Kate Hudson’s Implants: A Further Investigation

April 19th, 2010 // 45 Comments

Last week the word going around was that Kate Hudson got implants. Small, non-obtrusive implants, but implants nonetheless. So here she is at Coachella yesterday and I honestly have no fucking clue. It’s like staring at two near-identical pieces of wood and trying to decide which one makes you incapable of looking a woman in the eye.


  1. Que

    Que fine by me.

  2. Neorules2112

    i would slap those mosquito bites around for a while

  3. justifiable

    These look just the same as they always have, far as I can tell. So she was either pregnant, wearing a really great bra or she’s managed to find bugs that are trained to bite only her boobs.

  4. Crabby Old Guy

    Looks like your average 12-year old girl. In other words: No change.

  5. mnsuperbee

    It’s totally obvious she just put on some weight. You can see her little belly. Breast implants on Kate Hudson would look so weird. She’d look like one of this fat people with a tiny head. Only one of those large breasted people with a tiny head. Weeeeeeeird.

  6. Parker

    The best thing she has going for her is her ass so who cares about her tits? If she’s holding her knees while you’re stuffing your wiener up her butt you wouldn’t really be able to see them anyway.

  7. Help Me

    AS long as the pooper is tight, shaved, and bleached, who cares! ‘sides, tiny titties jiggle lots more than big ‘uns.

  8. small asian penis

    they are called teardrop implants

  9. Her gunt looks bigger than her breasts.

  10. Mal Gusto

    She heard the Superficial guy call her a “titless bag of box office poison” and decided to change the one thing she can. It is not like she can become a better actress.

  11. Great, if you’re into girls who look like little boys with extremely plain jane faces.

  12. parker has a tiny penis

    It’s obvious.

  13. whatthe

    Yeah, she must have gotten implants. There’s no way she went from being almost completely flat to a 34B that fast.

  14. jen

    My guess is that A-Rod moving on knocked her self-esteem down a few notches, and this is how she dealt with it.


    And yes, implants.

    Not porn star implants, not Montag implants, but “my fucking self esteem is in the toilet because my face is flatter than a pancake and my chest is even flatter” implants.

  16. Jon

    lol to discuss this girl getting implants has to be one of the most passive aggressive ways of attacking and insulting someone, I’ve ever seen on the net.

    I saw no tits on this girl years ago and I see no tits on her now. No way are those B cups. I love B cups, they ain’t B cups. They are the same old A cups as they have always been. Maybe her bodyfat % is a little higher, but that’s it.

  17. eatme

    itty bitty titties ;)

  18. Who dat, Snooki in the background?

  19. gobo

    I don’t think she got implants, I think she probably had the temporary macrolane injection augmentation done instead. They don’t require recuperation time and you get a much more subtle result.

  20. Pomgfun

    If those are implants she should get a refund!

  21. chelsea

    i think she’s adorable :) maybe it’s just because i’m a chick but i think smaller breasts are WAY more attractive than bigger ones. i’m a C and would never want to go any bigger. big boobs get all saggy and stretch-marked and nasty unless they’re fake which is equally as unappealing.

  22. Pit Viper

    If you look at the last few photos of her recently she looks pregnant, which would account for a subtle change in her bustline. She’s always had a super flat tummy but she doesn’t anymore, there is slight bulge there.

  23. Maud

    She looks pregnant!

  24. puhleez

    Almost Famous

  25. lilycat

    yup, those are implants. & they will be twice that size before summer ends. girls figure if they go gradual, nobody will notice.

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  27. George Clooney...really!

    DAMN YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!! She did not get implants, this is clearly the media making up shit so that you morons can feast on wasting your life even more on this bullshit madeup stories……her tits are still small as ever and i would still love to tap it!

  28. capitanne

    Looks 4 months pregnant to me.

  29. LovePeaceBeauty

    Make a REAL wish!


    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


  30. turd da third

    wtf is she wearing? its quite the unfashion statement

  31. sarah

    She’s pregnant…

  32. She look so beautiful in this photos .I am big fan Kate Hudson she look so pretty I am glad to watch these photos.

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  34. missfortune

    Kate is awesome. If she DID get implants, she got gypped (racist term I know). Who cares if she gained a few pounds? She was too skinny anyway. Love you Kate!

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  37. Caity

    I think they’re fake, but they still look amazing. No one can even tell if theyre her’s or not, so thats how you know she got the perfect size. She has gained quite a bit of weight though, maybe that’s the culprit or the larger bust?

  38. a

    Why do they have to be implants? Hello, pregnancy boobs!! They often show up before other signs do…

  39. lolo

    is she a lesbian now? who is that chick?

  40. I had to take a second to write and thank you for introducing me the information.

  41. She was too skinny anyway. Love you Kate!

  42. Allan

    I think Kate’s off the hook, it looks like Julia is the new talk of the implant town:

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