Kate Hudson dating Heath Ledger

November 12th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Kate Hudson is apparently dating every guy in Hollywood these days. Well, besides Owen Wilson. Anyway, after recently leaving Dax Shephard, Kate was briefly linked to Dane Cook. However she quickly moved out of the douchebag zone and is now dating a real actor, Heath Ledger. Page Six reports:

Thursday night she only had eyes for Heath Ledger. Spies at Beatrice Inn said they spent their evening at the trendy watering hole “kissing and making out.”

I don’t want to criticize Kate Hudson’s choice in men because, well, I already did that in the first paragraph. Yeah, see, right up there. Sometimes I like to throw some jokes in the beginning. Spice things up. I’m like the Emeril of words. BAM! Hmm, that’s odd. Usually when I say that a giant neon arrow lights up and points to my crotch. Great, it’s broken. And I’m having guests over tonight. Wonderful. Now how am I supposed to punctuate my stories? Who wants to hear about my keys being locked in the car and have it end with my crotch not being emphasized? That’s just stupid.

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  1. holla@meh


  2. get naked


  3. anon

    They already look alike. Creepy!

  4. holla@meh

    they’re a hot couple… well… ya know, for the two weeks it will last. (and 2 weeks is really pushing it)

  5. Cate

    I love ‘em both

  6. my comment

    Neither one of them is particularly cute. They’d have kids with big square heads and squinty eyes.

  7. Jaba the Slut

    It won’t last. It never does.

  8. scooby

    lame. who gives a fuck anyhow.

  9. Shallo Val

    OK, Heath Ledger just dropped about three billlion points in my book. He has now become one of the Celebutards and I hope he gets the clap from this whore.

    Fucking wagon-jumping arsehole

  10. Gastric Bypass Circus

    What a large head that man has. Like a lump of hairy cement.

  11. tanya

    Maybe SHE keeps being dumped when the dudes realize she has NO BOOBS.

  12. Jumpin_J

    Kate Hudson is still alive? Talk about “what have you done for me lately”. Has she been in anything? Why bother bringing her up? I’ve seen paintings with more charactor. How about some Dali? Van Gogh? Picasso? Anything but another photo of Kate “my parents were famous” Hudson.

  13. BunnyButt

    When did Heath stop being a douchebag?

  14. combustion8

    man she gets around *cough*dumb slut*cough*.

  15. KateHudson

    I just want Owen to know that there is not one man on earth that he is better than. And Owen since you’re on my mind please tell me why aren’t you dead yet?

  16. HeathLedger

    Don’t you all know how the celebrity game plays. I have to do Kate because everyone else I hang with has done her. How can I go to parties with my friends if I can’t describe Kate naked.

  17. Heath's friends

    “Flat, never shuts up.”

    There’s your description. You didn’t have to kiss her.

  18. Joe C

    She must have magical blow job skills or something. This adulterous skank isn’t even very attractive. Her mom was way hotter in her heyday.

  19. Joe Ass

    God, he’s even uglier than the one who tried to commit suicide.

  20. Stank

    she wants to see the advance cut of the new Batman, then kicking him to the curb

  21. stuff my muff

    just proves that hollywood is full of guys who like banging 12 year old boys

  22. she doesn't look 12, let's be honest.

    shes flat, but looks like a woman, unlike that baby hayden. a 60 who has a double masectomy doesn’t all of a sudden look 12.

  23. ack

    whyyyy is she so intent upon ruining her reputation by skanking around? i don’t get it. not gettin the movie roles? well this won’t help.

  24. Kris

    Ew! I saw Heath in person at the LAX airport in August and he looks like SHIT in person. I never found him at all attractive. I always thought he had the sex-appeal of a buzzard’s crotch.

  25. With titties like that, this bitch must love it in the ass………..

  26. Sheva

    “This is suppose to help my career but it’s utter bullshit. If I couldn’t bang this chic in the ass, I’d be bored out of my skull.”

    What Heath is thinking during this shot.

  27. Lindsay

    In hollywood, everyone has basically exhanged fluids. if one of these young celeb get aids, it will spread like wildfire.

  28. jackinthegreen

    i like him as an actor, seems like a shit in “real life,” if he remembers what that is.

    she knows nothing of reality. she would have no career were it not for her mother and she’s barely a she.


  29. LayDeeBug

    26 – Pretty good comment.

    I still maintain that he’s an ass for even considering her. Stupid cooze.

  30. God I've Missed this site!

    I’ve strayed but I am back in the flock and after reading all these wonderful comments I’ve fallen head over heels for this site, again. Time to point out imperfections because EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING UGLY!!!

  31. Nancy

    He is very handsome. Girls who like him should be aware of this. I have seen his photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named (Millionairematch.com/photo/bloger). Seems he is a certified millionaire there.

  32. cookie monsta

    she really has a lot of similar features to Michelle Williams tho huh? Heath is an Aussie boy, and there’s not many of them alive that would refuse a root at any time.

  33. Miguelito

    She should just tape a photo of her gaping cunt right on her face. That’s all anyone sees when they look at her anyway. An easy hole for the dunkin’.

  34. L.Linus

    The one thing about Michelle Williams is she’s got some tits. Kate is a walking STD factory. Whore!!

  35. Bleak Jackson

    I took Nancy’s advice and went to Millionairematch.com. I didn’t find any millionaires or matches, but I found a photo of Nancy. Turns out she looks like a post-menopausal Beth Ditto who’s been sprayed with pig offal.

  36. K

    Isn’t that dude married??! Or I just didn’t know.

  37. Soy

    #21. stuff my muff
    ‘just proves that hollywood is full of guys who like banging 12 year old boys”

    SO…what your sayin
    IS most men are pedos or gayish

  38. below it all

    Acting aside, he is a total douche and she is just lost (ought we be surprised after her upbringing????).

  39. Cathyll

    Maybe i should say congrats.. but i really want to know how they met… although some one said they met by Internet creating accounts on celebrits site Sugarcupid.com, I don’t believe that… anyone know the story about how they started?

  40. Ashley

    You’re being sarcastic right? Because I know you dont really think Dane Cook is a douchbag and Heath Ledger isnt.

  41. Maritza

    They worked before in that movie “Four Feathers” (great by the way). There probably was an attraction since then but the timing was wrong.

  42. Jimmy

    What happened to Heath and Michelle Williams??

  43. This can’t be true. Ledger doesn’t even look pre-suicidal and his career is fine. Not Hudson material at all.

  44. blizzy

    That man will break in her in half…she’s so thin when she turns to the side she disappears.

  45. Tits McGee

    godamn, she a hoe.

  46. Eye-Dish Lass

    Get a girlfriend to hang out with for a change….TALK about a revolving door of men?! I wouldn’t say no to Heath either…..nor would he ask :-( , but I always see her little boy with these men. Maybe in her granola-crunchy way she can justify it. Just seems creepy to me.

  47. Erka

    omg he is sexy

  48. Brooke

    They look HOTT together, or apart… I am soooooooo glad Kate has decided to date someone besides D-list actors and atleast Heath is good looking. For all of you who are saying Kate is not pretty??? What the heck? She is gorgeous, so yeah, she’s flat chested, but you know what it just proves she hasn’t resorted to plastic surgery! She is probably the only one in Hollywood that hasn’t. I think they look great together! And, yeah she is prettier than Michelle, his ex! I hope they last a long time!

  49. elva

    how happy and sweet they are. but once i saw he is on a dating site called sugarcupid.com. why is he there? he already has one , he need more ? who kmows?

  50. Hebe Pandia

    Wow some people are just flat hateful! 8( And the way I see it, celebs personal lives really noones business but thiers.

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