Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong act like they didn’t just have sex in his apartment

June 18th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong were caught leaving his Manhattan apartment yesterday. I think the look on Kate’s face says it all: “Could’ve used more testicle.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Porno Bass Line

    I think the expression also says “he like to have a bike seat rammed up his ass during sex.”

  2. Sport

    Who hasn’t this chick fucked in the last 4 months?

  3. jk


  4. jk


  5. Penis

    I wonder if she wore her favorite red bikini bottoms that she pulls up her ass.

  6. Penis

    I wonder if she wore her favorite red bikini bottoms that she pulls up her ass.

  7. turkey

    same thing Burke says

  8. I ate that lost testicle. fried it up with onions and it was out of this world

  9. trumper

    She had a ball

  10. Irregardless, she’s got a {pacino} GREAT ASS! I’m sure Lance enjoyed the feeling of his ball slapping against it.

  11. or “Bitch, it’s sunny out here; do your job, get my umbrella and shade me.”

  12. Alejandro

    Where’s Matthew McConaughey… Oh yes, playing a soon to be pa!

  13. He's Crazy

    She’s got a nut on her hands all right.

  14. Lola

    what a heartless little whore she is….. she needs to stop chasing men and take care of her fucking kid…. stupid face

  15. Leave Kate Hudson alone! I mean look at that figure… that gorgeous face, those hips, that ass, her washboard chest… I mean, enough is enough already…

  16. Deacon Jones

    Nah….she stills laughing because she can’t get the visual of one nut hanging down out of her head

  17. Good one

    Washboard chest – ahhh haa ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. Deacon Jones

    I’ve had that same experience. It’s not a laughing matter. No wonder I’m jaded and bitter. Women are so cruel to me.

  19. Uncle Eccoli

    I’ve been with my wife since I was sixteen so I honestly don’t know: Is it me, or are celebrities bigger sluts than the average girl?

  20. That was a good one Fish. LOL.

    oh, #3 – douche bag
    #9 – LOL

  21. ph7

    Two sluts having fun!

  22. elastic

    “1 Nut Wonder” & “Mosquito Bites” go for a walk.

  23. don

    He made a great decision when he dumped that old “crow”..hehehehehe. Kate is smokin hot!

  24. aja

    ok..is she EVER with her son?

  25. Deacon Jones


    How’d you guess I have one nut????

    Fucking Tijuana, that place is the worst..

  26. Sheryl Crow

    My tits are bigger than hers. Get the magnifying glass, I’ll prove it.

  27. yoursister

    in related news, owen wilson just bought a bag of smack and a box of razor blades.

  28. Armstrong death watch… Day 17…

  29. mcbeef

    really likin that so freaking hot section.

    1. animal hairdos???
    2. saggy tits
    3. two lawn and leaf size garbage bags full of large curd cottage cheese
    4. hot but herpetic
    5. pasty mcskullface – – she looks like a ghost white version of baracka from mortal kombat
    6. scabies and herpetic
    7. queen la-fuckin-tifah??
    8. hot but pregnant…. and herpetic – thanks jeter.

    the slut in the 4 slot is the only thing i can jack off to. is it entirely random what goes in the so freaking hot section?

  30. Grunion

    Armstrong is a douche. I can’t believe I used to admire that guy.

    “Could’ve used more testicle.” is classic

  31. blah

    He she’s thinking “could use more testicle”…then he’s probably thinking “where did her boobs go”. Seriously, did she have a double mastectomy so she could empathize with him on what it’s like to have cancer surgery?

  32. These two are fucking media whores, nothing more. “Alert the press, we just had a nooner!!”

  33. p0nk

    @19, i’ve only been with your wife for the last couple years but i’d say she is as much of a slut as the celebs.

  34. havoc

    With his ping pong ball implant, he probably sounded like Forrest Gump playing the Taiwanese table tennis team…….


  35. klm

    his belt and shoes don’t match….just saying…

  36. Pussy

    Jimbo thanks for your hillarious comments!

  37. Trover

    LA is too big of a narcissist to last too long with any woman. I give this another 6 weeks, then Kate moves on. I mean, have you seen Lance’s ex-wife? The chick is gorgeous. Hotter than Kate, if you can beleive it. I guess he just wants to use that one nut as much as possible with as many women as possible before it falls off from “Living Strong”.

  38. Tight Pussy


    This is because he broke his brown belt when her used it to strap Kate to the bedpost!

  39. Lance Armstrong's cancerous testicle

    I’m really offended how much ass Lance has gotten since I got diseased. I only had his wife. Without me, he’s had more ass than a woman’s public bathroom.

  40. Uncle Eccoli

    @33 Touche.

  41. Isaac Mizrahi

    Cute couple. Lance has 1 nut, and Kate 2 teets combined make a nice, large A-Cup.

  42. mamadough

    lance is a fucking tool. there, i said it. hopefully next time he’ll get anal cancer. try and cure that shit doctors!

  43. Drunkman

    LOL that headline is dead on.

  44. Drunkman

    LOL Classic headline fish

  45. Sheva

    Notice how he stays in front of her as if she isn’t even there. First sign that the one nut has been emptied.

    Second sign, she reaches out at another point to touch and connect to him.
    Lance’s reaction. Get the fuck off of me who the fuck are you?

    Third sign, Lance gives a shit about his suit. He doesn’t give two shits about her when she’s dressed.

    Oh and nice suit Lance.

    I used to like him too. But that was before he started threatening Greg Lemond if he said anything about him doing drugs. Cycling is fucked with drugs.

  46. Maximus

    @46: My thoughts exactly. Well said.

  47. Jamie's Uterus

    Kate Hudson is a no talent home wrecking slut. Lance Armstrong is a dirt ball too. These 2 pieces of filth deserve each other.

  48. Harry Ballzack

    “Classless act with a cute ass”
    Snake Hudson is still stalking hollywood streets for someone she hasn’t boffed yet ….. Good-Luck-With-That

  49. snippy

    Any bets on how long this will last?

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