Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan – holy crap

*lindsay_lohan_thumb5.jpgIn the early front runner for “Story of the Year”, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss wandered into a New York strip club and started acting like a pair of drunken lesbians. The two, along with a couple of female friends, went to Scores strip club at about 2:45 a.m. yesterday morning and headed straight for the legendary Champagne Room, where the giggly group ordered round after round of vodka shots, raspberry Kamikazes and beer. Their table was immediately swarmed by strippers and Lohan and Moss enjoyed numerous lap dances. But then Moss jumped on the stage nearest the main bar and began grinding against a pole, much to the delight of hundreds of male patrons.

“Kate was going wild,” a witness told us. “After a few songs, Lindsay jumped on stage with her. They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other’s waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, just acting like strippers. The crowd was cheering them on the whole time. They didn’t take off any clothes, but it was very hot.”

You know, this is the kind of stuff they should make movies of. Hell, it could start with two-hours of Star Jones and Rosie O’Donnell in a rousing game of “hide the banana”, and I’d still be there opening night. But all I can really say is – thank God for drugs. I don’t care if they’re slowly turning Lindsay into a ring-wraith; if it keeps her playing tongue-monkey with supermodels, they should be sprinkling angel-dust on her cereal.