Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson engaged – or not?

May 11th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Owen Wilson, no doubt riding the dragon again, allegedly proposed to Kate Hudson who, uh, wow seems to be wearing my grandmother’s curtains. I have no freaking clue what’s going on there except Kate better steer clear of any cats and/or open flames. The Sun reports:

“Kate supported Owen during his low patch and that proved to him she’s the woman he wants to be with for ever. He picked out the ring and went for the biggest one he could find. He was nervous about proposing but Kate was thrilled and the whole thing was really emotional. The engagement is a natural step forward for them both and Kate’s ecstatic.”

However, Us Magazine claims to have exclusive confirmation from Kate and Owen’s rep that they are not engaged:

She’s definitely not engaged,” a rep for Hudson tells Usmagazine.com. A rep for Wilson, 39, also confirms the rumors are wrong.
The reason for the false uproar? Hudson, 29, was spotted wearing a diamond ring in Boston.
“She’s shooting a movie called Bride Wars, which explains the ring,” adds her rep.

So who do you believe? On the one hand, you have The Sun which is, well, The Sun. On the other you have Us Magazine which thinks The Hills is real. Who do you trust? It’s like choosing between your retarded cousin that likes Nickelback or a ham sandwich. But only one can pass the mustard. Ha! Get it? Sandwich? Mustard? It’s almost like pure comedy flows through my vein- Ack! Jimmy Fallon’s trying to harvest my funny! Quick, someone get him to say his name backwards!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Dr. Fill

    What is she wearing? A tree?

  2. englebertington

    why is she drawn to a guy that she should not be getting involved with for at least the sake of her children


  3. Fat bitches suck

    Owen Wilson ? That dicknosed druggie ? Say it ain’t so !

  4. It's me Fuckers

    where are the Megan Fox topless pictures?!?! FFS!!!! THAT is news worthy!!!

  5. restingonlaurels

    check out the gold tassles on this dress! oddly enough, i find it refreshingly retro and svelt looking.

  6. Cher just called from the late seventies… she need her dress back.

  7. Maybe she just thought if she blinded us with that mess we’d forget she has no tits.

  8. antoine

    Oh man, that is one ugly bitch. Owen Wilson must have fallen on hard time to marry her.

  9. The White Urkle

    Unless your Kate hudson post has photos of her ass, don’t waste out time. That is one uggly dress.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    I’m inclined to believe The Sun more than US Weekly. The Sun is a much more absorbent paper to line a bird cage with..

  11. cookiepuss

    She has the worst taste in men

  12. restingonlaurels

    @10 – i use “the national republic” for that.

  13. Conscience_Found

    She looks hard in these pics___like a realtor in Anytown, USA.

  14. #11 – She has the worst tasting men???

  15. I’d love to wear your grandmother’s meat curtains.

  16. jumpin_j

    “Kate Hudson who, uh, wow seems to be wearing my grandmother’s curtains”. Said Kate, “Well I just saw them in the window and I couldn’t resist”!
    Bless you, Carol Burnett.

  17. What a cute couple! I’m so happy for them. I hope they have several skinny flat chested dicknosed children..

  18. mamadough

    what is the appeal in drug addicts that make them so…..addicting? *slaps self* fuck mondays…

  19. Worst dress ever. (At least this week.)

  20. Anal Fistula

    trying to care…trying to care…uggh….nope

  21. Joe C

    She is the most overrated “beauty” in Hollywood. She is a butterface at best.

  22. havoc

    Well, there’s no accounting for taste…..


  23. redheadedstepchild

    that’s the ugliest fucking dress i’ve ever seen

  24. The Bursar

    Good lord!
    Fallon backwards is nollaf.




    It all makes sense now.

  25. Matt Damon

    Marry the bitch that drove you to slit your wrists. Great idea!

  26. WhoCares

    LOOOK its the jolly green giant!!!!!

  27. nej22

    I think kate hudson is gorgeous.. i dont know if she will ever get engaged again though she is having too much fun being gorgeous & single

  28. fygu

    Frist that was fucking funny. I assume you’re the real Frist not a troll.
    Joe C I have to disagree–Jennifer Aniston is the most overrated beauty in Hollywood.
    That dress is every kind of fugly imaginable. I love her but she has bad taste in clothes,, particularly when it comes to red carpet.

  29. ???

    You know she just spent thousands on that hideous dress.

    and YES, she does indeed have the worst taste EVER in men! Her husband? I still don’t know what he really looks like under all that hair. Owen dick-nose Wilson? ’nuff said. I won’t even go into his personal problems.

    #26 give me a break. Stop blaming others.

    Kate & Jennifer are both overrated.

  30. Harry Ballzack

    I don’t want to see pictures of Kate Hudson – Kate Hudsons ass yes – Kate Hudson no

  31. restingonlaurels

    if giselle bundchen was an actress, she’d be the most overrated beauty in hollywood. in reality, she’s just the most overrated supermodel in existance.

  32. my comment

    Ugliest dress, evah!

  33. justifiable

    #27 Can’t be the Jolly Green Giant, her niblets are too small.

  34. janex

    Ho, Ho, Ho.

  35. janex

    Ho, Ho, Ho.

  36. butchmass

    If she says “no” they will find him having hung himself near a tree near her house. He will have clown make up on. and clown shoes. Just a prediction.

  37. Freck

    Retarded cousin who likes nickelback is the best thing written on this website in a long time.

    I salute you.

  38. Zsa Zsa Gabor wants her dress back.

  39. annie

    someone explain to me how this goddess ever agreed on marrying such an ugly douche like owen wilson. it’s like beauty and the beast real-world style. only the beast has a freakish alien nose and actually is a beast.

  40. Lola1

    That’s a lovely dress, just needs someone taller to pull it off.

    And Owen Wilson is cute and hot.

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