Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are serious

August 13th, 2007 // 48 Comments

Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard have been getting it on recently, and apparently they’ve gotten serious enough that Dax has basically moved into Kate’s house. Page Six reports:

“Dax is basically living at her house right now,” said our source. While the rest of her family is “a little annoyed,” according to our tipster, “Chris is thrilled because now he can have [their 3-year-old son] Ryder whenever he wants … Kate gets a little more distracted when new men come into her life.” Hudson’s rep, Brad Cafarelli, told us, “None of what you’re speculating here is accurate.”

Did you catch that last line? Kate Hudson’s rep basically says everything Page Six just reported is completely inaccurate. But instead of tossing the story, Page Six just puts it up anyway, along with the quote telling them how inaccurate they are. This is some incredible journalism we’re dealing with here. It takes some award-winning reporting to know a story is false, report it, and in that same story report that you knew it was false but still reported it. And me writing about them reporting about themselves falsely reporting? Oh, man. I’m so confused, but somebody’s gonna win a Pulitzer for this.


  1. whut

    lulz first.

  2. Michelle Double D

    ok. great.

    but who is he ??

  3. Tim

    In your excitement you forgot to add that she was “spotted in a bikini.” Don’t you have a macro for that by now?

  4. LadyJane

    I’m going to smoke some hash now.

  5. Jumondo

    Geez and I thought I had a chance at that tap.

  6. Crap Tonight

    Thats quite the Johnson hes got there

  7. Lexoka

    Well, Kate Hudson’s rep might also be lying. Anyway, she’s cute and has a nice ass.

  8. ssdd

    Screw Kate Hudson…. and her hippy mother Goldie Hawn…
    Hollywoods very own dumb and dumber

  9. Guy

    soighv cwzrj7ystwg 9v53 yvt3kyn3yhnvt3yo9h34w3

    Oh sorry, I must have fallen asleep on my keyboard…

  10. soz

    Is anyone else disturbed by the statement “Chris is thrilled because now he can have [their 3-year-old son] Ryder whenever he wants”

  11. p0nk

    Dax Shepard is the new Dirk Diggler.

  12. Anybody like to watchz me jack my ownz dickz off with my zhit?

  13. PrettyBaby

    I think her ass is flat.

  14. @12……..LOL at the “Boggie Nights”

  15. wedgeone

    @11 – that’s why the kid’s name is “Ryder”.

  16. @14…….Yes, looks like a cardboard box.

  17. PrettyBaby

    Yes it does….

  18. Jillblondie

    LOL – “nice Johnson” Good one, Crap!


    She’s a flat-chested no-talent – I don’t get it?

    And #7 – oh, very good!

  20. I don’t know who writes this blog… but i’ve decided you should seriously marry me.I’ve been reading for almost 6 months now and I fucking adore your wit.

  21. alex

    #21 – I’m hoping that was sarcasm.

  22. @21 I am the one that writes this blog!!

  23. woodhorse

    I don’t think the headband is working for him. And the way he is smooshing up her back fat is disgusting – he’s not very considerate (we have paps to think of here)- and, oh yeah, who is he? Was he somebody’s next door neighbor?

  24. ali

    well whatevers going on, its fucking cute. shes adorable. and i always get him mixed up with zach braff. they’d make a cuter couple.

  25. flavio

    as long as we all get to see more pictures of her gorgeous ass, we’re all winners…

  26. lambman

    Worst taste in men EVER

    From Chris *singer of a band nobody’s heard of* to Owen “Butterscotch Cowboy” Wilson to this “Punked” reject?


  27. Sugar Tits

    And who the fuck are these people?

    Until someone can give me credible reason’s why I should give this happy couple the gift of a rat’s ass, I will continue to masturbate to the Carmen Electra pics.

  28. Hmm

    Kate Hudson is so gorgeous, I don’t understand the losers she ends up with

  29. lol

    this is actually the funniest commentary thats been put up in many many months!

  30. Feminem

    Kate’s rep denies a lot. Like how she denied Kate and Wison were dating. Then not too long ago when she (along with Kate ) said Kate and Dax are just friends.

  31. wedgeone

    #10 – nice one. LOL.
    #30 – agreed. Fish actually ranted on a completely different line this time. Caught me off guard, that’s for sure.

    No one care about this ketchup hating whore. At least, I think that it was her who ranted on Americans because they put ketchup on their food. Maybe it was Kate Moss. I don’t know anymore.

  32. wedgeone


  33. Kay

    Has anyone considered that Dax is living in her house because he is unemployed. Starring alongside Jessica Simpson in music videos and movies doesn’t pay like it used to, huh Dax?

  34. TremendouslyDisturbed

    Kelli, I would love to watch you masturbate your own feces! Y’know shake the corn and peanuts around a bit and lick ‘em off with your sweet (pierced?) young tongue.! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  35. Well they do look pretty intimate in that photo, for what it’s worth. Maybe the publisher just wants to keep their relationship private for now.


  36. Faggot


    you’re an ugly piece of shit.

  37. Faggot


    you’re an ugly piece of shit.

  38. Faggot


    you’re an ugly piece of shit.

  39. Faggot

    Oops I meant #21 Pixie Pearl. You’re the ugly piece of shit.

  40. Faggot

    i fucking adore your wit
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  41. Faggot

    #1 BULLY

    I’M the new bully in town! step aside krazi little kelli

  42. ToTellTheTruth

    Flat nasty pale assed bitch..

  43. douglas

    Sadly enough Dax is an upgrade for that deadbeat from the counting crows. A step in the right direction for the queen of the itty bitty titty committy

  44. FACE

    I would absolutely crush the white ass with some hard black meat.

  45. LouLou

    #44………ummm, it’s The Black Crows, not Counting Crows. They had one good song, that “Light Your Candle” something or other thing. I only know this and remember this because I’m so old.

    Anyway, who really cares? Kate Hudson was so brilliant in Almost Famous but imho she never lived up to expectations after that. I do understand that having Goldie Hawn, perpetual 20-something and once upon a time sex bomb it girl, is a tall order to live up to. How do you compete with a mom like that?

  46. Beth

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Why should her family be annoyed? Goldie’s been shacking up for years!

  47. Dan Rather

    Now that’s what I call reporting!

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