Kate Hudson is OMG!!

December 3rd, 2007 // 47 Comments

Kate Hudson attended Movies Rock: A Celebration of Music in Film at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood last night. Judging by her facial expression she’s either seen an old friend or received the engraved invitation to my mountain villa. Though I hope Kate isn’t thinking I’ll be a “sure thing” just because I had a drunken one night stand with a bag of potato chips. Those chips understood me and we connected on a spiritual level. And by spiritual level, I mean on top of the stove. Like I said, it was totally romantic.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. CaffeBeotch

    She looks more like her mother every day.

  2. bob

    how exciting…

  3. Wow Fish dude, your jokes are weak………..

    Sex with a bag of chips?

  4. Let me guess, your nuts were in the dip?

    It was a bag of Lays, right? right?

  5. JD

    she’s a doll, but what’s w/ that uggo dress?

    also, the new format blows in Google Reader

  6. Yeah yeah, not worth the wait to comment. I really have nothing to say..

  7. fweem


  8. I'd hit it

    She looks less like a crack whore latley thats always good

  9. p0nk

    she still has no tits.
    Team Penis Face!

  10. Ript1&0

    Goddamn people, I want to sit here and crack bad jokes, I’ve really wanted to all freaking day, but my arm-shoulder-neck combination on the right side is fucking throbbing in pain for days now from too much computer use. I can’t even see right.

    Not that anyone cares really, but I just needed to vent. Ok thank you. I will go back to wincing now.

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  12. Chino

    Your new picture navigation is awesome! I love having to click through all of the pics I didn’t want to see so I can finally see the one mediocre pic I wanted to see. Glad you changed things up for the better–you and your webmaster are “tops” in my book. Oh, and by the way, the only thing this chick has going for her is being skinny. And not fat.

  13. Hollywood Agent

    Her mom, Goldie, was much cuter at her age.

  14. she's fat

    in the second picture she is doing her best owen wilson impersonation.

  15. oohgly

    my god shes ugly. and looks like a bitch

  16. Man this site’s fucked up. First it says page cannot be displayed, and now I’m looking at it on a white screen with black text. Plus it took like ten minutes for the comments to come up. Hmmmmm…..think I like the layout more 2 years ago..

    The more they try to improve, the worse it gets. Just like my tampons

    Oh, and just now it said Your comment submission failed because Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while.


  17. snidy

    Please change format back.

  18. angelna89564

    she is a beauty, right? someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site sugardaddymeet.com. you know it is a site for rich men to seek sexy girls.. i am sorry to hear that.

  19. angelna89564

    she is a beauty, right? someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site sugardaddymeet.com. you know it is a site for rich men to seek sexy girls.. i am sorry to hear that.

  20. poop

    dude the new picture format suck ass change it back

  21. Good lord, I just emailed the editor about the new format. I don’t even know if she/he has anything to do with the web layout, but at least I told someone, maybe he/she can pass it on..it’s really irritating.

  22. Gerald_Tarrant

    I wouldn’t mind treating Kate like a farm animal for a few nights.

  23. pointandlaugh

    #15 I agree. Owen Wilson tried to kill himself over THAT SKANK?

  24. Eileen

    She’s so beautiful! And pulls off that dress wonderfully.

  25. WASON

    Well,so sexy the girl and so big the month ,really like a bitch.Wow, i have recalled that i have seen her photo on a Muslim matrimonial site http://www.muslimonly.com/i/registration, it is so strange! But it is true!!

  26. Dan

    hmmm….nothing special here. Parents are the only reason shes in movies. Seen lots of girls better looking…

  27. cookie monsta hates spam fuckers

    can’t you muslim/meetrich/parisisfat.com pissant fuckers just get lost?????? Surely you can block fuckwits with .com in their comments.

    and what’s her name Kate? Kelly? meh….

  28. IWONKY

    I agree her momma was/is better lookin’ but she has a great bod just like her momma…but that there dress, it does be a’ suckin’…but she’s makin’ it look good, like fine satin on marble…on the other hand, just think what that dress might look like if this were Brit Brit’s stank instead…she’d skank that dress up for sure by puttin’ on them ding dang boots and spillin’ a giant frap all over it.

  29. A

    i don’t usually find blondes attractive, but she is sexy

  30. Uncle Eccoli

    She’s a snake. I don’t like her.

  31. LayDeeBug

    She’s pretty I’ll give her that but I hate when she does that crinkled nose “I’m such a cute little bunny” face. Meg Ryan used to do that.


  32. Anal Phlegm Munch

    I’d stick it in her ass. Her titties may be small but at least they are real. If I wanted to feel up plastic I would get a blowup doll.

  33. I see why Owen tried to end it. If she left me I would probably fall apart as well. LOOK AT THAT BODY, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  34. shes hotter than most

    15, you are nuts.
    she is hot.
    jlh is a ferret faced pear.

  35. That’s my “a-face” (anal).

  36. Kat

    She’ll never be as pretty as her mother and her acting abilities are just “nill”. I think this is a classic case of who gave birth to you is who gets you in hollywood. oh and she’s flat chested!

  37. wow, she sucks..

    The Emcee at this event was a complete hack. Maoooooooooovieeees Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawck!

  38. EuroNeckPain

    Just by looking at her I can hear the nasal high-pitched american salute – makes any girl look dumb,especially if she is a bleached blonde with a tiny piggy nose

  39. The new pic format sucks wank… change it back already.

  40. Snatchit

    Yeah, she’s a real dog. There’s not a warm-blooded, non-queer man out there that wouldn’t rip open those pantyhose and ferverishly dive into that sea of muff.

  41. sidv

    She has a downsy looking face with the worst nose job in Hollywood. She always looks mildly retarded.

  42. sam80

    She’s annoying and has zero talent. Good luck trying to figure out what emotion she’s trying to express with those beady little eyes.

  43. shes hot

    she’s hot, her eyes are intense, shes got a cute rump, pretty skin and hair.
    shes hot.
    and tits shits. any ugly woman or tranny can have tits.

  44. Narcissist

    I don’t understand the fuss about this goat. I liked Goldie but Kate’s no Goldie.

  45. jason

    i don’t think she is beautiful. every time i signed in http://www.sugarmommymeet.com and there were always many men talking about her how sexy and pretty … you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….

  46. truthman

    the truth

    I feel sorri for that mathew guy that they keep sticking ths dog with him in movies as his roamtic lead-she is flat as a board-has aweird flat face as well-and zero personality and chemisty on film-he deserves a sexy lady-hollywood has cast her in these light romatic leads and shes got no sex appeal-nothing

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