Kate Major milks her 15 minutes while Jon Gosselin silenced by TLC

Jon Gosselin’s alleged other woman Kate Major stopped by E! News last night where she still claims she was romantically involved with the reality star father of eight and that he was going to ditch his coke mule girlfriend Hailey Glassman for her:

“He told me he was going to Massachusetts to break up with her,” says Major. “I know the truth. He knows the truth. Unfortunately, she did not.”
Still, Gosselin and Glassman are claiming they never broke up–Major says this is a lie. “He tried to two-time both of us,” says Major. “He wasn’t honest with Hailey. He needs to man up and tell the truth. I’m not going to be the other woman.”
And Major kept venting, insisting she has proof that she and Gosselin were “romantically involved.”
“I was not the only one who was around when we were romantically involved,” says Major. “We were holed up together. It’s not like we were just sitting there doing an interview.”
Major says Jon was even the one who asked her to quit her job.
“I was with the person I was reporting on…It was a huge conflict of interest,” says Major. “He’s the one who actually told me to quit my job.”

Right. Because Jon Gosselin is deeply concerned with journalistic ethics at Star magazine. There are only three things Jon cares about: Mediocre trim, his kids and satchels full of money from TLC. Which is why he played ball yesterday when they yanked his interview with E! presumably so it wouldn’t overshadow Kate Gosselin’s appearance on Today. RadarOnline reports:

A high-level TLC executive intervened and killed Jon’s interview, a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. Jon is under contract with TLC for Jon & Kate Plus 8 and apparently needs the network’s approval for certain deals.
The network approved Kate’s interview with the Today Show on Monday, an interview that featured tears and anger.
Jon gave an interview to In Touch magazine last week and at least one source says that may have been beyond the scope of his contract — and repercussions may ensue.

TLC’s intense micro-management of the Gosselin’s media appearances means they’re trying to hide something. And I think it know what it is: The divorce is fake THE KIDS ARE ROBOTS! Seriously, look at Kate Gosselin and tell me she’s not the most likely candidate for SkyNet to launch out of her uterus. You can’t.

Photo: E! Entertainment