Kate Hudson is very well endowed

September 27th, 2007 // 214 Comments

Kate Hudson went out for a stroll in New York City yesterday, but it looks like she’s missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s something I usually look for in a woman. Personality? No, that can’t be it. In fact I’m pretty sure I just made that word up. It’s almost like there should be two objects in her general chest vicinity. And, in an ideal world, those objects should almost suffocate Kate when she jogs. Man, what are those things called?


  1. jrzmommy


  2. karina

    first, and i think she’s really pretty and i like her body

  3. 15piecesofflare

    I think her little titties are sexy!

  4. The girl is cute, but she needs to buy some boobs. Nothing to big . Maybe some nice B’s

  5. wedgeone

    If you’re going to be completely titless you can’t have a belly bulge like that.

  6. veggi

    Owen Wilson did his girlie wrist slash because he couldn’t bear to live without…that. Cmon, Jimbo, give him the Filipino boy you keep in your basement. Owen is ready to make the transition.

  7. Captain Sloppy

    She probably left them home. When it gets warm it’s not easy to haul those things around.
    You guys don’t have detachable body parts?
    Geez. How 21st Century!

  8. boogmeister1

    She has tits just like her moms… or should I say she’s lacking tits like her mom.

  9. Becca

    Are you kidding? Are we forgetting this is Goldie Hawn’s daughter? What do you expect? She’s great :)

  10. You so funny troll. Go back to blowing your brother

  11. freakwad

    what’s with all the skinny bitches lately? guys really find this sexy?

  12. You know how I know you're...

    Let’s see…no tits. Muscle tank top. Jeans with crotch bulge. All in all, and excellent test stimulus for diagnosing…”tendencies.” Ok, guys – who thinks she’s hot?

  13. jacknasty

    she’s cute, but her mom was way better looking at that age

  14. whatever

    oh my god, not everyone wants fucking softballs attached to their chests. she looks fine.

  15. Me

    I think it’s cool that she doesn’t bend to the idea that you have to have big boobs to be beautiful or accepted.

  16. adeliza

    Ok! Ok!

    I know the point of this page is to totally dog out stupid ass celebrities. So, really no matter what anyone says about them matters to me.


    Yesterday we dog out Heidi Montange for paying for big tits and totally dog out women for not being insecure about their bodies.

    Today, the hypocrisy begins.

  17. Texas Tranny

    how cute…………

    Is she wearing a bra? Why?
    Why not just use a couple of band-aids.

  18. Hollywood Agent

    too small bust.

  19. whatever

    16, you’ve hit the nail on the head. the site not only points out how superficial and stupid celebs are, but how superficial and stupid we are too. fun stuff, huh?

  20. She never had ‘em, what’s the big deal?

  21. jackasses

    ^^ too poor english.

  22. Julie

    Is she doing the purple scarf thing to cover up an enormous Adam’s apple. Could be that she is really a man.

  23. Panvienio

    There’s no hypocrisy – Kate will get dogged much less than Heidi. It’s a matter of scaling, which goes from minimal dogging to maximal dogging. There’s no zero point, and no complimenting. Look at #4 – “The girl is cute, but she needs to buy some boobs.” That’s a Superficial compliment, stated – by rule – as a negative. This whole thread is overflowing with love for Kate, as shown by loving kicks to the clitoris.

  24. I like chicks with no tits, so hot

  25. Mulva

    #14 – don’t worry, another issue of “OK!” magazine will be out soon, and you can lose yourself once again in celebrity-love. Which one do you want to pretend to be this week?

  26. Seattlerockstar

    Kate Hudson is abosolutely hot. Did you see that panty shot in You, Me and Dupree??? I absolutely love her little nipples and would love to put them in my mouth. I bet her nips are twice as sensitive than larger ones.

  27. jads

    She looks good! I would rather have hers then big, saggy ,boobs pointing southward with big areolas.

  28. Bob

    Meh. At least she doesn’t have silicone migrating into other parts of her body.

  29. penis mightier

    23: Hehe, that was good.

  30. repressed "straight" male commenter

    Kate is perfect – I hate big saggy tits! In fact, I hate tits. And vaginas. A flat chested girl without a vagina would be perfect. Especially if she had a big penis.

  31. juls

    mehh I don’t care she’s still stunningg :)

  32. adeliza


    I have never once bought OK magazine. You should go to any random post on this site, going back about 4 months or so, hit CTRL/F, type in adeliza , then hit find next. You’ll arrive at my posts and see how much I don’t love these folks.

    I hate them.

    I was just pointing out the irony of the whole thing, and trying to get some shit stirred up, which, hee hee, looks like I did!!

  33. Texas Tranny

    I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

  34. Buttercup

    She’s always been completly flat chested, and never hid that fact either. In fact, I think she kind of likes being that way and flaunts it; as if to say F U Hollywood standards, I don’t need big knockers to be attractive & successful. But yeah, her chest is pretty sunk in and it doesn’t look that great. But it still looks better than the big fake breasts; those are nasty and so cliche. And have you seen the rest of Kate’s body? Holy crap, the girl is tight and toned. Just watch You, Me, and Dupree (or don’t… because it majorly sucks!) and you’ll see what I mean! I envy her bod (though the face is just hum-ho, soso). And she’s got AWFUL taste in men! Ick!!!

  35. rubbing eyes -is there someone in hollywood wihthout fake tits, fake nose, fake hair? a HUMAN beeing?? never ever! this is not america.

  36. Alex

    you’re a dick she’s so hot.

  37. penis mightier

    36: no, but I’m pretty sure she has one.

  38. Judy's a loser, too

    Those itty bitties would look a lot sexier without the badly fitting bra. Nothing wrong with small ones, but show them to better advantage, girl!

  39. adeliza


    “And she’s got AWFUL taste in men! Ick!!!”

    How about fucking, horrid, shitty ass taste in men?

    I agreewith you. Owen Wilson is a tool. What a fucking ugly nose, man.

    And while I love groovin’ to the Black Crowes, girl, Chris Robinson looks like a hermit who’s been on a deserted South Pacific Island for 8 years. Kinda like Tom Hanks in that movie he did about the plane crash.

  40. jenster

    i’ve always wanted small ones like that, you can wear alotta little skimpy shirts……butim sure after like 4 hours, I’d want the “girls” back

  41. Mulva

    erm…adeliza, you were sweet #16, I addressed sour #14 (“whatever”), who posts comments only to bitch at this site, quite possibly because of an infection due to a long-lost tampon.

  42. sino

    haha absolutely NO tits! -AA?

  43. Duke

    Hey Fish, she looks fine to me. News flash, women come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t expect you to know that, though, as I imagine you have very little experience with women to begin with.

  44. BustyRaquel

    I sure wish my boobies were that small! Mine are large and annoying!

  45. adeliza

    my sincere apologies. I read my line number wrong.

    I just slapped myself 5 times for the idiocy.

  46. KH

    ^^ tits up!

  47. Pock Tits

    Kate is half-baked.

  48. steve

    how can you make love to a woman with no breasts? thats like making love to a boy

  49. trinity

    i think she looks great..i am a nearly A and i have absolutely no problem with my chest. girls with small chests should embrace them. and some guys do go for smaller chests

  50. Sarah

    Fake boobs make women look like trannies.

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