Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova are naked

February 10th, 2010 // 84 Comments

Because I appreciate fine art that gives me a boner, here’s supermodels Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova posing nude for the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Love. I’d like to see Heidi Montag try pulling off a spread this classy, but that’d require her to not be able to survive passing through the Earth’s atmosphere because she’s 85% space age polymers. Life’s a bitch that way.

Thanks to Andrew Squires who wants more Mona Lisa ass shots. (I’m trying.)

Photos: Love

  1. Christopher

    outie… yuck.

  2. Max Planck

    Smokers suck.

  3. Ralphie


  4. Murph

    Thank you, Love magazine, for reminding us that real love is about never having to use your imagination.

  5. kat

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  6. phineas

    The one with the cigarette is really gross.

  7. Hamburgler

    Pretty fucking nice.

  8. Ainoah

    Pic 8 is a FUCKING UGLY belly button

  9. rien

    Holy crap, I would never have thought Kate Moss would look that good now. Are you sure those pics are current?

  10. hymen hammer

    her snatch looks like a pecan

  11. Wow, such classy pictures (if you’re into zombie looking women who smoke). Too bad she has a fug face. At least she gained some much needed weight, and lost the gut she had last time we saw her naked.

  12. yumblebunny

    You guys are the biggest set of losers on the internet. You belong in the troll hall of fame. If your tiny boners had one wish other than not being covered with a fat roll and cheet-o dust all day, it would be to fuck a woman that looks like this. I’m sad for you because trolls never get laid, because trolls are the people in real life who breathe super hard out of their mouth and have strong opinions about which videogame system is better.

  13. woolybooger

    @10 – you got that right. A pecan that’s been sitting in an ashtray.

  14. #12, you mean MOUTH BREATHERS? Lol, you said “people in real life who breathe super hard out of their mouth”. That’s like saying, “those women in real life who work for pimps and go out and have sexual intercourse or do sexual favors for gratuity.” UHHH…ya mean, PROSTITUTES? Ha, idiot.

  15. J82

    #12 I dont think either one of them is very attractive and I get laid on a regular basis.They both have ugly looking boobs… sausage nips

  16. SamB

    Give me the naked Heidi Klum pictures any day over these… yuck

  17. Teri

    My two favorite models! Thanks for the post

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Wow I cannot believe they did it (Not Kate Moss, skanky trashy cockney who is snapped topless often anyways), but Natalia Vodyanova who is married to a lord now with young kids -supposed to be LADY. There is nothing classy about it and monochromic pictures are only good for women of old school beauty.But what would you expect from models? Even top ones…

  19. Fati87

    Pubic hair is gross. And all I have to say to Vodyanova is – ?? ?? ? ?????!

  20. Yumblebunny

    @14 Yes, mouth breathers… You sure got me. Troll.

  21. me

    Her body is beautiful but her face tells a different story – rode hard and put away wet. She should not party so much and salvage what she has left.

  22. me again

    Adult women HAVE pubic hair. Yeah, you can shave it off, wax it off, whatever you wanna do. But don’t get all upset that you can see pubic hair, here. This is what an adult human being has. PUBIC HAIR. If you don’t like to see it, then stick to porn, or little kids, whichever you freaks prefer.

  23. dontneedone

    kate moss’s face looks better now than before. age has helped her face settle in. sorry but she was fug when she was younger. her body looks great, shes pretty now. but the natalia girl, is she the one with the bent over pose? her pics are not classy they are skanky. i mean thats fine if you like skanky, but lets call it what it is. like kates pictures tho

  24. spicy

    i mean what kind of a fucking magazine is this??

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  28. shut up you stupid cow

    nice, vagina. i like vagina.

    LOL @ all the catty cows throwing their little jabs at the hot, naked girls. you ugly fucking trolls wish you looked as good as these two. YOU WISH SOMEONE WOULD EVEN WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR LOOSE MEATFLAPS. go stuff your fat, rosy cheeks with some fried chicken and shut the fuck up before i get my cattle prod.

  29. kate

    i think they are both beautiful!

  30. rickardo

    I hate hairy snatch….hate it.

  31. Ughh

    there vaginas look strange.

  32. SATAN

    holy shit, i’m not a cannibal, and i never really found moss to be that hot, but i would absolutely eat her alive in these pictures.

    are we sure it’s really her? and as someone said, if it is, these gotta be ancient.

  33. Laura

    *gasp* A fully grown woman with pubic hair! Gods forbid. What kind of idiots are you? You prefer 12 year old girls?

  34. PubicHair

    I love when pubic hair tickles my shaft as i fuck real women.

  35. Vito

    You fucking morons who think pubic hair is really yuckie are so fucking deluded by media outlets. Of course women have pubic hair. What the fuck did you expect, petunias?

    Christ, what a bunch of idiots. And one more thing: there is no way that either of these beauties can be considered ugly. Once you’ve grown past puberty you’ll realize that someone (or something) who may not be your cup of tea is not necessarily ugly, yuckie, or gross.

    For example, I have no desire to own a Lamborghini Murcielago. Just wouldn’t want one. Not my cup of tea. But there is no denying that it is an incredible automobile.

  36. ahh

    belly buttons are scary sometimes :(… little belly anuses…

  37. The ONLY Heterosexual Male in this Joint

    Crikey! It’s GREAT to see pubic hair making a triumphant return to popular culture! Absolutely sick of waxed to the nines blondes who have been photoshopped to a degree that they look like something out of a wax museum.

    Outstanding! Thank you Superficial for bringing back au natural and making pubic hair safe again for public consumption. Id rather see this than whatever the hell is on top of Kate Gosselin’s head!

  38. Albin Bainbridge

    I love how shooting photos in black and white changes them from porn to “art”. Seriously, these photos wouldn’t look out of place in some porn rag, but it’s in a “fashion” magazine so it’s alright.

    Kate Moss needs to retire.

  39. Fati87


    Yeah.. Stick to porn or kids.. Or you can just stick to women who shave or wax their pubic hair because it’s ugly and disgusting.

    Don’t get your mom panties in a bunch, you hairy vags, we are aware that adult women have pubic hair. They also have hair on their legs and in their armpits. They shave those. They should do the same with their pubes. It has nothing to do with media, it’s just cleaner, smoother and more hygienic. But if you want to have ugly smelly holes, that’s fine, too.

  40. minx

    When did Kate Moss get tits? Did she just hit puberty?
    And the other chick has the creepiest looking belly button. She needs to cover that up.

  41. Wow man, that’s really hotter than photos. Kate looks really HOT!

  42. gen

    Natalia Vodianova is pretty much the most beautiful woman alive in my opinion. Their nipples are really small though…

  43. lol

    honestly… to all of you who are like “i love hairy vaginas!”…

    you are either women who don’t get any oral, or men who don’t give any oral…

    going down on a chick who has hairs sticking your teeth and nose is bullshit…

    a shaved or waxed v is awesome to go down on…

  44. v

    These are technically perfect pictures and they are sexual but they are not pornographic. Its always the people that wish they could look like/ sleep with some one like that and are to lowly to understand any form of art who usually criticise these sort of pictures.

  45. bridget

    i like how the only things you idiots can find wrong with these women are pubic hair and natalia’s belly button. basically that translates to… they’re both fucking gorgeous! get over yourselves, it would be the best day of your life if any one of you slobs ever got to fuck one of them.

  46. bridget

    oh and @44,
    i am a woman, a very attractive woman at that, i don’t shave it all, and i’ve received plenty of oral. i don’t know who you are or what you look like, but i’d be willing to bet you’d be lucky to get a taste.

  47. Melio

    Neither Kate Moss nor Natalia appeal to healthy, heterosexual males.

    They’re both exclusively high fashion models who appeal exclusively to gay men and fashionista women. Vogue overpromotes Natalia, in their SAD effort to sell her to the public.

    Only gay men and fashionista women find them attractive.
    Moss has wonky eyes and Natalia looks like an alien child with wide set eyes and the body and intelligence of a 12-yr-old.

    They both have kids, too. Gross.

  48. Gorilla Bob

    Agreed with @2, smokers SUCK.

  49. Ninny

    Two stick insects with giant hooves. Nice.

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