Kate Hudson gets divorced

November 20th, 2006 // 43 Comments

Chris Robinson filed for divorce from Kate Hudson Friday after six years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Which means Kate must have something seriously wrong with her if she looks this good and her husband – who looks like he’s given up on soap showers – still wants to divorce her. Judging by their difference in hotness he could’ve come home to see her taking a dump in his underwear drawer and it still should’ve been okay.


  1. RichPort

    Excellent. I polished the stripping pole in the bedroom and locked my wife in the basement. Call me, Kate!!!

  2. I would be happy to drop a deuce in her underwear drawer.

  3. frenchtoaststix

    Wonder how long the Butterscotch Stallion will keep her happy?

  4. frangly

    Er, I think the “something seriously wrong” was her fucking Owen Wilson?

    Like anyone couldn’t have predicted this? She got married way too young. Duh.

  5. Ed Bambrick

    Kate probably got sick of being married to someone old enough to be Kurt Russell’s father.

  6. ponk

    Don’t be surprised if we find him hooking up with Matt McCono. Grunt for me, big boy.

  7. mr.mercenary

    if you lose the beard Kate, you’ll drop 20 years

  8. She divorced Jesus!?? Right before Christmas!!??? That’s just messed up Kate.


  9. CourtneyJade

    i dont think he had any other choice. this whole debacle has made me dislike kate hudson. the least she could have done was filed for divorce herself, instead of making the husband she abandoned do it.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    This cunt has high maintenance written all over her.

    Read somewhere that she was to the Black Crows what Yoko was to the Beatles

  11. 86

    Kate Hudson can do no wrong. Good luck Chris!

  12. Well, that’s that.

  13. Stupid act, very stupid act by Robinson, the chances that he will get someone as hot as Kate Hudson are quite slim, considering the fact he looks like a very bad version of jesus.


  14. sexybitch

    Does this mean you’re finally gonna cut your kid’s hair, Kate? Maybe before he hits puberty? Ya think?

  15. Nimuë LaMer

    #10, the Black Crows would have too HAVE talent before Kate could be their ‘Yoko’…

  16. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t give a shit either way #16.

    ask one of their fans.

  17. doesnt matter how good looking a woman is,whoever’s banging her is gonna get tired of it someday.


  18. JungleRed

    This chick’s into weird looking dudes. I wonder who she’ll unearth after she dump’s Owen Wilson. Fugly-chaser.

  19. ImaCracka

    Of course the divorce might have something to do to the fact that that crooked nosed dude was buried knee deep in her smoking hot snatcharoo!!!!!!

    Man she is fine…. cept for the obvious lack of boobies……

  20. First let me say that I’ve always liked Kate Hudson, she has a little bit of her mother in her in that she comes off as very likeable on screen….

    That said, I had to supress a laugh when she first married this guy and was going on and on about how they were such a great couple and she’d found the right guy because they were both free spirits blah blah blah. I wanted to call the poor girl and say “Kate, you’re a free spirit and you are 21, thats kind of cute, naive but cute….THIS guy is a free spirit and he is nearly 40….thats just pathetic and when you are over YOUR free spirit phase in around 4 or 5 years it ain’t going to be pretty. Ok, so I was 2 years off. But anybody could have predicted this one.

    Not sure Owen Wilson is the best rebound guy but hey, at least he earns more in her range.

  21. Jacquelantern

    #8 LMAO

  22. PunjabPete

    Robinson just couldn’t handle the butterscotch flavored poonaynay…

  23. How can you divorce Jesus at Christmas time?


  24. hilaroushillary

    stupid blonde bitch, gets knocked up AT such a young age … tsk tsk tsk .. no one uses condoms anymore over there in the us of a ??! or ANY kind of protection??

  25. jrzmommy

    It’s tough being married to the Messiah. He’s such a fucking saint.

  26. 86

    19 hahahahahahaha

  27. critic

    #26 derivative of #8

  28. RichPort

    #28 – How many fucking names do you post under, you fucking moron?

  29. mrs.t

    #28, you’re overlooking #24. What are you, some kinda numberist?

  30. I think he’s too hairy, dont like too hairy guys.

  31. jrzmommy

    Man this place has really gotten fucked up with all the little troublemaking pussies.

  32. Not sure if it is really a surprise… I can’t think of many hollywood marriages that do last.

    Looks like it’s vibrator time for Kate. Call us!


  33. Missallanpoe

    This is actually shocking.

  34. Chris Robinson is a dirty hippie anyway, he probably doesn’t have enough brain cells left to know the difference.

  35. tsarinaamanda

    Yeah, no surprise here. That guy is fucking GROSS. And she needs to cut that kid’s hair, it’s a BOY for God’s sake! I bet he’s gonna grow up with gender issues, mark my words. Oh well.

  36. LD03

    She’s a cheating bitch. Why couldn’t she have filed for divorce before she fucked someone else? And why hasn’t she done it already? Why the hell did Chris have to do it? Owen Wilson needs to stick his crooked nose up her ass.

  37. Dude’s a rockstar, whether you want to accept that or not. Yes, he looks like Ichabod, but he can get a choice piece of ass (easily comparable to her body and face, probably better) that actually has breasts any fucking day/hour.

    I know, the truth hurts…

  38. NipsyHustle

    he can look like a bumfights star all day long and still swim in more luxurious ass then any guys on this board can dream of.

    besides, he’s her baby’s daddy. they always get to dip in it from time to time after the split. it’s unspoken law. so he can still occassionaly bang this 12 year old AND still get stellar trim elsewhere with NONE OF THE GUILT. whose the loser hippie now?

  39. ImaCracka

    #39 Bang a 12 year old?

    Uh… are you ok,,,, just step away from the PC…..

    Call dateline… wait for the cameras…..

  40. I had to consult Wikipedia, before I realized that this crusty old man could still be considered a “rock star” and not just a “washed-up has-been.” Whatever, Kate Hudson is overrated anyways. Her face is kind of cute, but her body is pretty bad. Unless you like pear-shaped women, in which case I suppose she’s quite the catch.

  41. darthelvis

    Your idiots. Kate Hudson would be a nobody if her mom wasn’t whats her name. She’s a rotten actress with no class.
    Chris is better off without her, and was too good for her to begin with. Too much weed will cloud your judgement.
    He has a god-like voice and he RULED with the Crowes. Good luck Chris, you can do better.

  42. I totally agree 42…. She really isn’t that great. He on the other hand, is a freakin’ rock and roll God who has to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and he deserves much more than someone who has the hots on for a guy called the butterscotch stallion.

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