Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson engaged – or not?

Owen Wilson, no doubt riding the dragon again, allegedly proposed to Kate Hudson who, uh, wow seems to be wearing my grandmother’s curtains. I have no freaking clue what’s going on there except Kate better steer clear of any cats and/or open flames. The Sun reports:

“Kate supported Owen during his low patch and that proved to him she’s the woman he wants to be with for ever. He picked out the ring and went for the biggest one he could find. He was nervous about proposing but Kate was thrilled and the whole thing was really emotional. The engagement is a natural step forward for them both and Kate’s ecstatic.”

However, Us Magazine claims to have exclusive confirmation from Kate and Owen’s rep that they are not engaged:

She’s definitely not engaged,” a rep for Hudson tells Usmagazine.com. A rep for Wilson, 39, also confirms the rumors are wrong.
The reason for the false uproar? Hudson, 29, was spotted wearing a diamond ring in Boston.
“She’s shooting a movie called Bride Wars, which explains the ring,” adds her rep.

So who do you believe? On the one hand, you have The Sun which is, well, The Sun. On the other you have Us Magazine which thinks The Hills is real. Who do you trust? It’s like choosing between your retarded cousin that likes Nickelback or a ham sandwich. But only one can pass the mustard. Ha! Get it? Sandwich? Mustard? It’s almost like pure comedy flows through my vein- Ack! Jimmy Fallon’s trying to harvest my funny! Quick, someone get him to say his name backwards!

Photos: Splash News