Jon Gosselin & Kate Major: Still together..?

Kate Major has told her employer Star magazine that she is, in fact, dating Jon Gosselin:

Kate Major confirmed tonight that she and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad are an item, five days after they were first photographed together.
“I didn’t mean it to happen, it just did,” Kate, 26, says. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.”
The surprise news means that Jon, 32, and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman, daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon, are over.

Considering the fact this came from Star and Jon was just photographed Monday with Hailey, who’s also been giving interviews about their relationship, I’d be extremely skeptical. Except People reports Jon and Kate (Jesus. Again?) were out last night with Michael Lohan. I don’t even know:

Pressed for details about the relationship between Gosselin and Major – who claims she is dating the estranged father of eight – Lohan said, “They’re friends and they had to get away. Kate actually went to Pennsylvania to do an interview with Jon. I guess they became friends. And then he had to get out, and she had to get out. So they ran together.”
Still, according to Jill Zarin, “He didn’t seem smitten. They weren’t all over each other. But they’re definitely dating. It came up in conversation. She had her hands on him. But she’s young. This is a girl who is going to want to have babies. Does he really want to go out with another young girl and have kids?”

Whoa. Babies?! If I were Jon Gosselin and someone even mentioned the word “baby” in passing, I’d dive out a plate glass window and run so fast across the country Forrest Gump would look like a retarded fictional character. — Wait.

Photos: Splash News