Kate Hudson dating Heath Ledger

November 12th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Kate Hudson is apparently dating every guy in Hollywood these days. Well, besides Owen Wilson. Anyway, after recently leaving Dax Shephard, Kate was briefly linked to Dane Cook. However she quickly moved out of the douchebag zone and is now dating a real actor, Heath Ledger. Page Six reports:

Thursday night she only had eyes for Heath Ledger. Spies at Beatrice Inn said they spent their evening at the trendy watering hole “kissing and making out.”

I don’t want to criticize Kate Hudson’s choice in men because, well, I already did that in the first paragraph. Yeah, see, right up there. Sometimes I like to throw some jokes in the beginning. Spice things up. I’m like the Emeril of words. BAM! Hmm, that’s odd. Usually when I say that a giant neon arrow lights up and points to my crotch. Great, it’s broken. And I’m having guests over tonight. Wonderful. Now how am I supposed to punctuate my stories? Who wants to hear about my keys being locked in the car and have it end with my crotch not being emphasized? That’s just stupid.

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  1. Heath Ledger’s britneyfication is accelerating so rapidly, seems like yesterday when he was a dashing manly knight.

  2. Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    Who’da thunk Britney would outlive Heath? And now Hudson is engaged to Oh-When Wilson.
    Worse and worse this story gets…

  3. sad

    well i wonder if she actually succeeded in killing this one

  4. Barbara

    And now. What would you say?
    What else about Heath?

  5. jtm

    it seems like a lot of people weren’t really a fan of heath.

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