Kate Hudson congratulates Lance Armstrong on new baby

Kate Hudson might have been ditched by Lance Armstrong, but she’s willing to be the better person and congratulate him for knocking up his latest girlfriend. And not just for the press it’ll generate. – – Goddammit…. People reports:

“It’s amazing. Congratulations,” Hudson told PEOPLE at Monday night’s Manhattan premiere of Bride Wars, where she shared the Tiffany & Co. blue carpet with costar Anne Hathaway.
“He’s a great father. He already is an amazing father,” Hudson said with a smile.

But in all seriousness, that’s a really classy move by a woman who basically let a one-nutted cyclist play Russian Roulette with her uterus. Most of the ladies I know would’ve smashed the reflectors on Lance’s bike then pulled the baseball cards out of his spokes. No foolin’.

EDIT: Added pics of Kate stopping by Letterman last night because I’m convinced if I stare at her ass long enough I’ll see the future. Wait, I’m getting a prediction: She’ll go through a door!

Photos: WENN