Kate Hudson congratulates Lance Armstrong on new baby

January 6th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Kate Hudson might have been ditched by Lance Armstrong, but she’s willing to be the better person and congratulate him for knocking up his latest girlfriend. And not just for the press it’ll generate. – - Goddammit…. People reports:

“It’s amazing. Congratulations,” Hudson told PEOPLE at Monday night’s Manhattan premiere of Bride Wars, where she shared the Tiffany & Co. blue carpet with costar Anne Hathaway.
“He’s a great father. He already is an amazing father,” Hudson said with a smile.

But in all seriousness, that’s a really classy move by a woman who basically let a one-nutted cyclist play Russian Roulette with her uterus. Most of the ladies I know would’ve smashed the reflectors on Lance’s bike then pulled the baseball cards out of his spokes. No foolin’.

EDIT: Added pics of Kate stopping by Letterman last night because I’m convinced if I stare at her ass long enough I’ll see the future. Wait, I’m getting a prediction: She’ll go through a door!

Photos: WENN

  1. cliffgreene


  2. Tim

    Key difference: Lance wins races; Kate’s movies fail.

  3. FIRST!

    First you rat fucks!

  4. Mandy

    I thought she was ok in that one movie* where she acted like an occasionally amusing Goldie Hawn knockoff.

    *all of them

  5. kate's ass

    I’d like to congratulate Kate Hudson on her recent congratulatory response to the birth of Lance Armstrong’s child. I would also like to schedule a bicycle race between Lance’s new baby and whatever Kate Hudson pushes out of her uterus. Meet at the top of the hill in about 20 years. Oh, you can put on those plastic things that make the bike spokes click. It’s okay.

  6. Nicky

    She so pretty! but sometimes she look kindda wierd tho!

  7. p0nk

    wtf is with all the Lance Nutstrong love? Mr. Wonderful Father has been banging anything with a pulse (and girls half his age with questionable pulse).

    He must be so proud of himself that he was able to drop some kids off at the pool with one roided testicle. I hope Anna Hansen looks forward to being a single parent.

  8. Karri

    Does anyone else love that dress?????

  9. dude

    #7 – exactly. But I admire him for the reasons you detest(icle) him. He has a wonderful wife and loving kids who help him survive life-threatening cancer, and then he ruthlessly jettisons them like used-up booster rockets on his way to superstardom and a continuous supply of use-and-discard hotties. He faced death and now he’s living the dream. It just goes to show you the real lesson in life: you only have a limited number of years on this earth and “the afterlife” is a weak-minded fantasy, so you should never let principles get in the way of a good time. Bang the chicks, but don’t listen to them, especially when they try to trap you in their buzzkill zone with talk of duty and responsibility. There’s always some sucker around who’ll do all that work in the hope of being called a “good guy.” If it makes you feel better, think of Lance’s behavior not as disparaging the role of a father, but as promoting the importance of stepfathers.

  10. PussyBoots

    I would turn her into a katekabob with my skewer. I’d walk around proudly as she’s mounted my manhood. Then I’d cry as my dick turned black and fell off. This bitch is pure evil.

  11. SouthAfricanHotti

    love the dress……only a few people can pull off such heavy prints….i 4 one would definately rock that dress, south african style baby…

  12. SouthAfricanHotti

    love the dress……only a few people can pull off such heavy prints….i 4 one would definately rock that dress, south african style baby…

  13. Guest

    That movie looks like SHIT

  14. Guest

    That movie looks like SHIT

  15. Guest

    That movie looks like SHIT

  16. Guest

    That movie looks like SHIT

  17. lizzy

    beautiful, both of those outfits are perfect. she looks amazing! her body is so great.

  18. Jett Travolta

    Nice ass, but jesus, she really has some eye-crossing patterns on those dresses! It’s enough to give somebody a seizure! Wait…I….I…I don’t feel so good all of a sudden…

  19. Deacon Jones

    nice dress, did somebody fuck a disco ball?

  20. lori

    Her taste in fashion is on par with her acting abilities.

  21. dew

    She’s wearing really thick white’ish concealer lately, which looks even more garish with that blue-green eyeshadow in the bottom pics.

  22. zuzuspetals

    I like your attitude.





  24. be honest: WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO, folks?

  25. tina

    I don’t like the dress. It’s… just… too… much

  26. Michelle

    The dress is hideous!

  27. SouthAfricanHotti

    im hot like that ya’ll

  28. yuki

    wow, i love this actress. My favorite. she’s very energetic. love the dresses

  29. She could wear that dress backwards are we would be none the wiser. Same thing goes for her bra.

  30. richard

    She is really hot,i just heard that she is hooking up with a ta ll basketball player on a ta ll da ting place named:____Ta lll oving . c o m____ , really?

  31. She looks great in the green dress. No boobs, but hey…

  32. Fudgie

    Hey, I heard Lance Armstrong has one ball!

  33. I like her dress

  34. facefacts

    That ass needs a pounding that only I can give it.

  35. I recently greeted Lance Armstrong’s response to childbirth want to congratulate Kate Hudson. I. to the new baby, and whatever Kate Hudson Lance push out of her uterus would like to schedule between a bicycle race. About 20 years at the top of the hill to meet. Oh, you click on those things that can put the plastic bike spokes. That’s right.

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