Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson stop having random sex with each other

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have officially broken up – again. Oh no. This can’t end well. Especially when one of Owen’s pals makes the following comment to People:

“It was a pretty bad breakup,” says a Wilson pal. “Owen said it was a tough one. He definitely doesn’t want to dwell on it. He wants to put it behind him.”

Yikes! Somebody hide the heroin. But, in all seriousness, I can’t even get myself worked up over these two. Not when freaking Lana left Clark last night on Smallville. I’m still crying! I mean, damn, is there hope for anybody in this topsy-turvy world! *kicks down cubicle* WHAT IS THERE TO LIVE FOR?!? I CAN’T– Ooh, mini-eclairs! Nice. Say, can we get a janitor to clean this mess up? I, uh, saw a pack of Shriners plow through here on their karts. Yeah, Shriners

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