Kate Hudson wears her bikini

October 20th, 2006 // 159 Comments

  1. commissioner


    I *heart* you.

  2. kitty_kat

    Pssst! Hey, krisdylee. Your ignorance is showing.
    (1) You need a dictionary for Christmas to look up the word “proportionate”, and
    (2) “…where nature intended…”? Are you serious? I think you need a biology lesson to go along with that dictionary. Breast sagging is linked with heredity and is competely natural. So it doesn’t matter if you have double D’s, or negative breasts like yourself.
    But again, keep telling yourself that small breasts are the best kind and big breasts are unattractive if it makes you feel better about yourself…

  3. HollyJ

    Before you get all crazy giving her kudos for staying “natural” please take a moment to take into account that she had her nose fixed before launching her acting career.


  4. mutterhals

    I’m a total whore who will tell you her life story just for validation! I had huuuuge boobs once, but my 30 cracker spawn sucked the fun right out of my fun bags. Now I ride my bedpost while surfing the ‘net! My purple sweat pants smell like canned ham and I can’t remember where I put Burl Jr. Damn these Vicodin…

  5. assfacecocknocker

    she is hot. i would go to town on her. she dont got much boobs but she got a nice kaboose. i would defeninently take time out of my busy schedule of typing junk on crappy websites to tap dat shit!

  6. Truthseeker013

    I’m sorry, but I’d have to ask her to put on an old-fashioned swimsuit. You know, the kind that starts coverage at the ankles and goes up to the hairline? *Too damn skinny*. One good romp with her, and her lover would hear something going “snap, crackle and pop”. And then he’d realize that he had Raisin Bran for breakfast…

  7. She’s kind of pear-shaped.
    Like a white J-Lo.

  8. ‡daηielle¹‡


  9. kilroy

    wow compare her to the much younger hilary duff in a bikini lol. Duff needs to go for a run

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