UPDATE: Kate Hudson is pregnant

April 22nd, 2010 // 68 Comments

It seems hilarious to me now that everyone’s first thought about Kate Hudson’s slightly bigger breasts is that she inexplicably purchased the world’s tiniest implants and not that she just got knocked up by some random dude which, judging by these pics of her today, is clearly the case. If Kate Hudson isn’t pregnant, then I obviously don’t understand female anatomy. Now one of you get over here and put breast milk in my coffee since you can instantly summon it with magic. Chop chop.

UPDATE: Gossip Cop apparently took me seriously.


  1. pirhan

    It’s nice to see Gossip Cop writing their own stories, ensuring that one or two rhymes are slipped in.

  2. joho777

    Another pointless baseless rumor from Superficial.com. And to think you guys used to be my favorite website. Oh well.

  3. captain america

    the other option: SHE HASN’T SHIT THE ENTIRE WEEK?

  4. captain america

    the other option: SHE HASN’T SHIT THE ENTIRE WEEK?

  5. aec

    Is this the first time Gossip Cop has looked at your blog? So naive to assume that you would rely on things such as “logic” or “facts” in your blog posts. HA! I love your writing–don’t change a thing–keep up the good work!

  6. Kate Hudson is ABOSOLUTELY NOT pregnant (well, as much as i could possibly know about it anyway)!! Remember those pictures of her floating around on the internet last year of her being “very pregnant” then too? Where’s the kid from that one I ask? And contrary to popular belief, not everone who gets implants wants to look like Heidi Montag. They do make very small ones.

  7. The word was that she had had implants but your explanation is possible as well.

  8. aj

    All it looks like to me is that she gained a lb or two. I don’t get where people think she got a boob job or is pregnant. Obviously these clothes are not flattering on her, but I don’t see boob job or pregnant. Just a couple of lbs.

  9. on the contrary: EVERY AMERICAN WOMAN IS SEARCHING FOR HAPPINESS…………………………but nobody found it yet!!

  10. use sex toys instead so you dont have to worry about getting knocked up!

  11. she doesn’t look pregnant. Even if she were pregnant, it would be unlikely that her breasts would develop that much so quickly.

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  13. s.dogie

    Fuck Gossipcop. They’re not funny.

  14. she is so super skinny, that when she eats something she starts to look normal.

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