Kate Hudson sued for stealing idea to make hair products out of volcanos (Whoa!)

Kate Hudson and celebrity stylist David Babaii are being sued for allegedly stealing an idea to make hair products using volcanic ash. Dammit, ash? I thought they were sticking people’s heads in volcanoes. I hate this story. Reuters reports:

In the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, 220 Laboratories said it entered into an “oral contract” with Babaii to develop and manufacture hair care products in 2006. The idea for the product was to use volcanic ash from the Vanuatu Islands of the South Pacific.
But Babaii went on to use a company called Universal Packaging Systems Inc to develop the products — using the volcanic ash component. Hudson promoted the product in a 2007 interview with Vogue magazine and said she was one of the developers, the lawsuit states.

Someone needs to tell Kate Hudson that wearing a lab coat and accidentally knocking things into a bowl with a clipboard while asking “Breasts aren’t important, right?” does not make her a developer. Neither does using a Bunsen burner to light your cigarette and sticking a rubber glove over your entire face like that old Howie Mandel gag. But good effort.

Photos: Splash News