Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are serious


Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard have been getting it on recently, and apparently they’ve gotten serious enough that Dax has basically moved into Kate’s house. Page Six reports:

“Dax is basically living at her house right now,” said our source. While the rest of her family is “a little annoyed,” according to our tipster, “Chris is thrilled because now he can have [their 3-year-old son] Ryder whenever he wants … Kate gets a little more distracted when new men come into her life.” Hudson’s rep, Brad Cafarelli, told us, “None of what you’re speculating here is accurate.”

Did you catch that last line? Kate Hudson’s rep basically says everything Page Six just reported is completely inaccurate. But instead of tossing the story, Page Six just puts it up anyway, along with the quote telling them how inaccurate they are. This is some incredible journalism we’re dealing with here. It takes some award-winning reporting to know a story is false, report it, and in that same story report that you knew it was false but still reported it. And me writing about them reporting about themselves falsely reporting? Oh, man. I’m so confused, but somebody’s gonna win a Pulitzer for this.