Kate Hudson is barred from Owen Wilson

September 5th, 2007 // 61 Comments

Owen Wilson’s family is preventing Kate Hudson from reaching out to him after his attempted suicide last week, according to NY Daily News:

A source close to the actress says her attempts to send regards have been rebuffed by Wilson’s camp. “Kate has been trying to get in touch with Owen and is distraught that the family doesn’t want her anywhere near him,” says a pal. “She is very frustrated.”

I don’t see why Kate can’t talk to Owen. What’s the harm? It’s not like she broke up with him causing a relapse of his heroin addiction which led to depression and a failed suicide attempt. What’s that? That’s exactly what happened? Hmm, awkward. I could really use a distraction right now. Hey, look, it’s Eva Longoria in a bikini. Keys! Where are my keys?


  1. Frick!

    Hey, if Owen wants to talk to her ass he will; he’s an adult.

  2. jrzmommy

    Maybe they should have barred her from seeing him while she was still married and none of this woulda happened. Just sayin’.

  3. She can come visit me!!

  4. What makes everybody think he tried to off himself over HER????

    Clearly it was me who broke his heart, duuuhhh!

  5. @2, jrz – but that is OK in Hollywood

  6. HEY FRIST!!! Where the hell have you been?

  7. soapbox

    It’s voodoo! She put a curse on him. Want to deny it? Go ahead! I know because I’m the one who sold her the voodoo doll. Yep, that’s right folks.

  8. jrzmommy

    True dat, Jimbo.

  9. owenifurreadingthis


    I just talked to Kate and she said she hates you and you are ugly and bad in bed. Don’t you miss the heroin Owen. MMMMM……..sweet heroin. Kill yourself Owen. Only do it RIGHT this time.

  10. Edan

    Why is she wearing a housecoat? And pretending it’s a real coat?

  11. Vince Lombardi

    If she showed up at my door wearing her houserobe, flip flops, and carrying only one cup of Starbuck’s coffee, I’d refuse to see her, too.

  12. I was off for Labor Day, and Tues. too. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!

  13. no1justminda

    My day wouldn’t be complete without a photo of a celebrity holding a cup-o-starbucks!

  14. WTC!! Monday was labor day? I was wondering why I was the only one in the office

  15. jrzmommy

    Here’s antoher one…..see, it’s not like the only things happening in the world of Celbutards is Kate Hudson and Paris Hilton.

  16. I even got paid for it. So, I can buy more heroin. And slash my wrists. Oh, wait I gotta work tomorrow, I’ll have to wait til Friday.

  17. cookievanderbilt

    only morons fawn over goldie hawn spawn

  18. @19 FRIST, I think Owen has a stash he is not going to be using.

  19. Pennywise

    This is such crap, even for this site. What was she supposed to do, keep dating him so that he didn’t go off the deep end? If an adult wants to do drugs and take his own life, it’s no one’s fault but his own. Gee, poor Owen. The drugs victimized him!

  20. Oh??? I’ll take it off his hands.
    Hey, Jimbo, I thought I sent you a memo, you know about Labor Day. Didn’t you get it?

  21. Anon

    If I were Wilson, I wouldn’t want anyone I cared about to see me at my lowest and worst either.

  22. No!!! I am still waiting

  23. El-Coyote

    They probably saw what she was wearing and were worried she was naked under that trench coat… Poor boy would be sure to start sawing on an arm again if he had to go through that ordeal again….


  24. Joel Becker

    From what I’ve heard from the extent of Owens injury, this was not a suicide attempt at all,but rather an attempt to get Kates attention, which is obviously working.

  25. BlohansProlpase

    He doesn’t want to talk to her because she has no tits.

  26. lambman

    didn’t they only date for 2 months? And break up like 6 months ago? Why does she think she should be involved?

    #8 – Obviously you haven’t seen that documentary “The Skeleton Key” it clearly explains that Kate Hudson uses Hoodoo, not Voodoo

  27. HughJorgan

    If he actually tried to kill himself over this skank, he should try again, and keep going till it works. pathetic.

  28. vive Mexico

    Ha ha our country is being given away to lil brown retards and all we care about are celebrity degenerates!!!!!!!
    Looks like “their” plan has succeeded!!!!!!!!!

    Adios gringoes stupidos fucktardaringoes
    scumbagga scumbagga yo yo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    woopeeeee paris has herpes and britney this or that and Iraq is genocide central (or is that Africa) Yeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAA Die!!!!

  29. Chauncey Gardner

    She looks like that talentless whore from ‘Profiler’ in the first pic. Which means the chick from ‘Profiler’ looks like the talentless whore that stars in Kate Hudson movies.

  30. Italian Stallion

    Owen tried to kill himself because she wouldn’t suck his nose…………

  31. flavio

    its hard to lose your super-hot blonde girlfriend, really. owen is rich and famous though, he’s taking this way too hard. heroin is b a d.

  32. Lady Zombie

    I’ve always had a dislike for this cow ever since Almost Famous. This apple fell so far from the tree, it ended up in the next orchard.

  33. I miss Goldie Hawn. Time to google that ass pic from the Overboard movie …


  34. Horsewood

    Good move. The first step in recovery is breaking your obsession with 13-year-old blond boys.

  35. cocaKelli

    YEAH! The first thing I want to do after I try to murder myself is hang out with an ex-girlfriend!
    Exs are so much fun! Smart girl! “Won’t fuck you any more, but I’ll sure treat you like a little bitch-puppy! Maybe my new boyfriend will play nice with you too!”

  36. who.r.u.people

    where to start, when your depressed, money doesnt mean anything, it’s chemical, for you ….i presume americans….to post kill yourself, go on do it, e.t.c, is out of order.

  37. who.r.u.people

    Without using the net, could you say where Wales is?

    Americans….well 90%+ live in a bubble, like slaves to the government, very sad.

  38. @40

    I think a better question would be: “who in the fuck cares where Wales is…”

    Christ. I don’t think WALES cares where WALES is.

  39. who.r.u.people

    you have said it all, that was 100% as expected

  40. Hey Kaite

    Hey Katie Fuck You!

  41. HELP

    Kate Hudson — where should I start? That she cheated on her husband? That she is raising her son to look like girl? That she is talentless? That she now wants to see Owen and look like she really, really cares when she just dumped him a few weeks ago?

    She is an attention whore. I never could stand her.

  42. Cowgirl with a HUGE crush on Owen

    I’ll be there for you Owen! Call me k?

  43. Flute Man

    I think everybody can relax, because that was a publicity stunt for his upcoming movie, with a similar theme (character is depressed, and people think that he tried to off himself, but he actually didn’t).

    Owen performed a similar P.R. “service” when he pretended to sleep over at an actor friend’s house for too long, to promote the movie, “You, Me, and Dupree.” (again, with a similar theme)

    So he basically has a good publicist. No real depression, no problems with Kate, no work related worries. He’s doing fine, and the fact that you’re talking about him now will make his movie sell a whole lot better.

    A publicity release isn’t news, but a publicity release disguised as news can save Owen so much in above-board advertising, that it ends up paying for the publicist’s fee, and then saving him some money on top of that.

    Good deal for everyone but you, feeling bad for someone who is laughing at you for feeling bad for him, while he and his publicist laugh in unison all the way to the bank, too.

  44. Darth Paul

    #8 Soapbox – pretty close! I say this cooze is actually the one behind the addiction. She was attached to Chris Robinson, heroin (amongst things) addict extraordinaire; up there w/the likes of (gag) Courtney Love and Pete Doherty…and now Wilson just happens to have a major drug problem. This shit is no coincidence! I say we dunk the bitch, and I hate her.

  45. Nana

    Flute Man-

    I think you’re right. How pathetic of him to use this as a PR stunt.

    I always found it odd that there no bandanges around his wrists and he wasn’t hospitalized for very long.

  46. Kate's My Girl

    Even with no tits, this girl made Owen crave for her even after he had fucked all those Playboy bunnies with their, of course, big boobs. So either those bunnies were boring as hell or she’s really really good. Either way, she won.

  47. Arden

    Oh please. Shut the fuck up. He’s a big boy, he chose to shoot his dope all on his own. Don’t talk stupid high school shit about how the ex ‘drove him to it’. What crap.

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