Kate Hudson runs back to Chris Robinson

August 1st, 2008 // 40 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong’s relationship might have just ended, but that doesn’t mean she can’t immediately screw her ex-husband. Kate was spotted yesterday in New Jersey at Chris Robinson’s apartment presumably to make sure she got her daily dose of doing it. I think I’m starting to love this woman. OK! Magazine reports:

“They were really affectionate with each other and gave each other a kiss which lasted much longer then a platonic kiss should last — 20 seconds, maybe a little longer.
“Without going into all the details the kiss was more than just friends. They seemed like something more going on and were very affectionate with each other.”
A pal of Kate’s tells OK!, “She and Chris have always been close and she turns to her exes after most of her breakups.”

I bet Chris Robinson religiously follows Kate’s love life in the tabloids: “Oh, snap, she just got dumped again! Time to break out the Marvin Gaye and penis wax. Chris Robinson’s getting laaaaaaaaaaiiiid!” Somewhere, Chris just read this and wonders if I’ve bugged his house because, holy shit, was that quote accurate.


  1. Uncle Eccoli

    What a sickening little tramp she is.

  2. lloyd johnson

    Stupid ugly nigger gilrs. ooops wrong thread.

  3. lloyd johnson

    is that a chin-horn or a zit?

  4. Sam

    If anything except vigorous anal sex is going on, he’s a fool. If vigorous anal sex is going on, he’s a hero. There’s no need to interact with anything except her {pacino} GREAT ASS!

  5. kate hudson is gross

    Wow she really has no rack whatsoever

  6. jake

    She’s just trying to get a head in the industry.

    Get it? A head? She’s got a big fucking head, is what I’m trying to say. Planetoid.

  7. Angry Beaver

    Why would he want to bang a chick who has the body of a 12 year old boy. Oh wait, nevermind. Ewwww….

  8. ph7

    Kids ignored again.

  9. Kate's son

    “Mommy, are you going to fuck daddy again, or that other man? What? Oh…AND THEN that other man, ok…”

  10. Will someone please buy the girl some boobs? They don’t have to Pam Anderson size. Just some nice B’s would be nice. I feel like a catholic priest every time I watch one of her movies..

  11. she is built like a little boy.

  12. vg902

    nasty way to start my weekend

  13. mike

    I wouldn’t mind making her anus bleed.

  14. rough daddy

    what is this high school? why is chris robinson pinning away for that under cover tramp,,,i agree with most of the posters, id bet shes into anal…

  15. Ted from LA

    I heard Lance was coming on a girl named Eileen. It was a one hit one nut wonder.

  16. mimi

    Praying for Amy

  17. Ted from LA

    Praying for Mimi.

  18. @13, You are a giver Mike..

  19. Ted Mosby

    True story, before she ran to Chris Robinson, she made a pitstop and rode the Mosby express.

  20. kevin

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    millionaire luxury club”"”"”"”C e l e b M i n g l e . c o m”"”"”"”OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of
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  21. Miserable Bastard

    Rumor has it she split with Lance right after he slapped a Trek decal on her and tried to pedal her around the room.

  22. justtheobvoius

    What the Hellllllllllll is she wearing? That looks ridiculous!

  23. mimang

    you idiots. she’s always been into clothes that show her flat chest. she’s practically flaunting it.
    i like the dress but the shoes?

  24. delic8

    She looks exactly like a somewhat-muscular 13-year-old boy. Exactly. She has pecs instead of boobs.

  25. dew

    Most people get tired of eating the same kind of food or dish over and over, and need variety. But this young woman gets tired of the same man over and over, and needs variety.

    After switching around between her old guys, and occasionally adding new ones, she can switch around enough to satisfy her need for variety.

  26. Sapphire Eyes

    This tramp changes men the way “most” of us change underwear. WTH? Does she not realise the damage she’s doing to her son, with the “Uncle” swapping?

  27. taylor

    Jesus… you people make me sick! So what if she is small breasted or not breasted at all?? I say let her flaunt her chest or whatever, at least she is keeping it real. If you asshole men want big breast, then why don’t you all have them implanted in your flabby upper bods. Then you can fondle yourselfs all fucking day and night.
    Titties are for feeding babies dumb fucks… not you!

  28. Laura

    There are an awful lot of degenerate low-lifes on this board.

  29. Laura

    As the posters on this board prove what I’ve known all along, adolescent males are the lowest form of life.

  30. Laura

    Taylor, you are wasting your time trying to communicate to these neanderthalls. Young males are the lowest form of life.

  31. PettyPape

    #27 Taylor- AMEN! I have wanted to state these obvious facts for a looooong time but, well, see #30.

  32. She wasn’t used to WINNERS folks!!

  33. Bibi

    Whether or not any of the articles are true?! Kate seems DESPREATE ! She’ll hook up with as many men as possible …….what a waste!

  34. roop

    Damn you Yoko Hudson, you’re going to ruin the Crowes again!

  35. sharpeidude

    #28 – Yeah I agree with you. You are a lowlife tramp “lot lizard” skank ho.

  36. pron

    Jesus Christ what a needy little airhead. Can she try to go a week without having a dick in her?

  37. Stroker

    I love her flat titties. I could lick thos nubs for hours!

  38. JWM

    She’s a cheater and a liar and now that she’s been used up and realizes everyone was just using her for the slut that she is, she runs back to ol’ pothead because it’s safe and reliable. I hope that he smacks the crap out of her and tells her to go take a hike. It’s about time that people stop forgiving the wandering pants syndrome. It’s not love that makes you take them back, it’s codependency. Love is a choice, not a need. If someone abuses your trust and your love, pitch them out like the garbage they are. Make people take responsibility for their actions and hope that through their suffering they learn how to behave like a decent person.

    Or just do like everyone else in our society and make excuses for their actions.

  39. Envious

    Lucky girl! She must be having a great time hooking up with all those hot guys. Lance seems like a bit of a butterface, but who cares? He’s got a great body. I’d hit that. You go, girl.

  40. No way

    Doubt it, since Chris Robinson is a super-hot rock idol. Pussy pretty much falls onto his penis without much effort.

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