Kate Hudson runs back to Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong’s relationship might have just ended, but that doesn’t mean she can’t immediately screw her ex-husband. Kate was spotted yesterday in New Jersey at Chris Robinson’s apartment presumably to make sure she got her daily dose of doing it. I think I’m starting to love this woman. OK! Magazine reports:

“They were really affectionate with each other and gave each other a kiss which lasted much longer then a platonic kiss should last — 20 seconds, maybe a little longer.
“Without going into all the details the kiss was more than just friends. They seemed like something more going on and were very affectionate with each other.”
A pal of Kate’s tells OK!, “She and Chris have always been close and she turns to her exes after most of her breakups.”

I bet Chris Robinson religiously follows Kate’s love life in the tabloids: “Oh, snap, she just got dumped again! Time to break out the Marvin Gaye and penis wax. Chris Robinson’s getting laaaaaaaaaaiiiid!” Somewhere, Chris just read this and wonders if I’ve bugged his house because, holy shit, was that quote accurate.