Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan – holy crap

January 12th, 2006 // 63 Comments

*lindsay_lohan_thumb5.jpgIn the early front runner for “Story of the Year”, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss wandered into a New York strip club and started acting like a pair of drunken lesbians. The two, along with a couple of female friends, went to Scores strip club at about 2:45 a.m. yesterday morning and headed straight for the legendary Champagne Room, where the giggly group ordered round after round of vodka shots, raspberry Kamikazes and beer. Their table was immediately swarmed by strippers and Lohan and Moss enjoyed numerous lap dances. But then Moss jumped on the stage nearest the main bar and began grinding against a pole, much to the delight of hundreds of male patrons.

“Kate was going wild,” a witness told us. “After a few songs, Lindsay jumped on stage with her. They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other’s waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, just acting like strippers. The crowd was cheering them on the whole time. They didn’t take off any clothes, but it was very hot.”

You know, this is the kind of stuff they should make movies of. Hell, it could start with two-hours of Star Jones and Rosie O’Donnell in a rousing game of “hide the banana”, and I’d still be there opening night. But all I can really say is – thank God for drugs. I don’t care if they’re slowly turning Lindsay into a ring-wraith; if it keeps her playing tongue-monkey with supermodels, they should be sprinkling angel-dust on her cereal.



  1. spamnews

    Too bad they were in one of those over-priced lame-ass NYC strip clubs instead of here in Montreal where we would have seen some real hot girl on girl action. Anyways I’ll be walking around sprouting wood all day. Thanks for that, I have to go out in public and everything. Bastards.

  2. Raider

    Lies. All lies.

  3. SuperSpence

    Not lies! You think crap like this happens in Russia? No way. This — THIS — is why America is the greatest country in the world. A coke-hag supermodel and a coke-hag “actress” locked in a lesbian embrace in a strip club. If you don’t like that, you must hate America and freedom.

    So drop dead, Osama!

  4. Zapp Brannigan

    This sounds too good to be true.

  5. Raider

    SuperSpence, I’m an European not an American, so shove it! This story is too far out to be believable.

  6. ghostwriter

    Skank 10, Humanity 0.

  7. Fred Facker

    Sounds like Kate Moss is attempting to rally America’s support in hopes of not being extradited!

    It’s working for me.

  8. SuperSpence

    Posted by Raider on January 12, 2006 11:12 AM

    SuperSpence, I’m an European not an American, so shove it! This story is too far out to be believable.

    REPLY: No, thanks, Raider. The only thing I shove is old ladies out of my way. And just to prove how helpful us Yanks can be: You are A European, not AN European. That’s grammar and you’ll need it later in life.

    And if you think this story is too far out to be true, you just don’t know America well enough. All kinds of crazy stuff happens here. We invade countries for no reason at all, so if you think Lindsey Lohan and Kate Moss couldn’t be getting all L-word on each other in a strip club, you just don’t know enough about the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  9. ~S.Starr~

    At least now we know Lindsays coke supplier is…

  10. bafongu

    Do these coke skanks have a news letter or web site that details where they’re going? Who would figure Lohan and Moss to even know each other, let alone show up at the same STRIP CLUB on the same night? Maybe they just got together at a Brains Anonymous meeting or something…

  11. sugarplumbaby

    Kate is never going to get her “Mummy of the Year” badge at this rate.

  12. ZoomBoy

    Is this story even remotely true? I have an easier time believing Federline has a successful rap career ahead of him..

  13. mariootsa

    one thing strippers & lohan have in common: daddy issues.

    can’t say for kate, other than she can’t deal with the fact that she is getting a little old for this crap, and is clinging to her youth for dear life.

  14. Tha-Flash

    America and Freedom… I love the irony there.

    Damn, Lohan looks so fine there!

  15. tuesdayup

    Itsn’t it illegal for 19 year old’s to drink? I guess anything goes for celebrities, be it booze or coke.


  16. andrewthezeppo

    And you people wonder why we Lohan fans love the girl? Cause she’s just this awesome.

  17. Mugato

    How is this so hard to believe? It’s well documented that they’re both coke whores and that Kate Moss is a lesbian or at least bi. How much of a logical leap does it take to believe they found each other in a strip club?

  18. SuperSpence

    After being repeatedly violated by a heroin-addicted no-talent like Pete Doherty, it’s only natural that Kate would go off men for a bit and get back to experimenting with the fairer sex. God bless her. Next time, Kate, make sure I’m around to videotape it.

  19. Jewbacca


  20. HollyJ

    “Skank 10, Humanity 0.” LOL!!

    This “show” was probably about as unplanned as Tom Cruise’s couch-jumping parade on Oprah.

    Lohan is such a publicity whore that she changes stories every two days just to have her name on retractions, and Moss is desperate to erase the “dirty coke whore” imagine and replace it with her old “super wet hot sexy supermodel” one (hard to do for a model in her 30s).

    I bet Kubrick wrote the original plot before he died: “Two Publicity Whores in Bangkok”

  21. Uh…yeah, Montreal, that Mecca of feminine seduction – in between periods at a Canadiens game.

  22. Jona$$

    Who needs this to be true anyway?

    It’s stuff like that last paragraph that make me laugh. And it’s the little chuckles in life that get you through the day. And if I have to get my kicks by reading partial truths about celebrities than, …Hmn -maybe I should take stock of my wants and needs and re-evaluate the direction my life is taking. Jesus.

    But for now – I am a big fan.
    Ever since your post about Annie Lennox and the Yoda pyjammas I’ve been spreading the word.

    I can’t get enough of The Superficial

  23. Captain Awesome

    Please notify me when the video goes on sale or hits the internet.

  24. horrendous

    Yeah, if its true, Scores should be cited for distributing alcohol to minors or something… either way, I’d only wanna see pics/video if the new Lindsay got her old body back…

  25. spamnews

    Rocknrope on January 12, 2006 01:39 PM
    “Uh…yeah, Montreal, that Mecca of feminine seduction – in between periods at a Canadiens game.”

    Dude, you ever been here? Do you KNOW how the female population came to be here?

    Quicky history lesson: Buncha men come over for beaver pelts for the King of France. Winter comes.

    They write back to the king, say ‘it’s cold here, there’s nothing to eat, and there are no women. Get us the fuck ut of here’.

    So the King of France rounds up every good-looking woman in paris and the countryside who was not a noblewoman, and sent them over. Problem solved, and the genetic offspring of Les Filles du Roi still rule here today. L.A. does it with promises of fame and fortune, our confluence of babes is natural.

    Anyway, god bless the King.

  26. nikki

    Lindsay did admit she was more into Angelina than Brad. i think we’ve got us another bi starlet. so what’s new. she should link up with Angie’s ex, Jenny. that should let her know once and for all which side of the fence girlfriend wants to swing on.

  27. amypie

    as of right now lindsey lohan looks like a 12 year old boy with a wig and mommy’s makeup on, Kate moss more like a 15 year old boy that just went through a growth spurt. Yay for chicks with no boobs and bony weird bodies humping each other. whoever finds that sexy really needs to get laid.

  28. blackblackheart

    The two biggest headline causing coke-heads going at it lesbian style… This soooo could be made up.. I don’t really believe it so much >_>;; Lindsay just finished denying that she was a cokehead, why the hell would she want to be caught in a strip club with the girl who made headlines as a cokehead all year? She wouldn’t *rolls eyes*
    It’s believable definitely, but not right now.

  29. sammygirl

    Great way to keep a low profile Lindsay! Just adds more credibility to the Vanity Fair article she was so “appalled” by.

  30. Jona$$

    springtime in Montreal – it is special!

  31. Sheva

    Story is legit. Know someone who had a connection to the PR guy at that stripclub. They were mum on it but damn if I just wasn’t lucky enough to have a biz night out and be there to see it for myself.

    I’m starting to like Little Lindsay and her cokehead ways.
    She’s entertaining. Her movies though, I have no opinion and no interest.

  32. Well you all pretty much said everything possible.

    Have any of you actually checked out Scores website. Not bad.


    Take the Virtual Tour and click Champagne. For those that are sick in the head thinking of how good they looked, this should give you some better well being. I personally think the restuarant looks the best.

  33. MP$40

    DAMN COKE WHORES! Only one missing out of that bunch to set it off was Courtney Love. Ha!

  34. hafaball

    The only problem is the people kept forgetting which was the pole, and which was moss. I wouldn’t want to see that…but lohan joining in…that’s different…hopefully ifilm will show the truth ;P

  35. Binky

    Just goes to show ‘ a stoned rolling Lo Scores Moss’

  36. Thanks for the history lesson Spamnews, I was just having a go at you for fun’s sake being the typical ignorant american that I am. Well done.

  37. HollyJ

    The only problem is the people kept forgetting which was the pole, and which was moss HA! (I totally just got a visual of people twirling around moss with their legs in the air)

    Oh… I love you people…. lol

  38. aura

    I can’t believe all the skeptics here! Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss have been photographed together recently and have been hanging out lately, it’s not the 1st time their “friendship” has been in the tabloids… this story is totally believable.

  39. blackblackheart

    Umm.. spamnews?
    I don’t know if you’ve realized, but I certainly have.. and I find women from Quebec and France the least attractive women on the planet. Same with the men. >_>;

  40. tuesdayup

    Looks like Lindsay has AIDS now too…

  41. How is it that every turd in America has a video camera when a cop beats someone, yet her’s a video that could make a mint and nothing. No one there had a video phone? Scores is so trendy and overpriced everyone there had a Razr, because “that’s hot”. Maybe everyone just was busy with unzipping their pants to wave at them.

  42. Binky

    Spamnnews – You’re right – the girls from Quebec are incredible. Tanx for the history lesson. I’ve had a couple of them working for me over the years. Which King is it I’m supposed to thank ?
    Any Str8 guys (and the other ladies) should try walking down St Cath’s or Rue St Denis…

  43. popculturecrazy

    Why is it that when one of the Bush twins was caught underage drinking, the whole world was outraged but we have countless reports of Lindsay Lohan drinking at 19 — she doesn’t even get carded — and no one cares.

  44. vida

    LOL…o gosh, girl! u r so bad! i swear! we would so totally get along! except for the coke…u can keep the drugs, u’ll need it to keep up ;) i don’t know why it’s so hard to believe. i’ve been known to make such entrances in local strip clubs here in Montreal…and i’m not even a celebrity. Strippers can be so fun! Shout out to all my BFs!! See u soon!

  45. aims_25

    Where was Leo when all this was happening? Dude would have had a wild night out with two coked out whores.

    Brokeback Mountain 2 but in reality.

  46. convictchick

    i think Kate and LiLo missed the lesbian chic thing by about 5 years. YAWN.

  47. Kitchy

    wow. She was the cutest little thing in parent trap. My son own’s that movie. He also owns Herbie and we own a couple others. I am throwing them away. Lindsay, you are very very sad. Kate, won’t even waste the energy. You both reminded me of a song, I think it goes…

    “Little Crack Whores and we don’t care, Little Crack Whores and we don’t care, Little Crack Whores and we DON’T, C A R E…
    Let’s smoke more crack today!”

    Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss smell like Tampons and cigarettes.

  48. Kitchy


    I am straight, but cute lesbians are HOT! These two remind me of The Crypt Keeper making out with Margo Kidder.

    Please slap me REALLY hard before I a straight hot chick who is no longer interested in watching lesbians.

  49. Proteon

    This is almost as hot as a random free 1.5 meg porn clip minus the hotness, the imagery, the sound or any remote hint of sexiness.

    Lindsay Lohan was porkable for about five minutes, before she went scarecrow-of-various-hair-color. Kate Moss on the other hand sure was a hot scarecrow IN THE EIGHTIES.

    Hopefully tomorrow we can all masturbate to Nicole Richie poledancing with Brooke Sheilds.

  50. HughJorganthethird

    U know once in Tijuana I saw a woman have sex with a donkey. I imgaine the experience was somewhat similar to this.

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