Kate Hudson hooking up with Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are supposedly rekindling their relationship. This can not end well. Too soon? Nah, just right. Here’s what Us Weekly has to say:

Now that Wilson, 39, is healthy again – he presented an award at Sunday’s Academy Awards – he and Hudson may be rebuilding their romance, Us Weekly reports.
“They are hooking up,” a Wilson insider told Us. Confirms a Hudson source, “They have definitely been talking, hanging out and, yes, hooking up.”

However, just last week I posted that Kate and Justin Timberlake were getting no-pants friendly which Us Weekly also mentions in their article. So, I guess I can just start writing daily posts with the generic headline “Kate Hudson bangs someone new.” Chances are it’ll be true. And at the rate she’s going, Kate Hudson will be doing chicks by spring. Then it will be my sacred journalistic duty to find every single pic of those hookups. I can almost taste that Pulitzer. No, wait, it’s the breakfast burrito I just ate. Extra onions was a bad choice. Hey, Frank the intern, come over and smell my breath. *breathes* Ha ha! Frank? Frank, wake up. Not again- Medic!

Photos: Getty Images