Kate Hudson went to Miami for Owen Wilson

March 7th, 2008 // 288 Comments

Kate Hudson’s recent trip to Miami is reportedly all about spending time with Owen Wilson. Owen’s in town filming Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston. Kate just happened to have some free time to jet down to Florida to rekindle their romance and become the subject of intense pregnancy rumors until she shut everyone up by wearing a bikini. If only more women would solve their problems with such bravery and bikini-ness. (Katie Price lingerie models excluded.) NY Daily News has the details:

Although they successfully avoided the paparazzi, a pal tells us they enjoyed alone time at night at Wilson’s Star Island bachelor pad. “They rekindled things over Oscar weekend at Madonna’s big bash, and their schedules happened to sync perfectly for a Miami trip,” the friend tells us.

I know a lot of you are probably bitching, “So what?” Everyone knows her and Owen are getting back together and I shouldn’t even make a post about them. May I direct your attention to the butt? I rest my case. This court finds The Superficial Writer not-guilty on charges of “non-news” and deems him more manly than a lumberjack driving a tank. Case dismissed! Holy crap, my words just owned you. Now, seriously, look at that toosh and try not to send Owen Wilson a free bag of heroin. It’s impossible. Now, which is faster: FedEx or UPS?

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  1. Mr. Bojangles

    That’s about as awkward as this watercooler conversation:


  2. Lys


    Well yes i’m well aware that this site is called the superficial. And being superficial is really all about making fun of mishapen bodyshapes. But that is not what you guys are doing. You guys are doing what is called ”intellectual masturbation” (and i suppose a lot of real masturbation). Like you, everybody here use this site to project an image of themself which is not quite true. Everybody here tries to feel better about themself by trying to make others jealous with some suspicuous descriptions of themself or their girlfriend and by insulting others. That is not ”superficial”. It is, what psychologists called ”low self-confidence and low self-esteem”.
    You can observe this phenomena among women. Subjects usually try to look more appealing (even on the internet) and usually hide their own complexes by lying about their weigh or their breast’s sizes. They also, in a totally shitty attempt to attract the other category below, will act like lesbians and make comments about the ass of other women, ludicrously objectifying their own gender.
    It is a little more complicated with the male subjects since those focuse all their complexes on their penises (while everybody doesn’t give a fuck) and project all their self-confidence on the look of their (future/utopic) girlfriends. They usually will be lying about the girls they really are attracted to just to look cool and be part of the gang, and they may act like misogynist jerks in front of their sweathearts in an attempt to impress other males, which is pretty gay when you think about it.

    So, if you really are superficial, stop playing with your psyche. Nobody gives a shit about your nasty fantasies. This girl has a nice butt. That’s it. You don’t have to say things like ” all girls who don’t have a butt like that should be ashamed” or whatever it is that you morons say.

  3. Lys

    nope, not from there at all!

    Thats not what i’ve said. I only imply that american is a pain in the ass of the rest of us.

    You’re totally right. And if I was French, I would have vote for Ségo. And for the Élysée thing, nice try…

  4. Kate Hudson = Bangin’ Ass

  5. Lys

    Anyway, I leave you guys with the mystery of my birthplace. That should occupied your lazy brains for a while, unless you’d rather be playing with a bone?

  6. Ted Mosby

    I’ve tapped that ass before.

    You can play The lion sleeps tonight on that.

  7. Lys


    Sorry for the delay, you seem so insignificant that I forgot about you. Well, I came here because internet isn’t only for americans. Even the celebrities you’re talking about are from many nationalities. And since I’m also leaving in a (real) free country, I don’t give a shit about what you think.

  8. Lys


    Sorry, sorry, sorry oh!… masters of languages.

  9. The butt has to make up for the lack of boobs; definitely a good butt.. And at least she isn’t ashamed of being no-chested…

  10. max


    go fuck yourself!!!

  11. tracy

    she is hot.I chatted with her last week. I contacted her first on a celeb site called ‘SearchingMillionaire dot com’! I also got several of her pix.she is more attractive on webcam.

  12. lol

    you wish!!!

  13. sla

    102 — Like you, everybody here use this site to project an image of themself which is not quite true.

    I’m not trying to project an image that isn’t true. I use this site for entertainment, to vent my frustration over not having a life that is as interesting as celebrities, and to occasionally dis famous people who couldn’t give a rat’s ass what I think.

    Oh, and to remind myself that there are a whole lot of people who are far more pathetic than I am.

    To get back on topic: her ass is adorable.

  14. stephanie

    71… that’s awesome.

  15. little lady


    something tells me it’s just not the same.

  16. LL

    K, her ass is rockin’. Nice ass. But that swimsuit is fugly. Sorry, I’ve just never thought a wedgie was a good look for anyone. I’m not a guy, so I’m not imagining that I’m that strip of fabric wedged up in that ass.

    But you cannot deny the cuteness of the ass. I just feel it would look better in a different swimsuit. Like a nice white one, a regular one, not one that’s stuffed all up in her ass crack.

    She is a very adorable, classic-type American blonde and I’m kinda glad to see she hasn’t bought herself some big melon tits that would make her look like every other bitch in Hollywood. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a slender chick.

  17. blucas

    Super hot bum.
    And I’m a straight chick.

  18. jimmy

    I’d tap that ass any time, but for god’s sake her chest is flat as the screen of my monitor. does she have nipples?

  19. The Laughing God

    Oedipus, never actually had a “thing” for his mother. The story begins with his father, who is for lack of a better term, a fucktard. Anyway, he goes to a seer to have his fortune told, the seer says that his son will kill him and take his empire. He decided to have his son, who happens to be a baby at the time, killed. He orders someone to do it, they just maim the baby and leave him for dead. The baby is found by a maid who happens to be a queen, in another city, and is raised as her own. One day he stumbles across his biological father on the road. His father, being the fucktard that he is, mouths off to the much younger man, Oedipus kills him for it; they do not recognize who each other are, they are basically strangers as far as they know. Later, Oedipus, confronts a phoenix that ask him a riddle, “what crawls in the morning, walks on two legs at noon and three legs at sunset?” Oedipus says, “a baby, a man, and an old man [with a cane, which was more true for him due to his early injury].” Solving the riddle the phoenix grants him a kingship of a city, which happens to be the kingdom he is rightful heir too, king-less, thanks to Oedipus killing the former king, but not queen-less, since his biological mother is still alive. He unknowingly takes his mother as his wife. But at no point does he have a “thing” to get with mommy, Freud obviously read the cliffnotes of that story.


    Ah yes, the ass. Hmm, I have found the vaginal epithelium to be… weak, soft, and easily bruised. I have not found one that can withstand the task(s) I have set before it, in entirety, without rest. I am not a cruel sex master. So while it, recovers, I believe I am entitled to turn my attentions elsewhere. With some women there could be a debate on what to pleasure next. With this woman, I know exactly where I focus my efforts; the ass.

  20. jstunnah

    isnt that the same bikini she was wearing when she was splashing around w/ ryder the other day?

    sure she has a great ass, but if i was out & about w/ my 4 year old son, id keep it covered up…for his sake anyway.

  21. ya_rly

    It’s simple math, really:

    goldie hawn’s body + kurt russell’s face < attractive

    I should be teaching this algebra to your kids

  22. julia

    kate’s body looks amazing. not too thin and not too much.
    She has NO cellulite on her butt or thighs, which is amazing for a woman her shape. She looks fabulous!

  23. ApacheRose

    OK, but Kurt Russell isn’t her bio-dad…

  24. simon

    What on earth is wrong with you people? There is nothing remarkable about her physique or her ass. She has no muscle tone whatsoever (hence she is not “in shape” she is merely thin yet like most women still flabby) and her ass is short and low. Admittedly at least it sticks out a bit unlike most white women whose asses are merely an extension of their backs but still…….this is not a nice ass. It’s remarkable how low are standards are but to be expected i suppose in such an obese nation.

  25. jstunnah

    ha yeah. kurt russell is not her real dad. so much for that algebra huh?

  26. jstunnah

    other than being a little pasty she looks fine to me. shes obviously not a supermodel, but she looks better than 75% of the population.

  27. LL

    RE 126. simon – March 8, 2008 1:08 AM

    Dude, go back to caressing your own man boobs on national TV… and is there any way you can get Paula to just shut the fuck up? Give her a buzzer or something. Or a gong. Just tape the stick thing to her hand so all she has to do is flail in its general direction when she wants to give one of those losers the thumbs down. And I’d also like you to forbid Randy Jackson to use the word “dawg” on air. See, you have a lot of shit to do, you don’t have time to chastise us over our ass preferences.

  28. : )

    looks like two pizza dough balls.

  29. : )

    looks like two pizza dough balls.

  30. her ass is sublime, a piece of art.

  31. Anal Fistula

    no tits, but what an ass!

  32. sindiva


    You’re foreign? Right. You have an English spelling corrector on your computer? That’s nice. And your grammar is quite good! A lot of French speaking peopleI know, dont speak English on a regular basis and do not have English spelling/dictionaries on their computers.

    Here’s the thing about you bringing up politics in a forum specifically for obnoxious and stupid remarks- it makes you even more of an idiot. Coming in here to ‘argue’ or rant is hilarious and means you have very weak skills. What, you cant have a real debate in a forum MADE FOR IT? You have to do it in here to actually be the ‘smart one’???? LOL, ooooo that’s hard.

    You’re probably American, disgruntled and know a little French. Your arguments have been trumpeted before and are trite. You have done nothing but spit out well chewed rhetoric that I’ve heard so much, it has no meaning.

    I’m Icelandic/American, I dont hate Americans, I can think for myself. Go play somewhere else.

  33. LOL @ Dee.

    She fancies herself as more evolved and intellectual than others. Yet, she is having online arguments with strangers. Odd.

  34. Dale

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “SeekingRich.com”
    last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  35. vertmont

    Shes got a cute ass!

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  37. Anexio

    Why is she even bothering to wear a top? Seems like a waste of cloth.

    Also, that face looks like pile of cornbread stuffing throwup.

    Just sayin’

  38. She is cute and sexy. I saw her profile on famous dating site “uniformedcupid.com”
    just right! She is online now!.She is claim that she wanna date someone who really understand committment!

  39. my comment

    why is she walking around in that ridiculous bathing suit with her ass hanging out?


  40. Karen

    lol@how many words the latents need to use to try to argue their ass fetish doesn’t make them gay. And…doesn’t work.

  41. Hey 135

    Why don’t you suck the sperm and believe me there is alot out of my hairy unshaved cunt.I am smarter and more educated then any of you losers here.

  42. Dee

    Hey 135, you are big cunted whore and it pissed me off and makes me fart that you make fun of me. I got a nice ass AND I am smart. That makes me a smart ass bitch.

  43. martin loser king

    she’s got a kneegrow’s ass. prolly from eating too much fried chicken and watermelons

  44. Realist

    A nice ass on a woman looks nothing like a guy’s ass. Anymore than Jennifer Aniston’s arm looks like Vin Diesel’s. Dee is retarded.

  45. JACK


  46. Superfish has NO TASTE in women!

    Oh my god, Superfish, I knew you had absolutely NO TASTE and standards lower than the level of the ground when it comes to women, but this is too much. Saying this disgusting chick, and that her DISGUSTING FLAT ASS is nice, is one of the most pathetic and saddest things I’ve ever heard coming out of a man’s mouth. If a female baboon spreaded her legs and showed you her monkey pussy, you’d get an erection and say she’s fucking hot. Tasteless loser.

  47. Buttman

    That’s one of the worst asses I’ve seen in my life.
    And her body is ugly, just like her face.

  48. Despite her age, she has a beautiful body. Nine of ten teenage girls certainly envy her :-)

  49. Lys


    So I don’t speak french?

    Probablement. Non je ne parle pas français. Tu as bien raison. Je suis simplement très douée pour faire accroire aux caves comme toi que je parle une autre langue car, soyons francs, ça impressionne beaucoup les pauvres retardés comme toi. C’est peut-être vraiment impensable pour toi que quelqu’un d’une autre nationalité puisse apprendre (à peu près…) l’anglais et être capable (à l’aide d’un dictionnaire français-anglais à côté de mon ordi) d’écrire un texte de cent mots en 5 minutes. Pour ton information, non je n’irai jamais débattre sur un forum politique. Je ne suis pas une experte, c’est vrai, mais je n’ai surtout pas besoin d’aller éclairer les esprits des visiteurs de ce genre de forum. C’est gens sont déjà éclairés, vu leurs activités informatiques. Je préfère venir ici, lire des textes souvent ben drôles sur des célébrités stupides (tout comme tu le fais). Mais quand je vois des êtres aussi exécrables et déficients que toi, memérer sur tes propres qualités physiques et proférer des généralisations sur le corps féminin, je ne peux m’empêcher de m’exprimer. Et le fait est que votre pays, de par sa culture, est en train de détruire la notion même de diversité (étrange pour une pays d’immigrants…) en créant des standards de beauté tout aussi farfelus les uns que les autres. Et franchement, ça me fait profondément chier de voir à quel point vous êtes bornés, racistes, sexistes et fiers de l’être.

    Try to to translate that. By the way, I’m kind of glad that you think that I could be american. That means my english isn’t that bad… :)

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