLpenis

    she’s ugly

  44. RichPort

    #23 – Hopeless, funny fucking blog. Had to X out of it because I didn’t want the wife to think I was into obese sharpees, even if I like tits so big and floppy I can hang ‘em off of my shoulders and let ‘em swing by my waist. Good times man, good times.

    Just not so sure about your PR guy. Smells like stale bananas crossed with artic zoo animal funk, and just a hint of rotting fucking troll tusk. You may need to call the Orkin man.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, me, this bag of confectioner’s sugar, and this make up artist have a date with Ms. Moss…

  45. BarbadoSlim

    Ugh, ULTRA-DISGUSTING…that is all I can say.

  46. ariaja

    sh e looks like she is fading away

  47. ariaja

    she kinda looks like she is dieing

  48. stonefoxhippie

    she likes having sex with men that look like the living dead

  49. PrincessMuMu

    What does rotting troll tusk smell like?

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