Kate Hudson installs a stripper pole in her bathroom

February 13th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Kate Hudson, a longtime fan of pole-dancing, has apparently had a stripper pole installed in her bathroom. The Scoop reports:

“She’s so proud of it,” said the insider. “She was laughing and giddy like a kid when the thing was installed! She holds on with both her arms and flips her legs into the air. It’s kind of amazing and totally sexy.”

Hudson did spend the afternoon of Feb. 7 at Wilson’s Malibu estate. But aerobic striptease has its risks. Hudson suffered two pole dancing-related injuries in 2006 — a pulled muscle in her leg and a friction burn on her arm — while gyrating for then-husband Chris Robinson.

The pole-dancing I understand. The stripper pole I understand. Hell, even the bathroom I understand. But the stripper pole inside the bathroom? “Hmm, where would be the best place to install this erotic device used to arouse men? The living room… no, maybe the bedroom. Wait, I got it! The bathroom! Where my boyfriend pees and takes dumps! Perfect!” She might as well have installed it in her son’s closet.

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  1. Sauron


  2. Lowlands


  3. Blah

    wow my first comment virginity is gone and it wasn’t all that great. What am I doing up at this hour anyway meh back to bed

  4. Lowlands

    Since bathrooms,in general,could be slippery,it kind of make sense to install a stripper-pole.

  5. Plato Meat

    So, Kate Hudson and a pole, yeah…

    Anyway, does anyone remember the name of that guy who wanted to sue Barry Bond’s bat, Lambeau Field, Hannibal Lecter, George W. Bush, Mount Rushmore etc etc??

    I think he had a double-barrelled name and is in jail.

  6. sin

    Pay per View to see this in action.

  7. Sauron

    She has great lips.

  8. Repentant Sinner

    I see nothing wrong with this. I believe in a whore’s right to express itself.

  9. Lowlands

    I don’t see fat people at all lately.What happened?

  10. Sauron

    It looks like she’s wearing her bathrobe.She must be totally into bathrooms lately.

  11. Lowlands

    This post reminds me i’ve to take my monthly bath.

  12. But try to immagine your wife or girlfriend doin it! What a happy Valentine day would it be hehe…Passing out

  13. Sauron

    She has great muscular knees.I don’t see hair this time.

  14. Lowlands

    Whether it’s your girlfriend or wife doing it.For the same price you can hire a professinal.

  15. So her boyfriends can see a titty-less girl dance for them in a room that already smells like shit?


  16. Lowlands

    I almost forget.Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

  17. Repentant Sinner

    Easy toilet access makes vomit cleaning a snap. Don’t forget to use a SHAM WOW®

  18. Lowlands

    AND… H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘ S D A Y to The Superficial sweetie ofcourse:)

  19. Dina

    This country has gone to hell! Don’t ya’ll see it? Your children will grow up thinking being a whore is “girl power” and being a stripper is fun stuff!

  20. Sauron

    #20 Are you writing in Latin or something? Lazy bum,no spelling-check.

  21. Lowlands

    AND… H A P P Y V A L I N T I N E ‘ S D A Y to The Superficial sweetie ofcourse:)

  22. steven beyer

    To the guy worried about the pole location. Her bathroom is probably bigger than your house, get it.

  23. steven beyer

    To the guy worried about the pole location. Her bathroom is probably bigger than your house, get it.

  24. Lowlands

    About the stripper-pole,i’m a bit surprised that some women want useful things for Valentine’s Day??

  25. Lowlands

    To be honest,there goes nothing above having your girlfriend or wife wrapped around a pole.Adults like to play as well,don’t they? At the same time it’s a great workout.

  26. Sauron

    We should make a petition for standard stripper-poles in bathrooms and send this around.I hope that Obama is reading this.

  27. TJ

    She had a cute face when she was younger, but now she’s just a flat-chested, flappy pussy divorced one-kid chick.


  28. Aerialgreen

    Yup, this bitch is into scat-play… can you picture it?, a caca/piss pole twirl guaranteed!

  29. Groucho

    #25, exactly. This “bathroom” probably looks like a vastly more luxurious version of most people’s living room…

  30. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time


  31. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    So basically she can entertain you while you are taking a dump. Probably the smell of my shit gets her horny.

  32. alaskallama

    dude. DUDE. either the normal superficial writer flushed his wit away with his morning deuce or these last two entries are written by a second-rate poser. WHERE HAVE THEY TAKEN YOU! IF YOU’RE OUT THERE, DON’T WORRY! I’M COMING FOR YOU! if this keeps up, i’ma stop reading this site.

  33. hudy

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  34. m.c. in l.v.

    Tit less wonder. If you looked up stripper, she would be the exact opposite.

  35. Lowlands

    She has nice manes.She only has to take care herself of the wind.For the sensational streaming part.

  36. lori

    I see another Gwyneth Paltrow in the making.

  37. Lowlands

    And look! A new star is born!

  38. Sauron

    She’s already a star.I saw once her movie ‘the skeletor key’.

  39. Delgo


  40. Balls McCoy

    What a waste of money, she should have done something more practical like gotten implants. You dumb braud.

  41. kingofbeer

    haha idiots, celeb bathrooms are like small apartments. Pole is probably in between the hot tub and the 65 inch LCD. Shitter is probably around the corner and encased in gold. Shower probably big enough to park a car in.

  42. Sogladgoldieprocreated

    Kate Hudson rocks! Best actress in my book and I loved her mom growing up too. They seem like genuinely Cool, down to earth, layed back , people.

  43. Hippocrit

    If she got implants you would hate on her for that too. You dissing on someone for the way they were born is like spitting in Gods face for the way he creates. You need to work on you before you should be judging anyone else. Sorry your so unhappy, truly.

  44. For blowing up BALLOONS, folks?

  45. Lowlands

    The biggest problem with stripper-poles is the choice of the diameter.How big are her hands? I recommend her to grap the pole firmly first before installing.

  46. Sauron

    In case of Kate Hudson i recommend her to grap the pole firm with both hands indeed before the installation part.Since she has very petite hands.

  47. Why in the bathroom?

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