Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong act like they didn’t just have sex in his apartment

June 18th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong were caught leaving his Manhattan apartment yesterday. I think the look on Kate’s face says it all: “Could’ve used more testicle.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. what now?

    Man does this douche have a type or what; bland, blonde and titless. Poor guy he just can’t get over Matthew McConaughey.

  2. britney's weave

    @ 24, yeah, i saw a pic of them somewhere. poor kid looks like a mini-chris robinson without the beard.

  3. Lily

    Yes/ in related news, owen wilson just bought a bag of smack and a box of razor blades. I checked such news on horsematch.com before.

  4. dumbfounded

    are you people serious? when in the flying fuck did it become acceptable to ridicule someone for having survived cancer?? it is one thing to ridicule stupid celebrities and the mistakes they make, but it is simply irresponsible and just plain trashy to poke fun at a true man who overcame so much but sacrificed an important part of his body in the process. it’s sad that you are all so dissatisfied with your lives that you feel the need to criticize people you don’t even know to this point of ridiculousness.

  5. snyggast

    what is the sound of one ball slapping?

  6. Sim

    I don’t think we should make fun of people who have survived cancer, especially someone like Lance. They might be famewhores, but lay the cancer jokes off.

  7. whodawudda?

    @34 teeheehee, you so funny

  8. snarkymalarky

    You know whats pissing me off? For some reason Lance is reminding me of Heath Ledger in these pics. And not to be cold, but I sooo wish Heath Ledger was the one still walking this earth instead of L.A…

  9. #56 – You spend alot of time crying in your bottom shelf bourbon, don’t you?

    (sniff) I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum… (weeps uncontrollably…)

  10. Allie Anne

    Kate Hudson is fucking Lance Armstrong and having the time of her life while the big current news on Owen Wilson is that he’s been exchanging emo poems by email with fellow depressive Alan (old fart) Arkin (people.com). My, how the Stallion has fallen! Jesus Christ, Owen is depressing the shit out of me! Pass me some of that smack, pronto!!

  11. sadie

    This is the only website that truly makes me bust a gut out loud at my reception area desk with my computer placed at an angle where no one can see that i spend most of my hours doing this kind of stuff, hey they pay me for this shit! Anyway, love the full bellied laughs this stuff creates in me, i need that shit to survive these boring ass work days. I thank you.


  13. tools

    u guys are dorks making fun of some one with cancer.

  14. Uncle Eccoli

    I’m not sure that it’s entirely fair to call Lance Armstrong a “survivor.” I mean, it isn’t as if he was at death’s door, riddled with the disease. He’s a multimillionaire – he got a diagnosis, a bit of a scare, and had it lopped off. Come on, look at the toll it’s taken on him – devastating, right?

    I’ve a friend (in his early twenties) who spent years wasting away, bald, constantly told to have his affairs in order, having grapefruit-sized tumours removed from his abdomen one after another, sick beyond sick. He FOUGHT for his life and somehow won against all odds; his cancer has been in remission for a few years now. HE’s a survivor. He’s my fucking hero, too.
    Lance? He rides bike good.

  15. Lance = Heath = Dubya

    He does kind of look like Heath Ledger, who I always thought looked like George Bush…and I always thought Lance looked like George Bush. It’s the beady eyes or something.

    He left his wife (who bore his three kids and stuck with him through cancer) to try to become a big celebrity. He left Sheryl Crow when she had breast cancer.

    And I’m sorry–to put him on a pedestal because he survived cancer is ridiculous. Thousands of people survive it each year with longer odds and fewer resources. Thousands of people die from it. He’s fine now and he is acting like a prick.

  16. jon

    kate hudson is the biggest lost loser slut there is in follywood…what would he EVER see in her….still looking for daddys love, eh, kate? maybe they have like some agreement…i’ll forgive you for not having a chest if you look the other way about my missing nut…is what i figure!

  17. steph

    why is he wearing brown shoes with that suit?

  18. Heh

    ^ cuz he has one ball

  19. Lance is a creep. He was good friends with Owen before he decided to steal his girlfriend. That’s pretty low. And Kate rubs me the wrong way. There’s something so annoying about her.

  20. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back

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