Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova are naked

February 10th, 2010 // 84 Comments

Because I appreciate fine art that gives me a boner, here’s supermodels Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova posing nude for the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Love. I’d like to see Heidi Montag try pulling off a spread this classy, but that’d require her to not be able to survive passing through the Earth’s atmosphere because she’s 85% space age polymers. Life’s a bitch that way.

Thanks to Andrew Squires who wants more Mona Lisa ass shots. (I’m trying.)

Photos: Love

  1. Kate Moss posed topless for Pirelli calendar in 2009

  2. lozinger

    eeeewww I hate smoking . eeeewwww I hate pubic hair.

    Stick to JPEGS and root beer, faggots – the real world is too awesome for you.

  3. lol


    no don’t get me wrong.. these women are beautiful…

    i was responding to the people complaining about her…

    you don’t shave it all… but be not shaving it “all” … you suggest that you manage “it”… which is appreciated by men (and women if things are switched). seriously… if you like gagging on pubic hair… that’s odd.. and probably a fetish unique to you…

    other than that… you’re completely right in that it’d be a slim chance if i ever got a taste …. seeing as how i’m engaged to the girl of my dreams…

    go sit in your corner and be ugly and alone with your hairy snatch :(



  5. johnnyrubberneck

    @52..both of those things you mentioned refer to a womans health and hygeine.its a reasonable complaint.

  6. Dookie

    Kate Moss has perfect breasts. Perfect.

  7. Darth

    Instead of an ashtray,Pete Doherty left a quite neat looking vag behind.I’m pleasantly surprised and kudos to him!

  8. Boogeyman King Dong

    Why are tight looking belly buttons pretty important? The answer is down below,no shizz!

  9. Galtacticus

    Does coke make the muscles contract?! Only Pete Doherty knows.

  10. Nero

    I’d expect her to pee any moment in the 2nd pic.

  11. chupacabra

    Doesn’t anyone else notice how photoshopped/stretched out Kate is at least?

    Just take a look http://www.topuggstore.com/domain/F96D1F6A/images/upload/Image/kate%20moss.jpg
    Her body is shorter, wider at the hips. They stretched her out WAY tall.

  12. j

    i dont like pubes on most women but these 2 are an exception. I’d like to rip them open with my fat cock

  13. queer


  14. liam

    #23 you are blind. You have it the wrong way around. Kate used to have an amazing face when she was younger but now she looks haggard and old from all the drugs she has taken. Natalia is the better looking of the two.

  15. Faye

    To everyone who is bashing the photos: i would love to see you guys do photos like this.. see what everyone has to say about your bodies!
    Both these women are beautiful. That’s why they get paid to have their pictures taken!

  16. piper

    The guys who demand a shaved/waxed vag crack me up. We ladies should demand that they remove all body hair in return. There’s nothing wrong with these ladies’ pubes. They’re not sporting crazy seventies bushes and they don’t look like children.

    I agree with Faye (#65). I’m not usually a fan of Kate Moss but these photos are really nice.

  17. maJiC

    What the fuck is up with those tits?

  18. r k

    when will the whole world finally embrace the fact that hot naked chicks are one of the highest forms of art? as if the internet traffic doesn’t indicate how much we cultured americans are into art appreciation…

  19. me again

    FAT87 I am laughing at your comments. Women have been giving and receiving oral for a LONG TIME. The clitoris is not covered in hair, you retard. Again, I repeat, adult human beings have pubic hair. I clearly stated that you can shave it or wax it if you prefer. Many people do. But don’t get all high and mighty about it. It’s a fact that this shaved pussy thing is relatively a new phenomena. IF a woman is clean there is NOTHING to fear. Men have hairy balls. See, that’s what happens when you grow up. Glad to see some of the adults on here now that know how anatomy works. Yeah, we all know how to use a razor, no one here condoned a big hairy bush. And I think these women are pretty perfect looking. Hair and all. I assume you were born in 1987? That’s very telling. Grow up. Grow some hair on your balls, too.

  20. not among the prettier models

    Hmm I think many models are very beautiful e.g. Jessica Stam, Bar Rafaeli to name a few.
    But these two are not among those. YES they might be prettier than the average woman, but I’ve seen many non-photoshopped photos of these two in which they do not look impressive. Esp in the face.

  21. mackmamma


    just a hair’s difference between them an porn. Really, they are just better looking and better paid. I’m all for the beauty of the female body, and they are beautiful, but why do we gotta see their snatches? I mean really…..one snap and the worlds your gynecologist.

  22. elevana

    Ok, now this is not meant to be an attack, and there are very few adult comments on here it seems. Both these women are beautiful and i hope i look this great at their age. BUT just because they are models doesnt mean they are more attractive than even the average person. They just fit a stereotype better. Not saying they arent attractive (they arent my taste) but i see women in the street that i think are better looking than most models. Models just need to have a certain ‘look’. Plus i cant say i have ever loved models bodies. Besides Bar rafaeli, Doutzen and Candice Swanepoel with more meat on her, and some of the 90′s supermodels- Claudia (not face, but great bod) and Naomi…I prefer bods more like Dita, Halle Berry, Britney in her old days, Christina Aguilera with abit of weight, Jess alba in her old days.
    Anyway, they are not yucky. and neither is hair down there. Grow up and grow some hair down there yourselves! I personally prefer it all waxed BUT i think its ridiculous that this is now EXPECTED of women! wth?! stop watching internet porn and actually talk to REAL girls not retouched bimbos and you may actually get laid! I know! hard to imagine!
    Girls i think its time maybe we put some expectations on these lads! I say, we dont want a bar of them unless they have 6 packs (i mean the buff type, not the scrawny little no fat so all my muscle and bones stick out type), big thick cocks, perfect faces and no hair on their backs, belly, balls or crack. With maybe a little on the chest depending on preference.

  23. I love how shooting photos in black and white changes them from porn to “art”. Seriously, these photos wouldn’t look out of place in some porn rag, but it’s in a “fashion” magazine so it’s alright.

  24. best pics ever

  25. haha… it would have looked better without the stars..haha

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  29. Ilan Ben Menachem

    I think this not love ..its only for sex

  30. fuck something always to Cover the sensitive parts of the pics

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