Kate Hudson went to Miami for Owen Wilson

March 7th, 2008 // 288 Comments

Kate Hudson’s recent trip to Miami is reportedly all about spending time with Owen Wilson. Owen’s in town filming Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston. Kate just happened to have some free time to jet down to Florida to rekindle their romance and become the subject of intense pregnancy rumors until she shut everyone up by wearing a bikini. If only more women would solve their problems with such bravery and bikini-ness. (Katie Price lingerie models excluded.) NY Daily News has the details:

Although they successfully avoided the paparazzi, a pal tells us they enjoyed alone time at night at Wilson’s Star Island bachelor pad. “They rekindled things over Oscar weekend at Madonna’s big bash, and their schedules happened to sync perfectly for a Miami trip,” the friend tells us.

I know a lot of you are probably bitching, “So what?” Everyone knows her and Owen are getting back together and I shouldn’t even make a post about them. May I direct your attention to the butt? I rest my case. This court finds The Superficial Writer not-guilty on charges of “non-news” and deems him more manly than a lumberjack driving a tank. Case dismissed! Holy crap, my words just owned you. Now, seriously, look at that toosh and try not to send Owen Wilson a free bag of heroin. It’s impossible. Now, which is faster: FedEx or UPS?

Photos: Splash News

  1. UltraSly

    196: 9/11 inside job? I think if it were an inside job, most incriminating data would have been erased already, making it impossible to determine the truth, and also making speculation useless, unless someone tells, then and only then…we strike!… Also, do you think someone is going to find out something and not get a bullet in the noggin?, I mean, it’s not Watergate, or Lewinski, this would be hardcore civil war, not to mention, Russia, China and of course, the MIGHTY VENEZUELA, If 911 were an inside job, the U.S. would collapse, and those guys would probably join , and the massive exodus from south of the border? Looting everything en their sight? It would collapse the rest of America, center and south ,which have some money thanks to the U.S, what scientist would like to prove that, and cause more death?.

  2. Inside job ?
    # 203 ?

  3. UltraSly

    Zionist Jews? Well, what’s wrong with Zionist Christians?
    I googled it, and got mostly 9/11 mantra, anecdotical, give some verifiable sources, and also, state your opinion about obesity, naked fat people and Kate H.’s butt.

  4. I got some people who had a moving company – who completely bailed September 13 2001.
    People who had to go to court to get their furniture. ETC.
    Inside job ?

  5. Well. Ok.
    ‘This’ as they say in the industry – ‘may not have worked.’
    Etc. ….

  6. F this.

    As they say in the industry.

    Maybe tomorrow.


  7. Public at LARGE : So of course Binky.
    For all those who died on the USS Liberty – justice was served.
    Binky : Well. Not exactly….
    They were just murdered – like 9/11.

  8. Bill Maher : New Rules – I’m a Zionist Jew.
    ( “And ‘Urban Moving Systems’ – I’m not going there”)
    Public at LARGE : Ummmm… We figured that one out Bill.
    But, in case anyone should ask, – 9/11 was an inside job.

  9. WHO

    exciting photo. i also saw her photo put on the site called WealthyDater.com, really! is she want to find a rich man?

  10. UltraSly

    Sorry, that file was not found and Blogger does not exist, when you click on the links to the sources, what’s up with that?, only the last link worked, mostly regurgitated news concentrate, and the links to the news site also didn’t work, do you have any publicly accessible documents?, Studies? a Meta?

  11. BBWlover

    She is hot&sexy! But in my eyes, big women are more attractive, like the sexy big beauties I met in hot big beautiful people meet club ” Plus Meet dot com ”

    A lot of big men and BBW admirers there also share the fat acceptance concept with me: “size is only a number!”, “big is beautiful!”

  12. #214- 216.
    Inside job ?

  13. Links to the source material, maybe emailing the writers will give more info.

  14. Well # 218 – keep linking there and I may have to think you ‘GET’ it.
    So watch it. You’re soon gonna hav’ta pull your weight at this shit hole.
    (No offense Fish guy)

  15. Re: #193 “When’s the revolution ‘a happin’ down there ?
    Like. Don’t you guy’s get cable ?”
    Binky : Sorry . But, I reread that one and…I …
    Cliff Notes : Never look back , Bink.
    Never look back.

  16. Binky: Did we do this one ?
    Public at LARGE : New Jersey scum trying to get their furniture back ?
    It may add to the plot.
    But I’m sure the 9/11 Commission has already covered all their concerns.
    Binky : Thank God…

  17. Stop the Madness

    Please new post, please!

  18. Protocols of Zion

    Binky are you familiar with this? And for the rest of the sleeping masses…wake up!
    Read the book


    This one book should explain it all to you about American hegemony in Eurasian and all the supposed hydrocarbon wealth in the Caspian basin which unfortunately is not there. Brzezinsky (anyone remember this powerful man?) speaks of the need of a “perceived threat” in order to get us over there tgo sieze control. Well as it turns out the miraculous threat is “global terrorism” – the war that will last our lifetime!
    Order this book it is only like 200 pages and then get back to us paranoids.
    God Bless America

  19. Grunion

    Binky take your medication for fuck sakes.

  20. FFF

    I would give her the rim job of her life. I can only imagine how sweet and tight that bud is.

  21. Pilatunes

    That ass is in serious need of toning. Her ass shouldn’t look like that for at least another 15-20 years. Also, no boobs, nothing special about the face, and she doesn’t even have a particularly toned stomach either. If my ass was that loose at that age, I’d have covered it up.

  22. truth

    Conspiracy theories are for the weak-minded.

  23. agreeone

    Good to see this. It seems she is seeking true love online now. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “WealthyRomance.com” last week.

  24. Truth...?

    Damn that was thought provoking and explains how everything function. Thanks for clearing that up for us all. Now about the banking industry…

  25. Janet

    She has a nice behind; but I hope her son does not see mommy like that. I am no prude but there is a place and time for everything. It’s just not good for children; especially boys. Pamela Andersons boys are going to have serious issues because their mom always walked around looking like a prostitute.

  26. Lisa

    #22-you must be just freakin’ JEALOUS because YOU probably DON’T HAVE a great ass!! Ahem…there ARE ass-men out there you idiot!! Why the F**king hell does it always have to be about the tits???? There’s MORE to a hot woman that just big tits, boys and girls!!! Tits are so freakin’ overrated….


  27. Lisa

    LMAOFF-#31, you freakin’ ROCK!!! YOu ARe the MAN!!!

    Thanks for sticking it to #22, she’s a dolt!!! What a freakin’ clueless moron!!!

  28. Lisa

    Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m late to the party and LOUD!!! Hopefully typing in all caps will make it seem like I have something to say (I don’t).

  29. Lisa

    #43-you ALSO rock!!! Hell, I’m a woman and I’m turned on by that ass!!!! LOL!!!

    It flat out SUCKS that it usually always HAS to be about huge tits for a damn woman to be considered “do-able” or “sexy” or “hot”-big, huge tits are so damed OVERRATED!!!!

    Enough already!!! And, for the record, Owen Wilson himself claimed to be into female asses….

  30. ugh

    Dee =
    dog the bounty hunter’s wife

  31. pink pepper

    I think Kevin James has a handsome face

  32. whackjob

    So I’m thinking, “WTF, 236 comments on her ass? I mean it’s nice and all but 236?”

    Then I see most of it is some a grade-A, bonafide fucktard named Lys. Here’s a flash dickshit: Piss off.

  33. Ben

    Lys, seriously- could you be more pretentious?

  34. Heather

    What is with these several paragaph long posts? For fuck’s sake, she has a sweet ass…what else is there to say?
    I hate these idiots who think a man who likes a sweet ass must be gay. Got new for ya bitches, a lot of straight men like anal sex. Men are nasty and they like nasty things. Being an uptight little prude isn’t going to change that.

  35. Heather

    In other words, I’m fine with a guy working out his latent urges on my asshole. I’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto a man.

  36. gia

    something seriously must be wrong with me because i am not terribly impressed by her ass. it looks like a nice plump butt on a skinny girl. it doesnt look any cuter than the average thin girl butt to me. basically in my eyes her ass is an ass. its okay & all, but i am soooo not blown away by it.

  37. Heather

    It is so clever that you used the same name as me. That makes a lot of sense. Guess the prude comment got to ya, huh?
    I don’t like to take it up the ass, hon, but I wouldn’t think a man is gay if he wanted to fuck a girl that way. That’s all I said. If you want to intepret that using inane psycho babble, be my guest.
    I hope you enjoy your lights-off, nighty pulled up, missionary-every-single-time procreation!!
    So in other words, any woman who actually, gasp!…LIKES SEX…must just be desperate to hold onto a man.

  38. Brownstar Astronomer

    I know this may sound a wee tad disgusting, but I always try to imagine a girl on the throne when I look at her ass. I can’ t help it!!! An old fetish of mine. And I really like ‘em with alabaster skin cuz the turd leaves a nice brown stripe down the cheek as it enters my mouth. And yes I like that too.
    Just sayin’.

  39. Heather

    So I’m a big girl, so what? Makes no difference. I do anal because I want to, not because I have to.

    So, I have to do anal, as a big girl. So what?

    I hate myself.

  40. Jonathan


    There are pics of her wearing the same bikini but her bottoms cover more of her behind. I guess she wanted the paps to take a pic of her exposed bottom. I am sure her little boy and all the other little children enjoyed seeing her behind; I enjoyed it as well.

  41. Cynthia

    I never was a fan of fat, plump bubble butts, myself. And she had no tits. And without lots of makeup and good lighting and photoshop she’s as ordinary looking as any white trash teenager you might see at the mall. And what’s with that “bikini”? It doesn’t look like a bikini at all, just some strips of fabric to cover her nipples, coochie and ass crack. And this “bikini” doesn’t fit her at all; it looks at least several sizes too small. Her nonexistent titties are barely covered. And the bottom strip of fabric has riden way up into her ass cracl; it doesn’t look like it’s MEANT to be stuffed that far up there. The way she looks can be summed up in one word: tacky.

  42. NY Ted

    She should move some of her bum cheek flesh to her almost non-existent fried-egg titties! Mind you…nice ass for Wilson to stick the spike into as they were probably both all smacked up the whole weekend!

    Once a fucking junkie…always a fucking junkie!

  43. The Original Heather

    Imposter Heather, your stupidity is unbelievable. Do you seriously think my name is really Heather? Do you think it somehow upsets me that you are posting things under the fake random name I chose? Yes, you idiot, I think people will somehow connect this to the real me and everyone will know I’m a fatass who love anal. Can you please not be so dumb?
    Continue to post stupid things under the name Heather, or under the name I am using now…I will sob about it tonight as I hate myself while being pounded up my giant, fat ass by a closet homosexual.
    I am guessing the Down’s Syndrome is why your sex life sucks so bad- hey, you can always fuck other retards!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  44. The Desperate Heather

    It’s getting close to 5pm. Time to head down to the bars and buy drinks for guys. With a little luck, and a fireman’s carry, I might not be alone tonight. Hopefully he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and fuck me in the ass (while calling me “Henry”) before he goes to throw up in the bathroom.

  45. Tommy



    There are other pictures of her with the same bikini and her butt cheeks are not eating her bottoms too. I think she did this for the cameras.

  46. “Conspiracy theories are for the weak-minded” …crap!.. you’re right.
    Is anyone antivaccinationist here?

  47. 223. Protocols of Zion:
    Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book
    I got the paperback edition at the bay, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days.

    Thank you Oprah’s book club!

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