Kate Hudson went to Miami for Owen Wilson

March 7th, 2008 // 288 Comments

Kate Hudson’s recent trip to Miami is reportedly all about spending time with Owen Wilson. Owen’s in town filming Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston. Kate just happened to have some free time to jet down to Florida to rekindle their romance and become the subject of intense pregnancy rumors until she shut everyone up by wearing a bikini. If only more women would solve their problems with such bravery and bikini-ness. (Katie Price lingerie models excluded.) NY Daily News has the details:

Although they successfully avoided the paparazzi, a pal tells us they enjoyed alone time at night at Wilson’s Star Island bachelor pad. “They rekindled things over Oscar weekend at Madonna’s big bash, and their schedules happened to sync perfectly for a Miami trip,” the friend tells us.

I know a lot of you are probably bitching, “So what?” Everyone knows her and Owen are getting back together and I shouldn’t even make a post about them. May I direct your attention to the butt? I rest my case. This court finds The Superficial Writer not-guilty on charges of “non-news” and deems him more manly than a lumberjack driving a tank. Case dismissed! Holy crap, my words just owned you. Now, seriously, look at that toosh and try not to send Owen Wilson a free bag of heroin. It’s impossible. Now, which is faster: FedEx or UPS?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Studly


  2. Hecubus

    Goddamn that’s one PERFECT ass and I’m not an assman. I’m an asshole but that’s another story.

  3. steve

    She’s super hot!!!

    Then she turns around.

  4. I’m a chick and even I can appreciate the cute butt..

  5. Wendy

    They both love it when he shoves his penis-nose up her ass. Doesn’t seem like a sick relationship to me.

  6. feg

    never be an iota near as hot as her mom was back in the day.

  7. Dee

    Oh god, here we go again. Time to hear from all the latents about how great her butt is. Give in to the urges, ladyboys. We all know how you can get “double the pleasure” for your ass fixations.

  8. Skeps

    I would pound that ass like a bounce house

  9. nipolian

    Wow……..her and JLH have the same ass……..at least that’s what JLH thinks.

  10. CoM

    @8: It’s not easy having a pea-shaped body, is it honey?

  11. CoM

    @8: It’s not easy having a pear-shaped body, is it honey?

  12. Nice Ass,….. I think thats the reason why Owen want to kill him self because of Kate super cute ass.

  13. Dee

    #11 – yeah, of course, I must be fat and ugly.

    Ok, I take it back. There’s nothing at all gay about an ass fixation.

  14. amma

    #8 you are hysterical. Uh, yeah, her butt is decent–not fat, no cellulite. But that is the tackiest effing bathing suit…She so does NOT have the body for that suit. {she’s too old, too flat & too pale}. Mutton dresses as lamb=trying tooo hard…Total buttah-face…
    Love you Owen! I can be found on hotterthanyourgfbuttnotamillionaire.com. XOXO

  15. julie

    Okay, I guess we’re all gonna comment on IT. How could you not? It is indeed lovely. So bubble-ish-ous.

  16. IKE

    #14 ARE you fat and ugly?

  17. bonner

    neah, the only ass that can debone me is kims bombon.

  18. Sex Sandwich

    I’d let her sit on my face and fart.

  19. Sex Sandwich

    I’d let her sit on my face and fart.

  20. nipolian

    #14 – Do you have to have an ass fixation to admire an amazing ass such as Kate’s?? And the best part of her body is no fucking tramp stamp!!!! Like I’m sure you have on your fat ass.

  21. Dee

    Yes, yes, I’m fat. And ugly. I must be.

    I said I take it back. Guys who focus on a girl’s ass are no closer to being gay than guys who prefer to focus on the parts of a girl that are DIFFERENT from a guy’s body. No, seriously.

    • Anon

      This is almost 3 years later; I just came back to admire Kate Hudson’s ass. I assure you, the body part people are idolizing in this comment thread will not be found on any man’s body. Show me a man with an ass like that, and then I may believe that all the guys on here are gay.

      I’m already acting a little gay myself; I’m a girl. But that’s irrelevant.

  22. pointandlaugh

    SWEET ASS. mercy.

  23. Texas Tranny

    I love the bikini.

  24. max

    she looks pregnant to me.

  25. oprah's vagina

    that relationship is strictly about doggystyle. her mugshot and profile ruin it all .

  26. Dick Dicks

    #14′s right.

    I just wanna shove my entire fist up Kate’s dumper.

    Seriously, I’d eat Kate’s ass-salad. I eat her ass-salad while she hums the theme song to Miami Vice. We’d agree — I’d be Crocket, she’d be Tubbs.

    Frist knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

  27. gosyco

    Hol-ee Mol-ee
    I had to click on the “Katie Price lingerie models” link.
    You got me…

    *clicks back to favorite Internet radio station*
    “Fat bottom girls you make the rockin’ world go round”

  28. Son-of D. Richards

    I’d eat*

    Fag. . .

  29. mo

    she is pregnant!!!

  30. #22, Huh??
    So, you’re saying that if a guy really REALLY likes big FEMALE asses, he’s gay?

    Damn, I didn’t THINK that I like dudes, but……..#22 can’t be wrong.

    Alright, I’ve got this MAJOR fixation with the whole vulva / vagina thing, too. Does this ALSO mean I like guys?

    If I like big titties, does this mean I WANT a pair myself?

    Show us a link about the ass fixation thing, #22. Seriously.

  31. turd fergusson

    I always noticed she had a pretty good ass. Does it make up for the rest? Not sure.
    I bet she hears the words “Could you please turn around” pretty darn often.

    #30. No, just bloated. Me thinks she’s a laxative abuser.

  32. Forces of Nature

    Flat chested girls have the best asses.

    And she is how much older than Britney or Lindsay?

  33. norton

    That really is a perfect bum, and #21 right on – no target.

    Hey Dee, seriously, how is the admiration of a great ass somehow “gay”? I’m trying to figure that out. If I’m admiring a great set of tits am I somehow a regressive with an oedipus complex?

    Or are you just simply a lonely, sick, unloved cunt?

  34. BunnyButt

    Hey, I’m a straight woman and I’m enjoying that ass, too. Very nice. On the other hand, the side shots do nothing to dispel the pregnancy rumors.

    And to those of you who are upset about her ass being focused on and her body being objectified, look at what she’s wearing. Clearly, she doesn’t mind, so why should you?

  35. Vas Deferens

    Her ass is the only part of her that is nice looking.

    She should paint a face on her ass and learn to walk backwards. People would think she is more attractive. And talented.

  36. Grunion

    Owen why are we always doing it doggy style?

    shut up and put your face back in the pillow already…

  37. MTV will burn

    i would have my mail forwarded to that ass and claim it as my new home.

  38. MIKE

    I can appreciate that ASS so much, that I would love to cream all over that sweet ass. I just don’t know if I can cream and make that ass any whiter. I would do so much to ass, caress it, lotion it, massage it, bathe it, just take so much care of it.

    But honestly that nice shaped nearly perfect ass needs a TAN. Fuck the white shit, needs to be brown.

  39. lol


  40. Lys

    It is so funny how comments here are predictable. Like all the ” nice ass” and their affiliates. I also enjoy the ”pear shape” comments. When a girl doesn’t agree with these comments she’s automatically called a pear shape… Man, I’ve never noticed how pear shape was so shameful. In fact, I thought obesity was shameful (or is it?) I thought pear shape was pretty common. When did being called ”pear shape” become an insult?
    I suppose it is the same with the ”gay” comments. When a guy doesn’t likes the skank everybody loves, or when he likes a more ”chubby” girl he is automatically called ”gay”. So, the point here is that, if you don’t agree with everybody, then you are a ”pear shape” or a ”gay”. Sure, being ”cool” is so much more important than being honest with yourself. My god, now I understand why americans elected such idiots. You fucking moron just don’t want to be called ”pear shape” or ”gay” if you don’t go with the flow.

  41. DD

    oedipus complex

    “A son’s best friend is his Mother”

  42. Bill Clinton

    #33. That is extremely true. The prettiest chick I ever dated had very small perkies, the face of a fucking angel and an ass even nicer than this one, even perkier and the shape was even more flawless but, very simmilar looking. She had a nicer tummy and the nicest legs on earth. She was petite too (5’5′), I find tall chicks often don’t have nice asses they get too stretched out and start sagging.

    Man that ass is begging for a spanking. And she deserves one for dressing like such a HUAR infront of her son. Poor kid. This is where all that Freudien mother shit comes from.

  43. an observation

    it’s pretty common for gay guys to date women before they finally admit to being gay. i wonder if they try anal in their straight relationships. i mean, an ass is an ass. i don’t think it should matter the sex because everyone has one. i think a gay guy could be straight if he only had to fuck a girl in the ass.

  44. ipanema_schuyler

    meh, yeah .. cute ass (and of course a whole lotta better than the giant load of kim’s). but my ass is better. AND i happen to have breasts. . B Cups albeit, but surely that’s double or thrice the size of kate’s mosquito bites excuses of tits. HA!

  45. Mike

    #45……….how about you put a link up to show us and prove to us.

  46. Juaqin Ingles

    Nothing like a nice ass (post-kid to boot) to bring out the 70%.

  47. D. Richards

    #45 — Ipanema, you gotta let me see that thing! – Dick

  48. lisa

    Great ass!

  49. ipanema_schuyler

    #46: I’m petite, I do not weigh a ton, so I’m not your kinda girl, I guess, mikey …

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