Kate Hudson looks pregnant to people

Seen here watching the Yankees play the Angels last week, Kate Hudson has dropped off the radar since New York Fashion Week in early September with rumors coming in that she’s pregnant with yet another child support check for A-Rod to write. Or not. NY Daily News reports:

The Hollywood blond was photographed looking a teensy bit plump earlier this week, feeding the rumor mill that she’s up the duff. At the time she was snapped, Hudson was house-hunting with her Yankee lover of four months in Malibu.
But alas, Hudson’s rep, Brad Cafarelli, denies his client is expecting, which means she probably just ate a couple of extra nachos at Yankee Stadium.

Why do I get the feeling the Daily News just wanted to call Kate Hudson fat? “Well, we thought she was pregnant, but since her rep denied it, let’s chalk it up to nachos.” I mean, who uses that kind of journalism? Besides me every single day, but I think we can all agree I’m special.

Photos: Getty