Kate Hudson wants people to think she’s fat


Kate Hudson has won a lawsuit against The National Enquirer for a story they published with the headline “Goldie Tells Kate: Eat Something!” with a picture of Kate looking frail and gaunt. The Enquirer has agreed to print an apology as well as pay an undisclosed sum.

Her lawyer, Simon Smith, told Britain’s High Court the story and pictures implied Hudson had “recklessly and foolishly endangered her health by deliberately starving herself.” One photograph “purported to show Ms Hudson as very frail and gaunt in appearance,” he said, although the magazine had on other occasions printed photos taken weeks before and after, describing her as looking “stunning” and “great.” “The allegations are entirely false and were deeply offensive and embarrassing to Ms Hudson,” he added. “Ms Hawn has explained to me that she has never had any concerns about her daughter’s appearance whatsoever and that she has always appeared to be very healthy and happy.”

I don’t understand how Kate could have possibly won this lawsuit. All they did was print pictures of her looking thin. It’s not like the pictures were hand drawn or something. They were photographs. If she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by her weight then she shouldn’t have an embarrassing weight. It’d be like taking a picture of Rosie O’Donnell and getting sued because you portrayed her as an ugly bulldog.