Kate Hudson is way not pregnant

Kate Hudson is officially not pregnant. I’m sure you’ve been sitting at your desk with bated breath waiting for some sort of confirmation. Me too. Anyway, these pics were taken today and there’s no baby in that belly. Kate’s brother Oliver also denied the rumors that she’s possibly carrying her ex-husband Chris Robinson’s and/or Owen Wilson’s baby. Extra reports:

Kate’s brother Oliver caught up with “Extra” at the World Poker Tour International and revealed that the rumors simply aren’t true, insisting there’s no baby on the way.
“I will squash that right now,” he told “Extra.” “She is absolutely 100% not pregnant.”

So, I don’t know what the hell kind of camera angle went on last night to produce the shots for today’s earlier post where Kate looked totally pregorama. If I was out scoring these pics, you’d be staring at one of those state-of-the-art 3-D ultrasounds. You know the ones that make you say “That’s not mine! It’s a goddamn alien!” But no one believes you and you’re still stuck paying child support. I mean, seriously, how did that not work? That plan had everything.