Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong make nautical love

May 27th, 2008 // 35 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are taking their relationship public and were spotted in Monaco enjoying a day of aquatic romance. I like to believe that after their boat ride, Lance put his arm around Kate and softly whispered in her ear, “Kate, when we have sex later, I should probably warn you I’m missing a nut. End transmission.” *sniff* He’s a keeper.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Thomas


  2. Thomas


  3. Barak Obama

    I’m twice the man Lance is (because I still have both my testicals).

    Vote Democrat so I can raise your taxes!

  4. ph7

    Kate Hudson = head case.

    Lance Armstorng = Head case.

    Perfect for each other.

  5. Not only is he missing a nut, his penis has shriveled up due to the steroids/HGH he took.

    Oh, #1-5 all douche bags.

  6. English Bob

    Why is she dating this loser? Since he walked on the moon in ’69 he’s done nothing !!!!

  7. She’s a slutrag

    Poor guys she leaves behind…..
    including her child.

    Lance….He’s my favorite NUT

  8. Bigo

    the missing nut is hilarious!!

  9. Barak Obama

    Bob, that was too damn funny!

    #7, have a nive big cup of Shut The Fuck Up!

    We can’t run Social Security, what makes you think we can run Universal Health Care? Vote Democrat so we can raise your taxes!

  10. Ballzy

    How Does this guy get soo much ass with one nut?

  11. Forrest Fordutreese

    Monaco huh? Looks more like The Lake of the Ozarks.

  12. It's me Fuckers

    “I’m missing a nut”


  13. Mike

    #8 that was NEIL Armstrong not Lance…

    Lance was the dopped up bike guy!

  14. vealcutlet

    # 15

    You missed out on a good joke

  15. Lexoka

    #15 No kidding?

  16. Jason

    Am I the only one finding this relationship all to disturbing due to the fact that it smacks of ‘You, Me And Dupree’ a bit too too much?! I guess Kate will try and mount Dillon next? How many kinds of smoke is Owen shooting now?

  17. hendero

    ever since she dumped Owen Wilson she’s missing a nut as well.

  18. Mike

    Now if they made this a menage a trois with Tom Green, between them she’d have a full man.

  19. Comment of the day goes too

    #19 Hahaha nice!

  20. Harry

    Does steroids make a man a better lover? Well, does it Kate?

  21. pigkeepr31

    In picture #1, why does it look like Lance has a mohawk? What is that on his head?

  22. Spiraticus

    I’m sure they will live happily ever after one nut and all…until she finds the next loser, and vice versa.

  23. NY Ted

    She makes her mother look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar…and he is nothing but a fucking dope cheat who took so many steroids while bike racing his nuts became useless so they had to chop them off! What a bunch of pathetic fucking losers! But RICH LOSERS THEY ARE! See…does it actually pay to work and slave your fucking pheasant lives away…???

  24. He likes her because her chest is aerodynamic.

  25. surlywench

    @ 23: A pheasant is a bird. A peasant is a working scrub who looks forward to one day collecting his 401K after his job has sucked the life and soul out of him.

    Get it straight, asshat.

  26. The Regulator

    Why doesn’t this bitch take care of that kid of hers instead of constantly galavanting around with different men every week? Grow up already.

  27. Hilary

    Asshat. So loving it.

  28. snarky

    I don’t know why, but I just can’t even stand the mere sight of Lance Armstrong. He seems like such a skeeve. And Kate Hudson is already hooked up & all lovey dovey with someone new? Wasn’t she just with Owen Wilson like 5 days ago??? I don’t get it. You think she would be a little more…I don’t know…considerate… considering the fragile state that man was just in. Or maybe she was the dumpee? “its me or the heroin, Owen!” …”well, ok, I choose the heroin then Kate” (in his twangy, nasally voice).

  29. stephanie

    He definitely has a type of woman… as in facial features and type of hair.

  30. Kristen

    Can I divorce my soon to be 1st husband for you? Yeah, so I drink a lot. Whatevs.

  31. barrf

    Seeing this picture makes ME want to attempt suicide

  32. Why Not?

  33. L Gazz

    This guy should not be called the Marathon man…he should be called the break up man. Seems to me he is always in the middle of break ups including his own. He is a lack luster moron who deserves to sever ties with his other testicle.


  34. Chupacabra

    what the hells? She just chooses the ugliest, dummbest, assholey mother fucking southern bitches over and over again?
    1) Chris – skinny, ugly, druggy, old, from Georgia
    2) Owen – Austin, ugly, druggy, sorta oldish
    3) Jax? I don’t even know what the hells that rebound was
    4) Owen again, nuff said
    5) Now one-testes Lance?
    They are just trading peeps down there, pretty soon “all I wanna do” will be dating Owen. Lance is 1) A jerk. 2) Selfish 3) all about “Lance, babe”
    Seriously… this is just ridiculous. She needs to go on one of those date a millionaire sites… or perhaps start dating women. jesus….

  35. EJ

    All the above posters need to grow up or get a life! Where do all of you get so much hate from? Is it jealousy that is making you all so nasty? Shame on you! You best pray you never get cancer, or anybody you love, because then you’d have different comments to make about someone who had to deal with the pain and magnitude of it. Personally, Lance Armstrong is a hero to me, and I’m not even in your country! I’m in South Africa, and yes, even this far, I’m able to see he is an amazing human being who has done much since arriving in 1969!!! Not only did he win the Tour de France 7 times, and is now a hero to many of us cyclists, he is also a caring individual who with having survived cancer, is doing as much as he can for others with it – by informing them, by getting sponsorships and trying to raise awareness for cancer fighters the world over! As for Kate Hudson, personally I think she is a beautiful young lady with lots of talent, as I love her movies and will continue to enjoy in future! Yes, their personal lives are on display for the world to see, but because you don’t know what really goes on, just what you see on gossip sites, give them a break! Next time you want to spit venom about others, imagine if they are YOUR brother, or uncle or father!!! or your sister, mother, aunt – would you still say the really vile things you’ve all said above? Unbelievable. Unfortunately, it must be the type of website this is, and I surely won’t be back here. The only reason I even came on here, was to view any pictures of my hero and the news he is dating Kate, which I couldn’t be happier about. Whoever he dates, or doesn’t date, it’s his business, and I just wish him the best, and Kate too.
    I won’t be back so save your childish, negative, venomous comments and make the world a better place. May you all get some wisdom and morals!!! God Bless xxxx

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