Kate Hudson dating Lance Armstrong, this celeb-banging train waits for no man! (That means you, Owen Wilson.)

Kate Hudson is wasting no time getting over Owen Wilson and has moved on to champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. I guess the only way for me to touch that butt is to stop using training wheels. But what if I get an ouchie?! Us Magazine reports:

The new couple went on a cozy dinner date at Chuy’s Hula Hut in Austin, Texas, according to a source. On Saturday night, the pair joined a group of six, including two women and four children.
“They seemed like they were having a great time,” a fellow diner tells Usmagazine.com.

While this news proves that Kate Hudson has a healthy love of the penis (Say, has she met John Mayer?), it is admittedly kind of dull. So, I added some bikini pics of Kate from an old post to spice things up. I swear, you guys must read this site and think you’re on C-SPAN – but with more journalistic integrity than you can shake a boob at.

Photos: Splash News