Kate Hudson is way not pregnant

March 3rd, 2008 // 129 Comments

Kate Hudson is officially not pregnant. I’m sure you’ve been sitting at your desk with bated breath waiting for some sort of confirmation. Me too. Anyway, these pics were taken today and there’s no baby in that belly. Kate’s brother Oliver also denied the rumors that she’s possibly carrying her ex-husband Chris Robinson’s and/or Owen Wilson’s baby. Extra reports:

Kate’s brother Oliver caught up with “Extra” at the World Poker Tour International and revealed that the rumors simply aren’t true, insisting there’s no baby on the way.
“I will squash that right now,” he told “Extra.” “She is absolutely 100% not pregnant.”

So, I don’t know what the hell kind of camera angle went on last night to produce the shots for today’s earlier post where Kate looked totally pregorama. If I was out scoring these pics, you’d be staring at one of those state-of-the-art 3-D ultrasounds. You know the ones that make you say “That’s not mine! It’s a goddamn alien!” But no one believes you and you’re still stuck paying child support. I mean, seriously, how did that not work? That plan had everything.


  1. john's girl

    Is she calling her uterus to confirm?

  2. Ted from LA

    FIRST! you error in template: found but mtentryprevious was expected bastards.

  3. Not pregnant? Fat bitch…

  4. Kate H.

    “Hi! Do you know where I can pick up some tits?”

  5. Only if you’re counting backwards #2…

  6. D. Richards (Pale.)

    Who the fuck dresses like that, to go swimming?

  7. Gosh Golly Gee, celebrity reporter

    I can confirm that yes, no BABY BUMP for thought-to-be PREGGERS Kate!!!

  8. john

    Why is this dinner cold, bitch? (#1)

  9. Not pregnant? Fat bitch…

  10. Cindy

    #6 – girls with money. You wouldn’t know.

  11. commish

    Everytime I see the current kid I just imagine him swinging through the jungle singing:

    Look for the bare necessities
    The simple bare necessities
    Forget about your worries and your strife
    I mean the bare necessities
    Old Mother Nature’s recipes
    That brings the bare necessities of life

  12. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    guess she’ll have to buy her tits after all

  13. mike

    @5 Ted is not a very smart guy. Actually that is Ted’s Troll and it is still smarter than Ted.

  14. OutRunner1

    See? Anal wins again.

  15. The Laughing God

    Pregnant, she is just sucking it in for the shots.

  16. She got what’s called a Hollywood abortion – they do a little lipo, a small tummy tuck, maybe some boob work (not in Kate’s case, obviously). And oh yeah – an abortion. All during the same surgery.

  17. Dick Richards (Got.)

    Oh, shit, #10! Burn! You got me! Oh, shit, burn! Nau you d’ent, g’rl! Burn-Burn-Burn! I am so ‘got.’

    So, my little-yet-loose sphincter, what you’re telling me, is that you know all about wealth, agh? Sure, chubby.

    You’re right, though — Dick pays to fuck, cheap.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Chris Robinson was a little alarmed there for a short while. He’s since returned to relaxing and getting really really stoned.

  19. Randal

    Good news indeed on this one, for Kate Hudson is still very young and has an entire career ahead of her. Having children as this stage would stop her in her tracks, making it more difficult to return to the industry.

  20. Grunion

    “Kate Hudson is officially not pregnant”

    you forgot to add “or even remotely interesting”

  21. Come on, Fish!!! Everybody else knows that if it’s Kate Hudson in a bikini, you feature the BUTT SHOTS! Geez…here’s one from this same photo set, which is being posted in a bunch of places.

  22. #19 Randal, I swear I just fell asleep halfway through your comment. You remind me of the narrator in those old black and white hygiene films..

  23. D. Richards

    Damn, #21′s right, Kate’s ass looks fantastic!

  24. mike

    I can vouch that Frist did NOT stay awake during those hygiene films…eeesh.

  25. D. Richards (OBGYN tamer.)

    No, Mike, Frist is very hygienic. She just never learned to wipe correctly (front to back.)

  26. trilby

    The previous picture with her in a smock was so obviously altered. You can tell by the sort of pixellated Photoshop line around her ‘belly’…

  27. Rick

    “Kate Hudson Is Having A Boy!”

    just delete “Having” from that headline and you can still run these pictures under it

  28. mike

    Yeah, there were a couple of times, my goat got a little loud and FRIST slept right through it. Maybe it was the Vodka before class.

  29. Randal

    FRIST, you have such lovely eyes. I’d love to get lost in them, as I slit your throat while ejaculating into your mouth.

    Did you stay awake through that one?

  30. pointandlaugh

    Her ass is awesome. Even though she has no boobs and has a butterface, from her bellybutton down, she’s an 11. humina humina humina

  31. I don’t think that a baby can actually fit inside those abs.

    And omg she’s so ripped!


  32. Jimbo

    @29, You are a sick FUCK. That is not something you joke around with ASSHOLE.

  33. OutRunner1

    Wow, @29 is either a troll or Randal came off the meds that I am absolutely sure he was on. Actually, judging by the highly supportive and near comatose responses to other posts, I think the latter theory is more plausible than the former.

  34. Sam

    I like #21′s butt picture best – with Kate having the full wedgy, it’s like she’s wearing a g-string.

  35. jessie

    @ 19 she already has a kid so i guess its too late for that.

  36. Andrea

    You’d think she’d pick that #34

  37. Ted from LA

    I personally think trolls completely ruin these kinds of boards. #2 not me. Should we all get together and pitch in and try to get Binky released from jail?

    9/11 protester arrested after yelling at Bill Clinton
    Published: Monday March 3, 2008

    A protester has been charged with disorderly conduct after yelling at former President Bill Clinton during a campaign stop.

    The Corpus Christi Caller-Times says that the man was holding a sign saying the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job as Clinton spoke. The man yelled at Clinton later as the former president shook hands with the crowd.

    Police were approaching the man when someone in the crowd grabbed his sign and tore it in half. The paper says the unidentified man screamed at officers to protect his First Amendment rights. Police handcuffed the man and took him to a patrol car and said he would be charged with disorderly conduct.

    Campaigning for his former first lady, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, he spoke Monday to fewer than 1,000 people in a gym at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, touching on his wife’s plans to reinvigorate the economy, provide health insurance and make college affordable.

    In his 17-minute speech, Clinton did not mention his wife’s rival, Barack Obama. Obama spoke to more than 5,000 on the campus two weeks ago.

    Last month, the former president had an angry response to another 9/11 protester.

    “9/11 was not an inside job, it was an Osama Bin Laden job,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Denver.

    “We look like idiots, folks, denying that the people who murdered our fellow citizens didn’t when they are continuing to murder people all around the world,” he added. “So we heard from you, you go away.”

  38. gio

    @16 is a psychopath/ administrator please send trace email and send to FBI

  39. wondering bra

    i thought this whore had decent body. obviously I was wrong. her face is below the average too. what the fuck does she do for a living?

  40. morga

    great bum

  41. ming

    “touching on his wife’s plans to reinvigorate the economy, provide health insurance and make college affordable.”

    yep, that’s about all he touches, at least when it’s Hillary.

  42. Realist

    She DOES have a nice body despite being flat-chested. She has a good face too when she’s wearing makeup.

  43. Jackie Blue

    She has a nice natural figure for her body type.

  44. Paris Eater

    Would she like to be????? I would be glad to squeeze out a couple million for that bent over shot!!

  45. miggs

    #39 is what happens with all those CSI/Law and Order shows…

  46. fdgfgf

    who the fuck cares if someone is pregnant or not, it isn’t entertaining, we all know everyone has sex so who gives a fucking shit.

  47. mike

    @38 Ted , How boring is your life that you are reading the Corpus Christi Caller Times? Not even the people of Corpus Christi read that paper. Maybe you need to get a life and stop obsessing about my goat.

    It may not be an inside job, but you need some kind of job. Do something other than boring the crap out of us!!

  48. dfg

    What would possess someone to wear a freaking THONG SWIMSUIT when you are swimming around little kids?? that’s just tacky and inappropriate. unless of course you’re trying to teach the kids to have as little class as possible.

  49. Andre

    #49 – I agree, but only for moms in America. For them, wearing a thong swimsuit is tacky and inappropriate, because 99.9% of them have disgusting cellulite-infested rear ends. In other countries the women don’t turn into fat pigs, permanently, after giving birth, so they look fine in skimpy swimwear, just like they did before having kids.

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