Kate Hudson dating Lance Armstrong, this celeb-banging train waits for no man! (That means you, Owen Wilson.)

May 19th, 2008 // 52 Comments
Kate Hudson Bikini

Kate Hudson is wasting no time getting over Owen Wilson and has moved on to champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. I guess the only way for me to touch that butt is to stop using training wheels. But what if I get an ouchie?! Us Magazine reports:

The new couple went on a cozy dinner date at Chuy’s Hula Hut in Austin, Texas, according to a source. On Saturday night, the pair joined a group of six, including two women and four children.
“They seemed like they were having a great time,” a fellow diner tells Usmagazine.com.

While this news proves that Kate Hudson has a healthy love of the penis (Say, has she met John Mayer?), it is admittedly kind of dull. So, I added some bikini pics of Kate from an old post to spice things up. I swear, you guys must read this site and think you’re on C-SPAN – but with more journalistic integrity than you can shake a boob at.

Photos: Splash News

    OH GOD: this is really marvelous!!

  2. Cougar Texas

    Yeah, um there’s life after divorce and all, but hey MOM OF THE YEAR, where the FUCK is your kid????

    It’s called MATURITY. Get some.

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