Kate Hudson is hot (If you hate breasts)

July 2nd, 2008 // 107 Comments

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong had dinner yesterday with Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn which must’ve made Owen Wilson all kinds of jealous. He never got to meet Goldie! This blows. Why is everyone always walking out on him? Fortunately, there’s always good, old reliable heroi- Hey! Mr. Syringe, why’re you putting on your top hat and monocle? “Sorry, Owen, but I think we should see other people.” Awwwww.


  1. Que

    Que 14yearoldboy!

  2. Que

    Que 14yearoldboy!

  3. Que

    Que doublepost! Que estupido. :(

  4. vin man

    Id still do her..and do her hard…Steriod boy is lucky

  5. eh

    ive seen more pancakes with bigger lumps then that, paint her black and send her to ethiopia add some flies to her mouth, boooyah put her on one of them save this child adds and make me some damn money hahaha

  6. syn

    I don’t have the words to describe how much I detest Lance Armstrong. Seriously, you’ve gotta love a guy who walks out on his wife and kids and ends up with Sheryl Crow (possibly the single most overrated singer of our time).

    I liked Kate a lot more before she got together with this douche.

    Did I mention I don’t particularly care for Lance Armstrong?

  7. Jack Sparrow

    With an ass like that tits are obsolete.
    Why is it that chics with no tits have the best asses and chics with the best tits have no ass or just a fat ass?
    Woops, to much thought for this site, sorry…

  8. crabby old guy

    Meanwhile, somewhere poor old “Dupree” is lamenting the loss of his “ness” as Kate and Lance scratch and sniff each other’s bicycle seats.

    Time to crank up “Roman Holiday”.

    I love it when life skull fucks art.

  9. ph7

    She deprived her kids of full breasts to nurse on.
    She is currently depriving her kids of a mother to play with.

    Listen up: I have no problem with being young, rich and beautiful, and wanting to party all the time. But don’t have kids, then, OK? Cause the rest of us will have to deal with their drug-addled lives and general fuck-uppedness.

  10. veggi

    Her glasses and that palm tree made it look like she was wearing on of those feather head thingys..

    That is all..

  11. Joejam2845

    Kate Hudson is HOT! I like the fact that she’s NOT out rushing to get Fake Boobie’s just to satisfy to paparazi’s out there! And everyone think’s she looks so much like here MOM! If you saw her father you’d see the resemblance in the Eyes!

  12. syn

    Even worse than LA – I’d actually forgotten she’s a mom. God these people suck. Get effing fixed if you don’t want to parent your kids.

  13. blair

    smallest tits ever on the site…let’s not have that happen again

  14. jake

    her cute face and amazing ass. ’nuff said.

  15. mojo

    syn-you must not have kids. parent’s don’t have to be with their kids 24/7. parent’s have lives, too. sometimes, parents can even go out to eat at a restaurant without their kids (and the other diners certainly appreciate that they didn’t bring their kids, trust!). in Kate’s case, she shares custody with her ex. If she’s not with her kid, it’s because her kid is with her ex. get a life, syn, and stop judging others when you know nothing of their situation, apparently.

  16. meeatu

    i feel sorry for her

  17. Ted Mosby

    Lance has equated her boobs to the the speed bumps on Mile 10 of the Tour de France.

  18. Ted Mosby

    Lance has equated her boobs to the the speed bumps on Mile 10 of the Tour de France.

  19. Ted Mosby

    Lance has equated her boobs to the the speed bumps on Mile 10 of the Tour de France.

  20. metoo

    Sucks when your 80 year old mom is hotter than your 20 something slutty ass.This bitch once said that blonds turn more heads than brunettes so as you can see god is making her pay for that comment by permanently delaying her puberty and making her love life a trainwreck (all aboard the slut steam express *choo choo WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!* that’s the sound she makes as she pulls out of her ‘random men’ pick up station.

    I guess this bitch believes that when she’s on the read carpet with Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Megan Fox etc.. That she is the one who is getting the most attention.
    Oh Boobless stulface you are so funny. You just keep believing that Lance Armstrong isn’t picturing Matthew McConaughey when he fucks you in the ass. I mean you and Matt have starred in two shitty things that should not be called movies so obviously the association is easier with you than with Sheryl Crow. That lance he sure does hate boobs and brunettes apparently.

  21. AndrewMacCloud

    Not Big, Not Small, No Tits at all!

    The point is,no more Mountains for Lance Armstrong….

  22. Jackson'shole

    #6 I love you
    #7 You are very right
    I used to like Kate and I guess she’s still ok but she has bad taste in men. She’s beautiful but I wouldn’t want that small of boobs. In fact, my boobs haven’t been that small since I was eleven.

  23. BM

    she is hot.. gorgeous face, nice body.. why do you ppl always have the need to comment about her breasts?? you would rather have some “curvy” fatass that will all turn into cellulite after they are past 30??

    its funny how you guys always make fun of ppl for having fake breasts.. then bashing on others who are small chested.. i swear all of u must be ugly as hell if you are that judgemental.. go back to ur blow up dolls and shut up thanks

  24. Robert Acquafresca

    Hot as all hell. Tits or no tits

  25. Hussein

    I bet they’re not going shopping for bras

  26. metoo

    #23. Are you lost? Do you know the name of this website? Everyone gets ripped apart here, DAMMIT! Good fucking gawd every day at least one person is like”wait you make fun of fat chicks and thin chicks flat chicks and fake chicks, I don’t get it”. REALLY??? COME ON.

    If you take these comments to heart you are going to have a pretty hard life. No one is immune to superficial criticsm which is why you grow a thick skin respect yourself and don’t let douches who dont respect you anywhere near you. You come here to let out your nasty side (a mental punching bad if you will) and to remember to have a life that soesn’t revolve around what you look like.

  27. Mike

    #26 is a bit retarded

  28. Uncle Eccoli


  29. stizz

    That’s a shame.

  30. lisa

    lol @ #27

  31. Kate is looking great as usual. Hey, so she doesn’t have any tits – her boyfriend only has 1 nut so it all evens out.

  32. NY Ted

    Ummm…what breasts…??? All I see is a billiard table…!!!

  33. MightyD

    I would certainly sell ONE nut to hit that!

  34. trained monkey

    I heard Mike and Lisa are dating, they met on fatpeopleneedlovetoo.com, I hear many eligible fat people are looking for love and fried chicken there, maybe you can find a fat lover too.

  35. sandwich maker

    26 is 34

  36. Ted Mosby

    #35 eats many, many, fat people sandwich (known as a fatwich) and is also #27 and #30.

  37. mike

    FAT PEOPLE SANDWICH!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Put me in the middle of that baby!

  38. idl3mind

    kate is so hot!

  39. DJ

    she’s looking like Britney Spears in these pictures

  40. I kinda like girls with small tits. They understand when they see my 2″ for the frist time that we were not all blessed

  41. Ana Rita Frazão de Sousa

    I think she has lots of courage going out without a bra or someting, in a way to don’t be so evident her situation.
    In other hand have no breasts make me think that she is a “natural woman”, and nowadays that’s less commun. I have already wanted to do some plastic in such a way to have biger boobies. And to be sinceer, I encourage Kate to do it, she will turn even hotter!

  42. mike

    So would Jimbo titty fucking Kate be like ironing clothes?

  43. Mr. Sleepyhead

    Given that Lance only has one nut makes this a match made in heaven.

  44. TopperTwo

    Bull. I’ve jerked off twice to these photos–numbers 4 & 9!

  45. What’s the big deal?? So what, she got her chest from her dad

  46. stuntman mike

    what she lacks in boobs department, she makes up for in the ass department.

    small tits and a nice ass is better than big tits and no ass me thinks.

  47. BM

    i agree with #27 and as for #26.. i am coming here to vent as well just as much as u are.. u are obviously the idiot taking comments to heart.. you must be the fattest obese person on here to be so emotional.. calm down its okay.. you will be okay.

  48. BM

    i agree with #27 and as for #26.. i am coming here to vent as well just as much as u are.. u are obviously the idiot taking comments to heart.. you must be the fattest obese person on here to be so emotional.. calm down its okay.. you will be okay.

  49. JimmyBachaFungool

    Below average face…no tits…just has a famous mother. ONLY reason she’s ever had any success.

  50. Kim Lardassian

    Pancake woman! Goldie was much more attractive that this woman.

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