Kate Hudson is hot (If you hate breasts)

July 2nd, 2008 // 107 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong had dinner yesterday with Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn which must’ve made Owen Wilson all kinds of jealous. He never got to meet Goldie! This blows. Why is everyone always walking out on him? Fortunately, there’s always good, old reliable heroi- Hey! Mr. Syringe, why’re you putting on your top hat and monocle? “Sorry, Owen, but I think we should see other people.” Awwwww.


  1. Harry Ballzack

    Don’t know where her tits went – nor do I care ……
    The woman has one of THEE hottest asses in the country …
    I swear when I die, I want to come back as Kate Hudsons Bicycle seat.
    I would only pray Lances cancer-rotted-ballzack never touched me

  2. metoo

    BM sure, sure butterfingers. ATTENTION YOU ARE TOO FAT FOR YOUR KEYBOARD. Your double post is due to your sausage fingers, Mrs. DoubleWideAss. I can guarantee that I am the slimmest person on here I have a BMI of 18. Flawless tight and toned, I am a tighter more toned younger version of Kate Hudson (body wise), but I have perky round beautiful breasts and a face like a younger prettier Catherine Zeta Jones so suck on that fatass.

  3. kerri

    #23 i love you! i totally agree. these losers complain when the woman is ‘fake’ and now they have a totally natural beauty and they are cutting her down as well! i can just imagine ther loser guys who check sites like this…not getting anything at home so you have to see if the superficial dude posted any bikini pictures. get a life. you will never even stand next to a girl as pretty as kate.
    i have a similiar body type to her and i’m 100% proud of it. i would rather know my body will be tight and not drooping or riddled with cellulite when i’m in my 40′s, 50′s…she’s fit, tight and gorgeous. enough said!

  4. Lindsay Blohand

    BM is so obviously one of those fat chicks with no boobs. UGH have any of you ever seen those chicks? Fat as fuck and yet totally flat; the genetic dumpsters. They usually have excesive body hair too. I had to sit next to one of these fowl smelling bitches on the airplaine last week. Holly mother that was the worst flight of my life, spent half of it in the bathroom.

  5. Frank

    Not looking too good at all. She’s going to get very Jewy with age, I can tell.

  6. BM

    #53.. agree too! and sure lindsay.. sounds like you gave a great description of yourself because every linsday i know is fat as hell :-)

  7. your fat mom

    If you take away the make up and the bitchy sense of self-entitlement she’s just another insecure drag queen who starves herself to look more feminine but it just brings out her linebacker shoulders more.

  8. BM

    metoo– just keep telling yourself that if thats what makes you happy.. and i posted twice so your fatass can see it easier :-)

  9. Lindsay Blohand

    Yes my real name in Lindsay Blohand, I’m a guy you fucking retard, god dumb fat and ugly… well like I said nature’s dumpster.
    As a 6’2″ athlete who makes Lance look like a pudgy little troll I can guarantee that I am as lean as can be. You’re flat and fat, deal with it.

  10. metoo

    I don’t need to BM I get told that on a daily basis among other constant compliments. I know who I am and what I look like so it’s just a compliment to me that it’s so unbelievable to you. It simply speaks volumes about how unattractive you must be. You are just such a vile, jealous, and bitter woman aren’t you. Grow up and stop hating the world because you’re flat chested and have a huge inferiority complex because of it.

  11. Ted Mosby

    BM= Bitter and manly. Lets take a guess? Are you unmarried, flat chested, and insecure? DING! DING! DING!

    Get lost and quit your bitchin’ fatty!

  12. your fat mom

    FYI to those among you who feel it necessary to compliment yourselves or write about how other people compliment you regularly or how pretty/handsome/athletic you are. Please get off the computer and go get those compliments. No one believes you. No one. Post pics or link them, THEN brag. Otherwise, you’re fat and ugly. The average American is fat and stupid, which means half of all Americans are even fatter and stupider than THAT. No stretch of the imagination (unlike your pants) that the superficial attracts a large number of the below average, of which I am one, and proud.

  13. It's Britney Bitches

    #58. That is the lamest comeback EVER and doesn’t even make sense. Calling someone who isn’t fat fat is not an insult it’s just laughable.

  14. BM

    Ted.. aw your so cute.. trying to find different words that stand for BM? i havent done that to someones initials since elementary school! all i did was defend kate for being natural and thin and im getting called insecure by you? right and this comes from YOU, a supposed GUY who reads gossip online? thats pretty damn gay and desperate if you ask me.

    #62 thats very true.

    well girlies, id love to stay and chat but unlike you all i have a life and cant respond back to everyones comment unlike metoo and lindsay.. the two fattest girls here :O) toodles!

  15. Ted Bundy

    she is hotttttt- way hotter than kim kardashian whos all implants and shit

  16. The Beautiful people

    #62. And you’ve just proven it, this is the world wide web RETARD, not everyone that comes to the superficial is American fucktard. Only an idiot like yourself would post pics of themselves online in this sick insane world. Attractive people usually have stalkers (below average loosers who are obsessed with them) and are magnets for crazy below average loosers. Again as always your assumptions just prove how fat and ugly you are and how small your little world is because you assume ,in your sheltered reality, that most people are like you; a fat, ugly, dumb American and you have this bizarre view of beautiful people, as though they are sub-human and don’t enjoy trash talking on the internet or silly celebrity gossip. We are just like you only better in every single way.

  17. The Beautiful people

    Funny how BM refused to give us her BMI. I will guess that it is around 300.

    Homophobic too, she’s just bursting with qualities and fat, lots and lots of fat.

  18. Huh?

    #66 – You’re awfully liberal with the word “retard” when you don’t even know how to spell “loser”. If you need help, ask your mother or look in the mirror. You sound kind of defensive, and, I might add, it’s quite obvious you’re posting under several different screen names in order to make it look like you spend less time here than you actually do. This is real advice and I’m not trying to be mean, but whoever you are, you should get away from your desk for a while and talk to your coworkers or something. You sound like you’re under stress. Maybe take a day off and go to the beach?

  19. Deacon Jones


    I see hotter girls working at the checkout line in fucking Acme!!

    Get a grip Forearmstrong!

  20. Jamie's Uterus

    I hate this self important bitch who won the genetic jackpot being Goldie Hawn’s offspring. Had she no famous mother, we would never know who she is. She is untalented, arrogant and self absorbed. I could care less about her sad ass flapjack tits, I’m more concerned about her entire persona, which is truly disgusting.

  21. Never fails that some moron decides to bash all Americans by calling us fat and stupid. Why don’t you just take the stereotype all the way and say we are all cowboys and wear cowboy hats. All African people speak in clicks and grunts. All Mexican people wear sombreros. All Italians are hairy, etc etc.

    YOU are a dumb ass and your statements prove it. Talking shit about an entire group of people is about as narrow minded as a person can by.

  22. czar

    the only people defending this little boy, kate hudson, are the truly fat girls who love to see other girls living without asthetic appeal…know this, kate! and yes, the jew will come out more and more…you’re very physically limited as far as men go, and as far as talent, WHOA! as much, or even less, sorry doll!

  23. rinn

    She’s still smokin, you need to do,

    10 Hottest of the Itty Bitty Titty Club.. :-D

  24. Sure Bob

    #71 = It would have never occurred to me that Americans are fat and stupid and wear cowboy hats, or that Africans speak in clicks and grunts, or that Mexicans all wear sombreros, or that Italians are hairy, until YOU named the supposed stereotypes.

    It sounds like you got on your self-righteous horse to decry a stereotype by having some fun in dropping some more.

    There’s only one Jesus and that job’s taken, but you’re a LOCK for jackass.

    How about giving us some Asian or Middle Easterner stereotypes, you fucking douche?

  25. webterractive

    I don’t care what they say I think Kate Hudson is **cken gourgeous! I would love for her to carry my kids!

  26. mo

    oh gosh, it’s hysterical! this loser tries so hard to look like a hippie, she’s so young and suuuuch a wannabe…does she not know how ridiculous she looks to real hippie, maybe she’s just playing dress-up, hysterical!

  27. jamie

    Kate is always looking for her daddy’s love.
    He dumped Goldie and her a long time
    These two are so attracted to men that cheat on them. It’s a criteria.
    These two are so pathetic. They have been brain-washed by their men (who are serial cheaters, btw) that it is un-natural for a a man to be monogamous, and these two dopes believe it.
    Talk about a couple of blonde bimbos. Goldie must really be as smart as her “Laugh-In” character, not an act after all. and kate, well, the apple never falls far from the tree.
    Goldie is a real old hag, that’s why she keeps long hair and her face covered all the time. Kate is a disgrace in both appearance and talent. Even read she has feminine hygiene problem. DISGRACE!

  28. Greg

    Pear shaped is unattractive, Kate. Who the hell wants to look at someone with a big ass and no tits?

  29. sweets

    Come on lets be nice…Kate is very beautiful-stop being so obsessed with breasts!!Shes very pretty no matter what. :) give her a fuckin break!

  30. sharpeidude

    Oh shit! What if “Oldie Goldie” pushes Lance to do a 3-way deal with Kate?

  31. Ryder

    #15 mojo…

    Ryder is not with her ex. Chris is on tour on the east coast. Ryder is probably stuck with a nanny while Kate hangs with one nut Willie.

  32. Goldie

    HAAAHA i LOVED #31′s comment!
    yeah, Kate is my hero in the itty bitty titty club!! as a member, i love that she doesnt give a shit she’s got nuthin – she’s still sexy and adorable without any ridiculous implants….

  33. unreal!

    how can anyone think that this girl is beautiful? i just don’t get it….charlize theron is beautiful, ashley judd is beautiful (just two examples, there are a few others)…i really wish i could see and hear these posters as they type in that she’s beautiful…it’s HAS to be in the context that they are just sticking up for her for some reason? maybe they just like her for some reason? and that’s OK i guess…but it absolutely cannot be out of talent or beauty…no freakin’ way.

  34. OMG

    A regular Side Show
    Step right up folks, over here we have the Half boy / Half girl freak of nature,
    In the other corner is The one nut wonder.

  35. Alice

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups.

  36. hendero

    Oh, for heaven’s sake #’s 73 and 82. It’s the itty bitty titty committee, not club.

    Kate’s the president, Keira Knightly’s the secretary, and the Olsen twins are the janitors.

  37. spencer pwatt

    #41′s comment is amazing.

  38. surlywench

    Part of me is jealous because she never feels any discomfort running without a bra. And she’ll never have to worry about sagging.

    Then again I do like filling my shirts out. She must have a hard time finding clothes that fit her.

  39. Sunny

    Is that true? Her blog and photos where just seen at millionaire persoanal site ******R I C H L O V I N G.C O M*****last week. It is said she is already in relationship with a young billionaire on that site now.

  40. I really adore this look of kate.
    Kate, your body is that of athlete.
    NO TITS is better with sporting.
    Maybe this is a reason Lance like you?
    You’re also a very positive human being.
    That’s required in the “CIRCLES” you’re in.
    I think Lance can make you mentally Much stronger.
    Phisically I think you already are strong enough.
    Required for your position.
    When you didn’t like “HOLLYWOOD”, I’m sure athletics or some sports was your game!!

  41. Capers

    Think about it….First there is Lance’s ex-wife, Kristin….then he dates Sheryl Crow…then Tory Burch, Ashley Olsen and now Kate Hudson…….They all look alike, so he is obviously not over Kristin! As a player, I think he is “played out”….I bet he is a selfish lover….Kate can do SO much better…..

  42. Jackson

    She is all natural and hot unlike Kim Kardaskank’s breast implants and ugly fat ass. All you flat and small chested females with sexy legs and asses are hot. Do not worry about all this breast hype. There are plenty of guys like me that appreciate all types of fit sexy bodies.

  43. Virgodoll

    #26 is so RIGHT, the most intelligent comment on this site EVER

  44. JAdam

    Why does everyone have to make such a big deal about her breasts. It’s so nice to see a mega-rich female that doesn’t feel the need to cave to the idea stupid people have that bigger is better. Sure she could afford them but fake boobs look ridiculous and after a few years are teeming with bacteria.

  45. Kiki

    I agree with 94. At least she’s not running around full of plastic like 95% of the shallow-ass people in LA do. This is what our society has come to…it’s either fake boobs or you’re unattractive? Like it’s her fault she’s flat chested anyway. We’re trashing her for something she was born with? Lame.

  46. x

    #94 so true.

  47. Steffen

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  48. mafia

    all this negativity, superficiality and judgement should just cease to exist.
    but i know such thing won’t happen for there are too many DUMBASSES on this planet.

    She looks great. You people should look in the mirror before making such comments about other people’s appearances.

  49. phoenix

    I Agree with #94. She is obviously more wealthy than any of us could ever hope to be. She may have thought about them and weighed the pros and cons and like any other intelligent, confident, self-assured woman decided against it. And as for #50; you’re a little confused Kim, pancakes tits are what you’re left with after the implants come out!!!

  50. jamezz

    Hay more then a mouthfull is a waste and I would twist and turn that hotties little body into positions even dirty decks of cards are to prude to show and thats before bangin the shit out of her. Oh ya I LOVE small tits durr….!!

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